Brother Martin is paving the way to a ninth Trey Culotta team title
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Twenty-five teams from Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas went to battle on the mats Friday at the 15th annual Trey Culotta Invitational held at the Brother Martin Conlin Gymnasium in New Orleans this weekend.  Friday's wrestling will consist of "pool rounds" which will determine one's place in the championships brackets held on Saturday.

After Friday's bouts the Crusaders are leading with 107 points after Friday's pool rounds.  Battling for second place are Vestavia Hills, Alabama with 98.5 points, Woodward Academy of Georgia with 93 points, St. Paul with 93 points and East Ascension with 85 points.  

Friday Team Scores

Place Team Points Place Team Points Place Team Points
1 Brother Martin 107 10 Bishop Lynch Academy, TX 61 19 Acadiana 28
2 Vestavia Hills, AL 96.5 11 St. Thomas Catholic, TX 52.5 20 Lakeshore 26
3 Woodward Academy, GA 93 12 Basile 51.5 21 Lafayette 19
4 St. Paul 91 13 Holy Innocents, GA 49.5 T-22 John Curtis 16
5 East Ascension 85 14 Comeaux 46 T-22 South Walton, FL 16
6 Parkway 83.5 15 C.E. Byrd 44.5 24 South Beauregard 11
7 Chalmette 81 16 Zachary 36 25 Carencro 5
8 Live Oak 76 17 Rummel 34 26    
9 Jesuit 70 18 Memphis University School, TN 31.5 27    

Pools are generally seeded to keep the best wrestlers apart on Saturday and place them in the 1st-4th seeding positions on Saturday.  Some wrestlers, however, never get that memo or choose to blatantly ignore it.  Generally anyone in the 1st-4th seeding position can be considered on "equal footing" with the others.  Brother Martin had eight "scoring" wrestlers in the top-four places on Saturday.  Woodward Academy has six, St. Paul has five and Vestavia Hills has four.  If the Saturday seeding works as expected, then in the semifinals #1 will face #4, and #2 will face #3, just like in most other bracketed tournaments.

The championship matches are scheduled to begin around 9:30 a.m. on Saturday.

Below are those who made the top-four seeding spots for Saturday's championship brackets.

1 Jacob Houser - St. Paul
2 Mason Elsensohn - Brother Martin
3 David Bourgeois - East Ascension
4 Colby McBride - Woodward Academy
On December 13th Houser defeated Elsensohn 3-0 in a St. Paul dual meet win over the Crusaders.  This may be the first of three more times these two may meet before STATE. 152
1 Jacob Yawn - C.E. Byrd
2 Peyton Ward - St. Paul
3 Parker Anderson - Jesuit
4 Brad Mahoney - East Ascension
Byrd's Jacob Yawn is 21-0 but his closest match was a 4-3 win over East Ascension's Brad Mahoney at the St. Michael Warrior open. A week later Yawn prevailed 9-2 over Mahoney.  Should he get to and then past Mahoney he might be paired with Peyton Ward of St. Paul, who is also undefeated.  Ward, however, will have to get past Brother Martin's Riley Horvath who gave Ward all he wanted in a 7-6 TB-1 win on December 13th.
1 Art Martinez - St. Thomas
2 Chase O'Con - Comeaux
3 Max Holmes - Jesuit
4 Kent Burandt - Brother Martin
This weight class was affected by something that happened in Pool B in which each wrestler went 1-1.  O'Con got the top spot probably because his win was via a fall in 5:01 160
1 Matthew Singleton - Woodward Academy
2 Mason Massicot - Brother Martin
3 John Edwards - Vestavia Hills
4 Santos Ramos - East Ascension
In the dual meet between Brother Martin and St. Paul, the wolves' Ben Davidson showed he could stand up to defending state champion Mason Massicot of Brother Martin, who won by a 5-3 margin.  The way the pools were set-up though, a rematch did not seem likely as Davidson, who was in "Pool E'" would have been in the top half of the bracket.  Awaiting on top of the bracket is Woodward's Matthew Singleton, a defending Georgia 4A state champion from Woodward Academy.  Singleton and Massicot met in the finals of the Gulf Coast Clash, and at least Massicot could say that the guy who "teched" him 17-2 at least won an Outstanding Wrestler award.  Davidson, however, had a bad day on Friday, unexpectedly losing to Jesuit's Charlie Cyrus and Parkway's Jacob Chittom.  Hence, Davidson and Massicot will have a rematch, and it will be in the first round of Saturday's championship brackets.
1 Carter Duet - St. Paul
2 Alex Menier - Basile
3 Chris Charles - Jesuit
4 Luke Lafleur - Acadiana
Carter Duet got the memo and complied, as did Acadiana's Luke Lafleur.  Two-time defending Division III state champion Alex Menier, Jesuit's Chris Charles and Comeaux's Treyven Gaspard sent the memo back with a red "rejected" stamp on it. 170
1 Trent Mahoney - East Ascension
2 Malachi Wiley - Woodward Academy
3 Sam Willoughby - Vestavia Hills
4 Eli Hope - Brother Martin
This will be the toughest test for two-time defending Division I champion Trent Mahoney of East Ascension.  He has already set the all-time Louisiana records for pins and wins this season, but he does not have a Trey Culotta title to his name, placing second in 2017 and placing "I broke my hand on Friday" in 2018.  Should Mahoney and Woodward's Malachai Wiley reach the finals, Mahoney will have an opponent similar in stature, which could prove interesting.
1 Clayton Hill - Live Oak
2 Bryant Segars - Vestavia Hills
3 Brandon Turner - Parkway
4 Joshua Keeler - Parkway
This weight class may give viewers a preview of the Division I state championships at 126 lbs.  If Clayton Hill wins his match in the quarterfinals (after a round-one bye) and Parkway's Joshua Keeler wins his first two matches, those two will meet in the semifinals. 182
1 Harrison Heard - St. Thomas
2 Kaleb Garcia - Parkway
3 Christian Moore - Chalmette
4 Isaac Cortez - Basile
Basile's Isaac Cortez is a two-time defending Division III state champion and a defending Trey Culotta champion - even if this is his first event of the season, one should place him as one to beat in the top-four pools on Friday.  If he is wearing an eye-patch and using a crutch to walk - one should place him as one to beat in the top-four pools on Friday.  If he spends his time off of the mat on a rolling hospital gurney and attached to life support equipment - one should place him as one to beat in the top-four pools on Friday. 
1 Nick Masters - Woodward Academy
2 Jake Swink - Holy Innocents
3 Ethan Castex - Brother Martin
4 Quinn Williams - Brother Martin
Swink is a defending Georgia 1A state champion while Masters is a defending Georgia 4A state champion.  The Louisiana wrestlers may have a tough time reaching the finals, but if any has the experience to do so, it is Ethan Castex of Brother Martin. 195
1 Chase Spooner - South Beauregard
2 DaiJon Bibbs - Chalmette
3 Evan Ulfers - St. Paul
4 Trey Saunders - Vestavia Hills
Someone has been putting some extra time in on the mats in Longville, Louisiana.  South Beauregard's Chase Spooner dominated his pool with falls in 0:17, 0:42 and a 14-3 major decision over Brother Martin Cameron Frederick.  His half of the bracket is no "piece of cake," but the bottom half, with DaiJon Bibbs of Chalmette, Frederick and Evan Ulfers of St. Paul's will a tough one to survive.
1 Michael Kilic - Woodward Academy
2 Connor Hoffman - Brother Martin
3 Demetri Teddie - C.E. Byrd
4 Jacob Ramirez - Rummel
This weight class could give viewers another preview of a potential Division I state finals match if Brother Martin's Connor Hoffman and C.E. Byrd's Demetri Teddie make it to the semifinals.  And the prize that awaits the winner is defending Georgia 4A state champion Michael Kilic of Woodward Academy or someone wrestling well enough to beat Kilic. 220
1 Cole Ulfers - St. Paul
2 Peyton Miller - Parkway
3 Kyle West - Brother Martin
4 Jackson Phillips - St. Thomas
Cole Ulfers of St. Paul should find his way to the finals from the top of the bracket, but the bottom half will be more interesting.  Parkway's Peyton Miller, Brother Martin's Kyle West and Basile's Gabe Duplechin should not make it easy for anyone to get past them.
1 Vincent Manella - Woodward Academy
2 Alex Duncan - Brother Martin
3 Braedon Csaszar - Acadiana
4 Caden Gaudet - John Curtis
In the Gulf Coast Clash it was Kilic who defeated Crusader Alex Duncan in the finals.  Another one may await Duncan in the finals of this weight class.  Vincent Manella is 9-1 on the season, but Duncan should have a good opportunity to add a Trey Culotta title to his resume. 285
1 Dezrel Eloph - Parkway
2 Donald Paul - Comeaux
3 Gavin Soniat - East Ascension
4 Jaden Ben - Chalmette
This one is tough.  First, it is the 285 lbs. weight class so minor errors can be greatly magnified into horrendous results.  Donald Paul and Jaden Ben seem to have the most experience, but this early a favorite is hard to pick.

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