Dodson continues eight-year tradition of Eagles' state championships
LHSAA State Wrestling Tournament
Division II, 138 Pounds
May 8th, 2019| Written by: Editor

Weight Class Synopsis Early Championship Rounds Quarterfinals Semifinals Consolation Rounds 3rd and 5th Finals

Seeded second as a freshman in 2018, Dodson was not fond of his fifth-place finish.  Evidently he was not fond of his being seeded third this time around.  He defeated the sixth, second and fourth seeds for his first state championship.

Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Name Anthony Dodson Jacob Ramirez Jacob Chittom Logan Ferguson Nate Williams Brody Gray
School Live Oak Rummel Parkway North Desoto Carencro Northside
Seed 3 4 1 5 2 Not Seeded
Class Sophomore Sophomore Junior Freshman Senior Senior
Final Record* 47-13 38-10 34-7 20-4 30-10 13-11

*    Louisiana opponents only, not including any types of forfeits, byes or junior varsity events.

Weight Class Synopsis

Parkway's Jacob Chittom garnered the top seed in this weight class due to five victories over second-seeded Nate Williams of Haughton and one over Live Oak's third-seeded Anthony Dodson.  The difference between Williams and Dodson is not immediately clear.  Dodson placed higher at the Ken Cole than Williams (3rd vs. 6th) and Dodson had a higher winning percentage against Division II opponents (85% vs. 56%).  But Williams was 1-0 against East Ascension's David Pellerin while Dodson was 1-1 against the Spartan.  That may have been the deciding factor.

Either way, it did not matter.

Chittom was upset in the semifinals 7-5 by Rummel's fourth-seeded Jacob Ramirez.  And Dodson defeated Williams 14-9 in the other semifinals.

Dodson won the Live Oak 8, the Spartan Invitational and the Greater Baton Rouge Championships.  He placed second in the Zachary Big Horse and third in the Warrior Open, the Brusly 8, the Ken Cole and the Louisiana Classic in which he pinned Ramirez in the quarterfinals and then won a close 16-14 decision in the consolation finals.  Prior to defeating Williams Dodson received a round-one bye and won his round-two match in 0:29 seconds.  His quarterfinals match ended with a fall in 0:33.

Ramirez won the Raider 8, the Jesuit Invitational and the Billy Duplessis Invitational.  He placed second in the Catholic League District Championships, fourth in the Louisiana Classic and fifth in the Dale Ketelsen Memorial and the Ken Cole.  Before his semifinals win over Chittom Ramirez received a forfeit in round-one, won via a fall in 1:24 in round-two and won his quarterfinals match by a 15-5 major decision.

Early Championship Rounds

R1:  (8) Gavin Crossen (BC) pinned Nicholas Howard (StM) in 2:26
R1: (2) Nate Williams (HAU) defeated Brody Goddard-Gray (NS) 10-6
R: (1) Jacob Chittom (PKY) defeated Dax Constantine (RAY) 18-3 TF
R2: (8) Gavin Crossen (BC) pinned Jonathan Blanco (NOMMA) in 1:17
R2: (7) Jalan Arceneaux (TC) pinned Josh Sims (MIN) in 1:54

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(1) Jacob Chittom (PKY) pinned (8) Gavin Crossen (BC) in 3:13
(4) Jacob Ramirez (RUM) defeated (5) Logan Ferguson (ND) 15-5 MD
(3) Anthony Dodson (LO) pinned (6) William Teppenpaw (BOS) in 0:33
(2) Nate Williams (HAU) pinned (7) Jalan Arceneaux (TC) in 2:54

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(4) Jacob Ramirez (RUM) defeated (1) Jacob Chittom (PKY) 7-5
(3) Anthony Dodson (LO) defeated (2) Nate Williams (HAU) 14-9

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Consolation Rounds

C2: Josh Sims (MIN) pinned Nicholas Howard (StM) in 2:07
C2: Brody von Braun¹-Gray (NS) pinned Dax Constantine (RAY) in 3:00

¹  Yes, Werhner von Brown was a member of the Nazi party.  Like many other German's after The Great War, von Braun asked to join the Nazi party in 1937 believing it to be a sound institution that would reinstate Germany as a world power.  This was two years before the September 1, 1939 invasion of Poland, which started World War II.  Come that time it was not safe to opt-out of the Nazi party.  He later stated an SS colonel was ordered to urge von Braun to join the SS by Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler in 1940.  At that time, it was very unwise not to do anything Himmler wanted.  In 1944 he was arrested by the SS and detained for two weeks based on someone informing that someone at a dinner party held by von Braun  mentioned they did not think the war was "going well."  Von Braun was one of 1,600 German scientists, engineers and technicians who relocated to the United States in 1945.  He headed several American rocket projects in Huntsville, Alabama and is most renowned as a leading rocket scientist.

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Championship Consolation Rounds

 (1) Jacob Chittom (PKY) defeated (5) Logan Ferguson (ND) 7-3 to place 3rd
 Wrestling their second match of the tournament, (2) Nate Williams (HAU) defeated unseeded rocket scientist Brody Gray (NS) 5-3 to place 5th.  In round-one Williams defeated Gray 10-6.

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(3) Anthony Dodson of Live Oak pinned (4) Jacob Ramirez of Rummel in 3:14
Dodson used a Russian-tie after 15 seconds elapsed to shuck Ramirez enough to get behind Ramirez and insert a cross-body ride leg.  No points were scored, as the two were still on their feet, until Ramirez tried to sit-out and spin.  But Dodson took out his leg and spun on top of the now prone Ramirez for a takedown.  With 1:10 remaining Ramirez caught Dodson riding to high and back-out from beneath Dodson to jump on top of him for a reversal, tying the score 2-2.  Unfortunately for Ramirez, those were the only points he scored.  With 50 seconds remaining Dodson stood-up and escaped and 20 seconds later, when Ramirez tried to shoot on him, whipped Ramirez back to the mat for another takedown.  With just six seconds remaining Dodson turned Ramirez to his back with a forced nelson, and scored three nearfall points as the period ended, increasing his lead to 8-2.

Ramirez won the toss and deferred to Dodson who started in the bottom position.  After five seconds Dodson had stood-up and when Ramirez tried to lift him off of the mat and put him back down on it, Dodson kicked his legs and hips over Ramirez' body to score a reversal.  with 1:10 remaining Dodson force Ramirez over with another forced nelson, and then switched to a reverse crab-ride (another newly coined phrase meaning instead of riding behind one's opponent with a crab-ride, using a crab-like ride to force the opponent's hips up and putting all of his weight on the opponent's head).  Eventually Dodson settled in with a double grapevine and he scored a fall with 50 seconds remaining in the second period, winning the evenings sole championship for the Eagles.

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