Lakeshore Open - 138 Pounds
November 21st, 2019 | Written by: Editor


Quarterfinals Semifinals 3rd and 5th


Jamarius Koshko (EA) pinned Camden Stahl (SHW) in 2:23

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Seth Lewis (FNT) defeated Landon Mandola (CHL) 12-6
Camden Stahl (SHW) defeated Cade Monte (CEN) 7-6 SV
Zachary Lauland (DLS) pinned Alex Teope (COV) in 4:51
Jamarius Koshko (EA) pinned Landry Barker (StP) in 5:04

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Camden Stahl (SHW) defeated Seth Lewis (FNT) 4-2
Jamarius Koshko (EA) defeated Zachary Lauland (DLS) 13-7

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Championship Consolation Rounds

Zachary Lauland (DLS) defeated Seth Lewis (FNT) 6-1 to place 3rd
 Landon Mendola (CHL) defeated Landry Barker (StP) 6-1 to place 5th

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