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Please know that this Website is best viewed on a computer (preferable) or a tablet.  I refuse to even try to imagine how it may appear on a smartphone, a lack of effort which is enhanced by the fact that there are no smartphones in my home unless they are brought by pre-approved visitors, and the use of those is frowned upon there.  The photographs on the Website are, of course, free to "steal."  I do not know how that is done on a smartphone, and the process is different on different tablets, but on a "real" computer (as in NOT AN APPLE product) one opens the thumbnail into a larger image, right-clicks the mouse and use "Save image as..." function to save it to wherever you would like it on your computer.

Photographs in General

I try to get photographs of as many kids as I can.  In particular, I like photographing kids who do not get photographs of themselves published much if at all.  Those kids, even if less talented than others, still work themselves out to the max every day, get the crud beat out of them and quite possibly throw-up every day, yet they still come back the next day.  They deserved to be recognized.  Everyone's t-shirt at the bottom of their lockers smells just as wretched as any others' does.

In that spirit, I have included some photographs I normally would not consider publishing.  They started a bit out of focus, but if enhancements made them as good as what some other media outlets have published, I have included them.  The same goes for some of the better matches, i.e., quarterfinals and the like.  A marginal photograph is better than no photograph at all, and that is why there is a demand for small frames.

Photographs (School and Divisions)

It is obvious that there are more photographs and information listed on Division I wrestlers and programs.  This arises for several reasons:

Photographs (Individuals)

Some wrestlers have numerous photos of them published, while others may not have any.  The costs associated with high-end cameras and lenses does not guarantee great photos, although it accounts for more "keepers."  The following, though, explains why some photos are deemed not suitable for publication:

I confess I did have to buy two photos from RomaPics as they All-Academic team members were introduced prior to any LWN photographers being ready to take photographs.

Photographs (Podiums)

I liked the way the awards were presented at this tournament, stopping after half of the finals matches were completed to present awards to the top six wrestlers from 106 lbs. to 145 lbs. on three podia - one for each division.  However, my photographers were not allowed inside the barricades to photograph the award winners, and only a few podium shots from a side angle were taken.  I found this particularly maddening because, while I like photographs of the entire podium and all of the placers, I also like to get individual head shots of the wrestlers.  It is my belief that some wrestlers would like to have photos of themselves on the podium, but not always dwarfed by others who placed higher than they did, and thus have higher spots on the podium.  My photographers and I were relegated to search the crowd after the matches were over looking for photographs of wrestlers with brackets, medals or certificate.  While I intend to request better access to the mats for the entire tournament next year, I will at least push very hard to allow Louisiana Wrestling News photographers to be inside the barricades for awards ceremonies.  We have the lenses and the common sense that will allow us to take photographs without getting in the way of the photographers contracted by the LHSAA.

Photographs (Quality)

A number of things can determine whether a photo comes out sharp or, less sharp than others or just plain blurry:

Seasonal Records

Finals Matches Descriptions

When necessary, the descriptions of the finals matches were derived from viewing TrackWrestling (TW) videos, and are subject to the following flaws:


Erors quite probably exits, and inklude, butt our not limitted too, the folowing areas:

My goal is to make the coverage of the state championships, and, for that matter, any events, as accurate as possible.  Hence, I appreciate being informed about and will make corrections to errors in my coverage.  The Louisiana Wrestling News, as all readers certainly know, is not run on a 24-hour cycle and thus I will happily spend time to make sure information is correct.  Simply send an email to me describing where errors have been made, and I will do my best to correct them.

Yours in wrestling,

Martin G. Muller

Editor - Louisiana Wrestling News

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