Brother Martin takes a 20 point lead into Saturday's matches at the Louisiana Classic
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But first, a


Mahoney does a correct cradle!
In his quarterfinals mat against John Encardes of Fontainebleau, East Ascension, after rolling over his back as he is apt to do but this time not "sticking" his opponent, Mahoney stepped down from Olympus and did the cross-face cradle we taught, or were taught, or both, without exposing his back.

The defending champion Crusaders have a 20 point lead over St. Paul after Friday's competition.  Holy Cross is third, about 10 or so points below St. Paul and above East Ascension and Catholic, which are separated by only one-half of one point.

The Crusaders have the most semifinalists at nine, followed by Holy Cross with six and St. Paul and East Ascension with four apiece.

Team Scores after Day One
Place Team Points Semifinalists
1 Brother Martin 134 7
2 St. Paul 114 4
3 Holy Cross 105.5 6
4 East Ascension 93 4
5 Catholic 92.5 3
6 Live Oak 79.5 2
7 North Desoto 79 2
8 Parkway 78 2
9 Teurlings Catholic 74.5 2
10 Shaw 74 3

Of the 21 semifinalists the top-four teams have, the representatives of those teams are favored to win only 10 times.  The top-four schools and the weight classes in which they have a higher seed than their opponent in the semifinals match.  This bodes rather well for St. Paul's re making up the team point differential versus the Crusaders.

Brother Martin: 145, 152
St. Paul's: 106, 152, 160, 220
Holy Cross: 113, 120
East Ascension: 170, 285

Re head-to-head semifinals, 106 lbs. has Jacob Houser (StP) against Mason Elsensohn (BM) for their third match of the season.  They have had a 3-0 match and a 4-4 UTB match, both won by Houser.  At 145 lbs. Alex Duncan (BM) will face Cameron Doyle (HC).  In their last meeting Duncan pinned Doyle in the third period.  At 152 lbs. Payton Ward (StP) faces off against Brad Mahoney (EA).  These two have not met this season.  Hence, head-to-head semifinals matches may not have much of an impact on the final team scores.


There were some upsets, mainly of the #5 defeats #4 variety, but one #2 seed also fell early.

Weight #(Seed) Wrestler School Lost to #(Seed) Wrestler School Score
106 #4 Viers PKY Lost to #5 Gainey HC 3-1 SV
120 #4 Keeler PKY Lost to #5 Sarpy ND 17-2 TF
132 #4 Logan Smith TC Lost to #5 Anthony Krass EA 4:59
138 #3 Hoffman BM Lost to #6 Signorelli HC 3-1
138 #4 Nastasi StP Lost to #5 Balcuns BRU 7-1
152 #4 Travasos TC Lost to #5 Mahoney EA 14-9
170 #2 Cascio StP Lost to #7 Romero TC 5-3 SV
170 #4 Hunt CAT Lost to #5 Sheffie StM 7-5
182 34 Singh LO Lost to #5 Garcia PKY 3:31
220 #3 Clark WSID Lost to #6 Freeman ZAC 4:09

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A few Friday photos

#1 Jarin Meyer (BR) over # 8 Josh Sabadie (StP) 4-3 #7 Carradine (AIR) over Curry (IST) 14-2

#5 Gainey over #4 Viers 3-1 SV Seal (SHW) over #7 Anderson (JES) 6-0 #1 Ward (StP) over #8 Broussard (StL) 0:48

Wrestling starts at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday with three rounds of consolation matches and then the semifinals.

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