Friday's U.S. Junior National Freestyle Duals pool rounds competition was whatever word means "worse than ferocious"
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Friday in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was probably not quite what the Louisiana U.S. Junior National Freestyle Duals expected.

Everyone should remember Gertrude Stein's 1913 poem Sacred Emily from their eighth-grade 20th Century American Poetry class, and her classic line:

"A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose."

Better yet is Shakespeare's line from 1657 in Romeo and Juliet:

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

Hence, rather than repeating an adage used for several years in the Louisiana Wrestling News, the following "roses" are offered.  They mean the same thing.

Tout le monde a déjà entendu cela: peu importe la façon dont on se comporte dans les événements nationaux, le simple fait de participer à des événements comme celui-ci fournit une expérience inestimable.
Todo el mundo ha escuchado esto antes: realmente no importa cómo le va a uno en eventos nacionales, ya que solo competir en eventos como este proporciona una experiencia invaluable.
Tá gach duine tar éis é seo a chloisteáil roimhe seo: is cuma cé chomh tábhachtach is atá táillí in imeachtaí náisiúnta agus tú ag iomaíocht in imeachtaí mar seo a chuireann taithí luachmhar ar fail.
Tutti lo hanno già sentito prima: non importa quanto uno si valuti negli eventi nazionali, poiché solo competere in eventi come questo offre un'esperienza inestimabile.
Jeder hat das schon einmal gehört: Es spielt keine rolle, wie man sich bei nationalen events schlägt, denn nur bei solchen events anzutreten, ist eine unschätzbare erfahrung.
Mae pawb wedi clywed hyn o'r blaen: nid oes ots sut mae un tocyn mewn digwyddiadau cenedlaethol gan mai dim ond cystadlu mewn digwyddiadau fel hyn sy'n darparu profiad amhrisiadwy.
لقد سمع الجميع هذا من قبل: لا يهم حقًا كيف يقدم المرء في الأحداث الوطنية مثل مجرد التنافس في أحداث مثل هذه تجربة لا تقدر بثمن.
כולם שמעו את זה בעבר: זה לא ממש משנה איך אחד פארס באירועים לאומיים כמו רק מתחרים אירועים כאלה מספקים חוויה שלא יסולא בפז.

The team lost their first two matches before defeating South Dakota to place seventh.  In their first match they lost to the North Dakota (Blue) team 53-15.  In the first consolation round they lost to Pennsylvania 63-3.  That put them in the 7th-8th place match against the South Dakota team they lost to in the Greco-Roman event by criteria after a 36-36 tie.  This time they won 38-31.

North Dakota (Blue) 53-Louisiana 15 Pennsylvania 63-Louisiana 3 Louisiana 38-South Dakota 31

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Other than defeating South Dakota, there were a few other results that were different in the freestyle duals pool round than in the Greco-Roman duals pool round.  On the "good side": Clayton Hill defeated Darien Malone 20-14, whereas he previously lost to Malone via a 10-0 technical fall in the Greco-Roman match for seventh place; Mason Eisensohn notched his first victory in Tulsa with a fall in 4:16 over North Dakota (Blue) opponent Wyatt Engwicht, whereas Engwicht defeated Eisensohn via a fall in 3:27 in the Greco-Roman pool round.

On the "not as good as the good" side: Louisiana received four forfeits instead of three against South Dakota; In their three matches they scored 56 total points instead of 118 and they won seven matches instead of 12.

Dylan Ames was the biggest winner in the pool rounds with a 2-1 record.  Wining one match apiece were Alex Duncan, Mason Eisensohn, Cameron Frederick, Clayton Hill and Malik Smith.

Friday's seventh-place pool round finish placed them in the Purple/Gray championship bracket, of which the first two matches were on Friday. They won their first match against North Carolina 54-20 but lost their second one to Florida 44-23.  On Saturday they will compete against the California (Red) team to determine in which placement match they will wrestle.

Louisiana 54-North Carolina 20 Florida 44-Louisiana 23

The table below only recognizes the records of the pool round.

Wrestler Weight Pool Record Wrestler Weight Pool Record
Dylan Ames, Comeaux 152 2-1 Jamarius Koshko, East Ascension 132 0-3
Dai'jon Bibbs, Chalmette 195 0-1 w/1 Forfeit Alex Lozano, East Jefferson 170 N/A
Davis Bourgeois, East Ascension 106 0-2 w/1 Forfeit Brad Mahoney, East Ascension 160 0-3
David Cuccia, Fontainebleau 113 0-2 w/1 Forfeit Mason Massicot, Brother Martin 170 0-3
Alex Duncan, Brother Martin 145 1-2 Tanner Melendrez, Fontainebleau 182 0-2 w/1 Forfeit
Mason Eisensohn, Brother Martin 100 1-2 Avery Porsche, Comeaux High 120 0-3
Cameron Frederick, Brother Martin 195-220 1-1 Roberto Rivero, Grace King 285 0-3
Jordan Griffin, Live Oak 138 0-3 Malik Smith, Bonnabel 220 1-1
Clayton Hill, Live Oak 126 1-2      

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