"Frosting on the cake?"  Frost "the Elder" joins his freshman brothers on top of the podium
LHSAA State Wrestling Tournament
Division I, 170 Pounds
May 8th, 2019| Written by: Editor

Weight Class Synopsis Early Championship Rounds Quarterfinals Semifinals Consolation Rounds 3rd and 5th Finals

After losing to St. Amant's Hunter Hawkins three times during the season, Cameron Frost saved his best for last, winning Holy Cross' third title of the evening, and the third title for the Frost siblings.  The mere thought of not matching his twin siblings' titles may have been the only inspiration the senior may have needed.

Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Name Cameron Frost Hunter Hawkins Christopher Allen Jarin Meyer Darren Ferrier Evan Ulfers
School Holy Cross St. Amant Covington Baton Rouge Jesuit St. Paul's
Seed 2 1 4 6 Not Seeded 3
Class Senior Senior Junior Junior Senior Junior
Final Record* 28-3 59-2 33-8 27-12 21-13 17-13

*    Louisiana opponents only, not including any types of forfeits, byes or junior varsity events.

Weight Class Synopsis

St. Amant senior Hunter Hawkins dominated the 170 lbs. weight class all season.  His only loss was by one point, 7-6 to Caden Mumme of Holy Cross when Hawkins went up to 182 lbs.  He previously beat five of the top-six placers after the event was over (he did not meet Evan Ulfers of St. Paul's during the season).  He won the Warrior Open, the Brusly 8, the Griffin Open, the Spartan Invitational, the Zachary Big Horse, the Ken Cole Invitational, the Louisiana Classic and the Greater Baton Rouge Championship.  He placed second at the Trey Culotta to an Alabama opponent.  His main opponent was Holy Cross senior Cameron Frost, the senior brother of the Frosts who won at 106 lbs. and 113 lbs.  Frost only had three losses in his 2018-19 season, but they were all to Hawkins: a 6-4 Sudden Victory match in the Brusly 8 finals, an 11-6 decision in a dual meet between the Gators and the Tigers and 5-0 in the Louisiana Classic finals.

Frost, aside from his losses to Hawkins, defeated all of the top-six placers in this division.  He won the Dale Ketelsen Memorial, The South Walton Border Wars, the Catholic League District Championships and placed second at the Prep Slam and the Louisiana Classic.

It was as if destiny demanded that Hawkins and Frost meet again in the finals, particularly since they pinned every opponent on the way.  Hawkins scored a first-round pin in 1:18, a second-round pin in 2:22, a quarterfinals pin in 0:43 and a semifinals fall against Allen in 3:18.  After a first-round bye, Frost scored a second-round fall in 3:21, a quarterfinals fall in 5:25 and a semifinals fall in 1:06 over sixth-seeded Jarin Meyer of Baton Rouge, who upset third-seeded Evan Ulfers in the quarterfinals.

Early Championship Rounds

R1: (4) Christopher Allen (COV) pinned Eli Chatham (HNV) in 3:15
R1: (6) Jarin Meyer (BR) defeated Ross Clement (DUT) 15-0 TF
R1: Colby Franovich (BM) pinned Santos Ramos (EA) in 1:29
R2: (1) Hunter Hawkins (StA) pinned Joshua Vitto (BRB) in 2:22
R2: (4) Christopher Allen (COV) pinned Andrew Nixon (CHL) in 0:44
R2: (3) Evan Ulfers (StP) defeated Darrien Batiste (ZAAC) 9-3
R2: (6) Jarin Meyers (BR) defeated Payton Hines (SUL) 19-2 MD
R2: Colby Franovich (BM) pinned (7) Andrew Evans (CAT) in 4:59

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(1) Hunter Hawkins (StA) pinned (8) Austin Reason (CEN) in 0:43
(4) Christopher Allen (COV) defeated Kaleb Cavalier (ACA) 18-0 TF
(6) Jarin Meyer (BR) defeated (3) Evan Ulfers (StP) 8-5
(2) Cameron Frost (HC) pinned Colby Franovich (BM) in 5:25

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(1) Hunter Hawkins (StA) pinned (4) Christopher Allen (COV) in 3:18
(2) Cameron Frost (HC) pinned (6) Jarin Meyer (BR) in 1:06

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Consolation Rounds

C2: Darren Ferrier (JES) pinned Logan Lewis (BYR) in 1:54
C2: Andrew Evans (CAT) pinned Michael Foster (GK) in 0:46
C2: Payton Hines (SUL) pinned Christian James (AIR) in 220
C2: Santo Ramos (EA) defeated Justin Marcantel (FNT) 15-0 TF
C3: Andrew Nixon (CHL) pinned Ross Clement (DUT) in 4:16
C3: Santos Ramos (EA) pinned Joshua Vitto (BRB) in 1:29

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Championship Consolation Rounds

(4) Christopher Allen (COV) defeated (6) Jarin Meyer (BR) 11-2 MD to place 3rd
Darren Ferrier (JES) defeated (3) Evan Ulfers (StP) 3-2 to place 5th

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(2) Cameron Frost of Holy Cross defeated (1) Hunter Hawkins of St. Amant 8-4
Frost scored the first takedown when his defense of a Hawkins arm-drag led to a high-crotch with 1:38 remaining.  At the 1:00 mark Hawkins scored a reversal with a hard switch that nearly put Frost on his back.  Hawkins rode Frost with a cross-body ride and then a crab ride but got too high on Frost who was able to back out and score a reversal of his own.  Frost rode-out the remaining 13 seconds and took a 4-2 lead into the second period.  Frost won the toss but deferred to Hawkins, won chose to start the period standing.  Frost sprawled on a Hawkins double-leg shot, and after locking up Hawkins' head and shoulder tight enough, was able to reach Hawkins' leg and sin behind him for another two points.  No additional points were scored in the second period, although Frost was warned for stalling.  Entering the third period with a 6-2 lead, Frost decided to start the period in the bottom position.  About 15 seconds into the period Hawkins tried cradling Frost but again rode too high and Frost backed out to score another reversal and take an 8-2 lead.  With 45 seconds remaining Hawkins scored a reversal on another switch, but he was unable to turn Frost to his back.  Frost prevailed 8-4, becoming the third Tiger, and the third Frost brother, to win titles on the evening.

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