Undefeated Mumme nets fourth championship for Holy Cross
LHSAA State Wrestling Tournament
Division I, 182 Pounds
May 8th, 2019| Written by: Editor

Weight Class Synopsis Early Championship Rounds Quarterfinals Semifinals Consolation Rounds 3rd and 5th Finals

Senior Caden Mumme completed the second of Holy Cross' back-to-back championships with a 6-3 victory over Zachary's Caleb Guidry, ending an undefeated season for the Tiger.

Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Name Caden Mumme Caleb Mickelson Michael Clapp Tanner Melendrez Jeremiah Brooks Macullen Mire
School Holy Cross Zachary Brother Martin Fontainebleau Acadiana Catholic
Seed 1 2 3 6 4 Not Seeded
Class Senior Senior Senior Junior Junior Junior
Final Record* 29-0 36-4 21-3 18-5 29-9 22-14

*    Louisiana opponents only, not including any types of forfeits, byes or junior varsity events.

Weight Class Synopsis

Top seed Caden Mumme was the third Holy Cross wrestler to manage an undefeated record against Louisiana competition (the other being the Frost twins).  He had not met Zachary's Caleb Mickelson during the season, although he had defeated the third seed, Brother Martin's Michael Clapp, 9-3 in the Louisiana Classic finals and 12-2 in the Catholic League District Championships.  He also defeated fourth-seeded Jeremiah Brooks 9-1 in the Louisiana Classic semifinals. 

Mickelson won the Bulldog Brawl, the Rough Rider Invitational in Texas, and the Greater Baton Rouge Championships.  He placed third in the Trey Culotta Invitational and the Louisiana Classic.  Of his three losses, two were at 170 lbs. against St. Amant's Hunter Hawkins, and one was to Acadiana's Brooks in the early rounds of but won their second meeting in the consolation finals of the Louisiana Classic. 

Clapp did not win any tournaments during the season, but that was due to a couple of out-of-state wrestlers and Mumme.  Mumme was the only Louisiana wrestler to whom he lost.  21-2 going into a state championship reflects a very good season.

Without a full analysis of the seeding criteria, the editor does not yet know why Mickelson was seeded second and Clapp third.  As it turned out, that does not matter.

It appeared Mumme would have an easy time getting through to the finals.  He had a first-round bye and pinned his quarterfinals opponent in 12 seconds.  Standing between Mumme and a spot in the thins was Brooks, whom Mumme soundly defeated by a major decision at the Louisiana Classic.  Brooks, however, was a different wrestler in this match.  It ended with Mumme needing a Sudden Victory round to win 7-5.

Mickelson also had a first-round bye and pinned his second-round opponent in 1:45.  He scored a 10-0 major decision to reach the semifinals, in which he defeated Clapp 10-5.

Early Championship Rounds

R1: (5) Joshua Sabadie (StP) defeated Javante Wiltz (LAF) 3-1 SV
R1: (6) Tanner Melendrez (FNT) pinned Richard Cunningham (COV) in 0:31
R2: (1) Caden Mumme (HC) pinned Fred Garrison (StA) in 1:51
R2: (8) Shannon Summers (HNV) defeated Samuel Short (BR) 18-3 TF
R2: (5) Joshua Sabadie (StP) defeated Michael Salinas (AIR) 7-1
R2: (6) Tanner Melendrez (FNT) pinned Richard Cunningham (COV) in 2:47

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(1) Caden Mumme (HC) pinned (8) Shannon Summers (HNV) in 0:12
(4) Jeremiah Brooks (ACA) defeated (5) Joshua Sabadie (StP) 12-4 MD
(3) Michael Clapp (BM) pinned Tanner Melendrez (FNT) in 5:14
(2) Caleb Mickelson (ZAC) defeated (7) Dennis Dougherty 10-2 MD

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The LWN Editor has no clue as to why no more photographs of this match were taken.  If it provides any consolation, the photos above may show Mumme at his happiness moments of the match.
(1) Caden Mumme (1) defeated (4) Jeremiah Brooks (ACA) 7-5 SV.  With 0:37 seconds left in regulation and down 4-3, Brooks scored a takedown on Mumme and a 5-4 lead. As time literally ran-out, Mumme escaped after a stand-up to force a Sudden Victory round.  Ten seconds into it Mumme shot a double-leg attempt.  Brooks sprawled and tried to spin behind Mumme, but Mumme grabbed Bibbs' right leg, got his hips under Brooks, lifted him up and took him to the mat for the win.
(2) Caleb Michelson (ZAC) defeated (3) Michael Clapp (BM) 10-5

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Consolation Rounds

C2: Richard Cunningham (COV) pinned (4) Javante Wiltz (LAF) in 1:36
C2: Michael Salinas (AIR) pinned Santino Gonzales (DUT) in 1:34

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Championship Consolation Rounds

(3) Michael Clapp (BM) won over (6) Tanner Melendrez (FNT) via an injury default in 0:36
(4) Jeremiah Brooks (ACA) defeated Macullen Mire (CAT) 3-2

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(1) Caden Mumme of Holy Cross defeated (2) Caleb Mickelson of Zachary 6-3
Mumme scored first after 40 seconds by sprawling on a Mickelson shot and getting a single-leg shot before Mickelson could get back on his feet.  Mickelson escaped seconds later by turning around when Mumme tried to cradle him.  With 40 seconds remaining Mumme executed a flawless double-leg takedown to increase his lead to 4-1, which is how the first period ended.  Mumme won the toss and started on the bottom position.  after about 15 seconds elapsed, Mumme had turned to face Mickelson while the two wrestlers were on their knees and Mickelson still maintaining control.  Mumme tried slipping his head under Mickelson's armpit, but Mickelson clamped down hard on Mumme's head and pulled Mumme over to his back.  The Zachary wrestler cut Mumme's lead to 4-3, but that would be the closest he came to matching the Holy Cross wrestler.  Mickelson's hold was tenuous, and Mumme bridged out of it on top of Mickelson, scoring a reversal and taking a 6-3 lead.  In the third period Mumme had to defend against a series of stand-ups, rolls and the like, but he was able to ride-out the period to win the title.

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