A once-in-five-year dual as Brother Martin travels to St. Paul
December 12th, 2019 | Written by: Editor | Amended 12-13-19




A dual meet this important this early in the season is rare.  Usually one is looking in late January for matches between Brother Martin, Holy Cross and Jesuit for those schools to put the finishing touches on their lineups for the state championships.  But I do not believe new head Crusader coach Andrew Nicola nor St. Paul coach Matt Pinero will deprive the public of throwing their best at one another this Friday evening at St. Paul.

I mean, why not?  The teams will meet again in the Trey Culotta Invitational, the Prep Slam in Atlanta and the Louisiana Classic.  The final kinks can be worked-out after those events.  A dual meet like this was last seen on January 11th, 2017, when Jesuit gave Brother Martin their first Louisiana dual meet loss 33-28.  And at the end of that season it was Holy Cross holding the Division I Brother Melchior Trophy.  If the Crusaders and the Wolves provide as close a match as expected, and with a number of wrestlers from other Division I schools dominating their weight classes, it is possible someone else, Catholic, perhaps, could slip into being a very legitimate Division I contender.

Getting back to this match, the reader must know that the editor does not know the starting lineups and is hoping Brother Martin held back a little bit against Rummel to let some guys rest or heal.  St. Paul hopefully will submit the same line-up they did on Wednesday in their 47-12 win over Catholic.  And at 57 now, the editor tends to start "sundowning" about 2 p.m.

The editor gives the edge in matches to St. Paul 8-3 with three toss-ups, although the editor favors the Crusaders in two of the toss-ups.  This keeps the editor alive for now, makes the editor want to stay home, but he will be available for after match chastising Friday evening.  This match should come down to major decisions and pins.


Weight Brother Martin Record Notes St. Paul's Record Notes Pros/Cons Match Edges
106 Mason Elsensoln 13-1 1st at Mandeville and Blackhorse; 2nd at GCC Jacob Houser 15-0 1st at Dale Ketelsen and Border Wars Toss-up.  Elsensohn's loss was to a 2019 Alabama 6A 3rd-placer and who remains undefeated as of 12/11/19. Toss-up
113 Dylan Moser 12-5 9th at GCC; 5th at Blackhorse; Lost to Cuba in 2:44 Trey Faherty 10-4 2nd at Dale Ketelsen; 3rd at Border Wars; Beat Cuba 5-2 Matches vs. Catholic's Cuba gives Faherty the edge. St. Paul
120 Jake Spellman 14-2 1st at Mandeville; 3rd at GCC; 3rd at Blackhorse Carter Duet 13-3 2nd at Dale Ketelsen and Border Wars; Still a toss-up.  Duet's losses were to a very good Raheem Bonnet of Shaw and Jacob Frost, and both pinned Fontainebleau's Gray in the second period Toss-up
126 Ty Duncan 5-9 15th at GCC; 7th at Mandeville and Blackhorse Michael Radar 15-2 2nd at Dale Ketelsen; 5th at Border Wars Radar has the varsity experience and gets the edge. St. Paul
132 Ethan Castex 11-4 5th at GCC; 4th at Blackhorse Sean Cripple 15-3 1st at Dale Ketelsen; 4th at Border Wars Not enough data but Castex gets the edge via experience. Brother Martin
138 Connor Hoffman 1-0 Beat Ramirez 5-3 Grant Nastasi 14-2 1st at Dale Ketelsen; 5th at Border Wars Hoffman only has one match to his credit this year, but it was a good one - 5-3 over Rummel's Jacob Ramirez.  Nastasi has not faced that caliber of wrestler from Louisiana.  Advantage Hoffman. Brother Martin
145 Alex Duncan 16-1 1st at Mandeville and Blackhorse; 2nd at GCC; R1 Pin over Fontan Grant Vicknair 7-8 1st at Dale Ketelsen; R1 Pin over Fontan Duncan's resume and experience are too much to dismiss.  Advantage Duncan. Brother Martin
152 Riley Horvath 15-2 1st at Mandeville; 2nd at GCC; 3rd at Blackhorse Peyton Ward 15-0 1st at Dale Ketelsen and Border Wars Horvath has worked hard for years to be a Crusader starter.  Ward is more experienced in difficult matches and gets the edge. St. Paul
160 Mason Massicot 14-2 1st at Mandeville; 2nd at GCC and Blackhorse; Beat Wyble 3-1; Beat Williams 2-1 Ben Davidson 12-1 1st at Dale Ketelsen; 2nd at Border Wars; Beat Wyble 12-2, Beat Teurlings Catholic's Travasos 14-5; Beat Shaw's Armando Amaya R2 Fall Toss-up, and it may be the match of the evening.  On paper Davidson looks stronger with his dominance of Catholic's Wyble,12-2 and his wins over Travasos and Amaya.  At the Gulf Coast Clash Massicot only beat Wyble 3-1.  Massicot also had a tough 2-1 win over Zachary's D'Tre Williams.  Ward's closest match was a 7-4 win over Daphne, Alabama's Ethan Lassere.  This match between a defending Division I state champion and a defending Division I runner-up may determine one or the other's future weight class.  And again, betting against a defending state champion is tough. Toss-up
170 Eli Hope 13-6 1st at Mandeville; 10th at GCC; 5th at Blackhorse Blain Cascio 12-2 1st at Dale Ketelsen; 2nd at Border Wars; Beat Hunt R2 Pin Catholic's Canon Hunt is no easy wrestler to beat and that win gives the edge to Cascio. St. Paul
182 Anton Brown 1-0 Beat Monnerjann of Rummel Joshua Sabadie 8-3 5th at Border Wars Sabadie has much more experience. St. Paul
195 Cameron Frederick 13-3 3rd at Mandeville and GCC; 2nd at Blackhorse Evan Ulfers 12-1 1st at Dale Ketelsen; 2nd at Border Wars Evan Ulfers appears to have learned a lot from his 2019 "out of nowhere" Division I state champion Cole, each having only one loss from the finals of the Border Wars.  Advantage Ulfers. St. Paul
220 Kyle West 0-0 No matches yet this season Cole Ulfers 9-1 2nd at Border Wars West is a defending Division I runner-up, but with no matches to his credit yet, he will find Cole Ulfers a tough one to beat.  Advantage Ulfers. St. Paul
285 Adam Bourgeois 1-0 Beat Delarosa of Rummel Matthew Gros 9-5 1st at Dale Ketelsen and Bulldog Brawl The senior Gross has too much experience for any Crusaders at 185 lbs. St. Paul

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