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September 23rd, 2019 | Written by: Editor



There is much more to wrestling than what happens on a Wednesday evening or over a weekend.  Wrestlers go through extreme sacrifices, as do their coaches and family members.  Most people do not know about such things and easily (albeit often correctly) just consider us “weird.” 

          Several times over the last few seasons I have been told I should write a book about the history of Louisiana wrestling.  I did not give it much thought for several reasons:

1.   Coach Bofinger already has written and continuously updates his book Ready...Wrestle, which is a comprehensive history of Louisiana high school state championships.  He does the same with the Greater Baton Rouge Championships and the Lee High Invitational/Louisiana Classic;

2.    A lot of information is available on the LHSWA website, which also includes the Lee High Wrestling Website, a St. Martin’s Wrestling website and a section dedicated to members of the Louisiana Wrestling Hall of Fame and some other icons;

3.    Most of the older results of tournaments and newspaper articles are already available on the LHSWA website.

Recently after framing too many photos I have taken over the years, and reviewing other information I have, I decided that, with the right amount of help, I might be able to create something worthwhile.

During spans of three to four seasons I may know more than most other individuals on a state-wide basis, but only in a superficial manner.  I do not see the day-to-day activities of the wrestlers and coaches, or what comes back to the house after practices.  And I am not just referring to current wrestlers – there should be decades of stories available.

I want to create something that shows why wrestling is such a different (and supreme) sport from all others.   For that, I need help.  My experiences are unique to me.  Every other wrestler’s experience is unique, too.  Coaches’ and families’ members’ experiences are unique to them. 

I need such examples from wrestlers, coaches, family members and officials.

These stories do not have to be about state contenders.  Anyone can have an interesting facet to share.  This is why I like to photograph and name lesser known wrestlers who go through the same rigors as state champions every day.  Really, it’s because I am a friggin’ Saint.  (The honorific refers to having wrestled for the St. Martin’s Saints, and we learned early that we were only mentioned when the Times-Picayune could not find any “armadillo roadkill” stories to fill two column inches.  Otherwise, I am as much a saint as St. Tammany.)

A good wrestling story does not have to be a long one – I am not looking for biographies.  But I cannot believe every wrestler, coach or family member does not have at least one little story worth sharing, whether it be an example of determination, sacrifice, redemption or an anecdote about a match, event, practice or behavior.  I need tales of what made a wrestler, teammate, coach or family member the proudest, saddest or happiest.

Officials in particular should have some interesting tales about matches in which they have officiated.

          Anecdotes are a must.  I have my share, but I only wrestled for four years.  I know there are parents out there who have watched their kids wrestle since they were three-years-old.  I expect there are some great stories worth sharing.

          I really cannot say Louisiana wrestling is different from wrestling in other states.  I am hoping some submissions show that it is, but if not, someone could at least create a “Head & Arm Threaux” t-shirt.

One thing that can be called “remarkable” about Louisiana wrestling is the fortitude of coaches, parents and wrestlers who made sure there was a state championship in 2006 after hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  Those stories are a must, as are flooding stories from the Baton Rouge area and northwest Louisiana.

Please do not worry about sending something to a grammar-Nazi.  I can, as one father asked me to do once, “put some lipstick on it.” 

          If someone wants to submit something but prefers my not using names, that is fine.  I have always found Anonymous to be a very good author.

          Photographs are also needed – ones that have not been posted on Facebook that I have already copied, or that have been posted along with 200+ others which I simply do not go through.  All I ask is that they come with a caption and are in focus.  If they are not already scanned, I wager you can find someone who can scan them as JPGs or PNGs.  If not, they can be mailed to me and I will promptly scan them and mail them back.  Photographing photographs is also an option.

          I have had two general ideas of how I want to organize this venture, and after a while I decided I hated them both.  I expect new plans to develop when I receive more information from your submissions.  To date I have over 220 pages covered with text, photographs and other images.  I like the first 22 - for now.  It is meant to be a “coffee table” book, but I want it to be entertaining and informative.  I can do a lot of the “informative” part, but not so much the “entertaining.”

          Please send written submissions to mgmnet@cox.net.  Photographs should also be sent to that address, but as attachments – not within the text of an email.  If you need to mail something, send it to:


10510 Clinton Street

River Ridge, LA 70123


Or call me at any time at (504) 305-1824

Martin Muller

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