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2019 State Tournament Article Progress
March 10th, 2019| Written by: Editor




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Dear Readers,

I trust you know the Louisiana Wrestling News will be an option to other photographs of the 2019 LHSAA State Wrestling Championships.  And normally it takes me about six weeks to complete, unless I succumb to brain poisoning, which having had once has been plenty for one lifetime.

This years' article will take a little longer, I fear.  As Facebook "friends" may know I have taken one trip to Marietta to transfer a car into my daughter's name, and recently she came into town to turn 21 on Mardi Gras Day.  And there are other nagging things taking up my time, like "makin' groceries," standing in line for prescriptions, spending hours trying to find something worth watching in bed on Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and VUDU and running out of NyQuil.  Running out of NyQuil is annoying as it has 10% alcohol by volume, and my one swig per night is my little "F.Y." to the liver god - Cirrhosis to the Greeks (illegitimate son of Dionysus) and Hepatica to the Romans (illegitimate daughter of Bacchus¹). 

¹    My mother enjoyed herself by mentioning to me that a Roman god's name ending with an "a" is generally a female.

And more stuff is coming.  Monday will be a waste due a medical procedure below the waist - damned if those homophones don't say it all!  There are two things all men should remember in life; 1) do not get elected president of your high school senior class - it is an office you hold for life for nobody wants it after graduation; 2) do not live past 50!

Yet, in these trying times, I have made progress:

Now comes the task of choosing, editing and naming the files in all three divisions.

Then I must write something coherent about each weight class in each division, as well as create cover pages for each division, and miscellaneous pages for "candid" photographs  After I have completed the text I have to label the tables in which photos will later be placed (words before photos saves a lot of time re completing pages).  Hence, there is still a lot left to do.

I will update this page as tasks are completed, and I thank you again for your patience.








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