Lakeshore Open - 132 Pounds
November 21st, 2019 | Written by: Editor


Quarterfinals Consolation Round One Semifinals 3rd and 5th


Anthony Krass (EA) pinned Sam Davidon (StP) in 1:41

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Sam Davidson (StP) defeated Aiden Guy (FNT) 8-5
Brock Barrios (COV) pinned Ellis Hathaway (MND) in 1:06
Dailin Clark (CEN) pinned Alex Eschete (LAK) in 1:39
Anthony Krass (EA) pinned Marquis Jackson (CHL) in 0:53

Consolation Round One

Hunter Poiencot (TER) Chance Guilbeau (PR) in 4:09

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Sam Davidson (StP) pinned Brock Barrios (COV) in 2:44
Anthony Krass (EA) defeated Dailin Clark via a 17-2 TF

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Championship Consolation Rounds

Alex Eschete (LAK) defeated Aiden Guy (FNT) via a 15-7 MD to place 3rd
Brock Barrios (COV) pinned Dailin Clark (CEN) in 4:34 to place 5th

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