Freshman Evan Frost remains perfect on the season - forecasts predict more "Frost" ahead
LHSAA State Wrestling Tournament
Division I, 106 Pounds
May 8th, 2019| Written by: Editor

Weight Class Synopsis Early Championship Rounds Quarterfinals Semifinals Consolation Rounds 3rd and 5th Finals

Holy Cross freshman Evan Frost capped off a perfect season with a 7-3 finals win of Jesuit senior Sam Dreuil for the Division I 106 lbs. championship.  It is worth noting that Dreuil was the first wrestler ever to share his podium spot with a marsupial (see below).

Place 1st 2nd 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Name Evan Frost Sam Dreuil Sam Dreuil Sergio Maldonado Chase Scott Seth Menard Jake Houser
School Holy Cross Jesuit Jesuit Bonnabel Brother Martin Comeaux St. Paul's
Seed 1 2 2 4 3 6 5
Class Freshman Senior Better photo & Junior Sophomore Junior Freshman
Final Record* 29-0 (41-0) 20-8 without varmint 45-8 27-10 27-7 20-15

*    Louisiana opponents only, not including any types of forfeits, byes or junior varsity events.

Weight Class Synopsis

Most of the top-six seeds were well known to each other.  The Holy Cross freshman Frost had defeated Jesuit senior Sam Dreuil, Brother Martin sophomore Chase Scott, Comeaux junior Seth Menard and St. Paul freshman Jake Houser.  Dreuil had defeated Bonnabel junior Sergio Maldonado, Scott and Houser (twice).  Scott had defeated Dreuil (once), Maldonado, Menard and Houser.  Houser had defeated Menard.

The six of them all placed, if not actually following their seeding.  Frost and Dreuil did place 1st and 2nd, but Maldonado "turned the tables" on Scott, defeating him for 3rd place.  Menard did the same to Houser to place 5th.

Evan Frost won every match he wrestled, tallying a 29-0 record against Louisiana opponents and a 41-0 total record.  He won the Brusly 8, the Dale Ketelsen, the South Walton Border Wars (over Dreuil), Prep Slam XI (also over Dreuil),  Louisiana Classic (over Shaw's Glenn Price) and the Catholic League District tournament (over Scott).  His road to the finals against Dreuil included a first-round bye, a second-round fall in 1:55, a quarterfinals fall in 2:33 and a semifinals fall over Maldonado in 2:26.

Senior Sam Dreuil of Jesuit won the Jesuit Invitational and the Trey Culotta Invitational via a 7-5 win over Shaw freshman Glenn Price.  He placed second in the South Walton Border Wars and Prep Slam XI (both to Frost) and placed fourth at the Louisiana Classic due to a medical forfeit.  To face Frost again in the finals, Dreuil also received a first-round bye, recorded a fall in the second round and the quarterfinals and defeated Scott 6-0 in the semifinals.

Early Championship Rounds

R2: (5) Jake Houser (StP) pinned Roberto Pierre (GK) in 2:41
R2: (4) Sergio Maldonado (BON) pinned Aidan McKinley (FNT) in 0:58
R2: (6) Seth Menard (COM) pinned Kurt Sharon (DES) in 2:12

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The quarterfinals went exactly as scripted by the seeding committee.

(1) Evan Frost (HC) pinned (8) Dalton Delhommer (HNV) in 1:23
(4) Sergio Maldonado (BON) pinned (5) Jake Houser (StP) in 2:52
(3) Chase Scott (BM) defeated (6) Seth Menard (COM) 8-4
(2) Sam Dreuil (JES) pinned (7) J. W. Fuller (BYR) in 1:58

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(1) Evan Frost (HC) pinned (4) Sergio Maldonado (BON) in 2:26
(2) Sam Dreuil (JES) defeated (3) Chase Scott of Brother Martin 6-0

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Consolation Rounds

C2: Berend Grandt (BR) pinned Dallin Clark (CEN) in 1:51
C2: Ty Didier (StA) pinned Kurt Sheron (DES) in 1:19
C2: Cameron Prejean (MND) pinned Caleb Robins (DUT) in 2:27
C2: Anthony Perez (CHL) pinned Roberto Pierre (GK) in 2:40
C2: Aaron Guillory (EA) pinned Luc Laurentz (BRB) in 2:40
C3: Anthony Perez (CHL) defeated Aiden McKinney (FNT) in 4:52

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Championship Consolation Rounds

 (4) Sergio Maldonado (BON) pinned (3) Chase Scott (BM) in 2:21 to place 3rd, avenging a Louisiana Classic consolation semifinals in which Scott defeated Maldonado via an 18-4 Major Decision
 (6) Seth Menard (COM) defeated (5) Jacob Houser (StP) 5-4 to place 5th, avenging a second round Louisiana Classic match won by Houser 4-3

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(1) Evan Frost of Holy Cross defeated (2) Sam Dreuil (JES) 7-3
The lighter Frost jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead in the first 14 seconds, grabbing and walking around a single-leg.  Dreuil escaped 12 seconds later, but 25 seconds after that Frost scored another takedown via a single-leg lift, and the first period ended with the young tiger ahead 4-1.  Dreuil deferred the second period choice to Frost, who started on the bottom.  Dreuil work a hard cross-body ride, but Frost got up to his hands and knees, and did a Granby roll.  He did not immediately stop Dreuil's control, but he gained enough of an advantage by grabbing Dreuil's ankle, lifting it up and the sneaking behind Dreuil's legs and jumping on top of the Blue Jay for a reversal.  Needing points to catch-up, Dreuil chose to start the third period in the neutral position, hoping for some quick takedowns.  He scored a double-leg takedown in 12 seconds, but then, as in the second period, was unable to turn Frost with leg rides.  Frost stood-up and escaped with two seconds remaining, securing his first state championship with a 7-3 win.

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