15th Annual Warrior Open to kick-off the 2019-2020 tournaments
November 2nd, 2019| Written by: Editor



Twenty-two teams have verbally committed to participate in one of this season's first tournaments - the 15th Annual St. Michael the Archangel Warrior Open.  St. Michael, located at 17521 Monitor Road in Baton Rouge, will be using two gyms with two mats each to provide more spectator seating.

In addition to the use of a second gym, televisions will be in placed in the coaches' hospitality room as well as the foyer between the two gyms to show the LSU-Alabama game.

Team points are not kept at this event, and the majority of the wrestlers will not compete in the weight classes in which they will come January and February, but that has never adversely affected the competition between the whistles.  In 2014 defending state champion Matthew Mire of Catholic, 2014 runner-up Brandon Cowell of Dutchtown and Christopher Walden, who placed third at the 2014 state championships, found themselves in the same weight class (won by Mire, who would meet Walden in the state finals).

Glenn Price
2019 D II Champion
Clayton Hill
2018 D II Champion
Anthony Dodson
2019 D II State Champion
Trent Mahoney
2018 & 2019 D I State Champion
Four state champions should be in the mix.  Shaw sophomore Glenn Price won the Division II state title in 2019.  Live Oak's Clayton Hill won a Division II state championship in 2018 and fellow Eagle Anthony Dodson won a Division II state championship in 2019.  The "Big Dog," so to speak, should be East Ascension senior Trent Mahoney, who is seeking his third Division I state championship this season.

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Ashton Surrency
2019 D II 3rd
Raheem Bonnet
2019 D II 2nd
Gage Sonnier
2019 D I 4th
Cole Bartlet
2019 D III 4th
Cade Hontiveros
2019 D III 5th
Mark Pennison
D III 5th
Others to watch are Shaw's Ashton Surrency and Raheem Bonnet, John Ehret's Gage Sonnier, and Cole Bartlett, Cade Hontiveros and Mark Pennison of Hannan.  Ehret's Patrick Jenkins may not be there due to football.
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Jarin Meyer
D I 4th
Cameron Selmon
D II 3rd
Jason Schexnaidre
D III 5th
Bryce Oufnac
D III 4th
Zachary Lauland
D III 2nd
Jarin Meyer of Baton Rouge and host school St. Michael's Cameron Selmon should have impacts, as should, De la Salle's Zachary Lauland, Bryce Oufnac and Jason Schexnaidre. 

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Corey Brownell
D I 3rd
Jace Chenevert
D I 6th
Alex Newman
D I 5th
Demetri Teddie
D I 5th
Jacob Yawn
D I 4th
St. Amant's Corey Brownell should be there.  Brownell and Hill went 4-4 last season, with Brownell finishing third in Division I and Hill second in Division II.  This season, however, both will compete in Division I.  Jace Chenevert and Alex Newman should represent the Gators well, also.

C.E. Byrd is making the trip, and that means Jacob Yawn and Demetri Teddie.

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Jordan Griffin
D II 3rd
Jake Manchego
D II 6th
Austin Cook
D II 3rd
Eli Extine
D III 4th
Live Oak also has Jordan Griffin, Jake Manchego and Austin Cook.  Eli Extine should represent the Ouachita Christian Eagles well.

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Hunter Goodson Peter Kelly Ian Wyble Macullen Mire
D I 6th
Catholic could have a lot of contenders, including Peter Kelly, Hunter Goodson, Ian Wyble and Macullen Mire.  Chris Mannino and Connor Finucane will probably not participate due to football.

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Christopher Allen
D I 3rd
Colton Kendrick
D II 4th
John Drake
D III 6th
Christopher Allen of Covington is always a threat, as are Colton Kendrick and John Drake of John Curtis.

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