Not to forget where it all starts - kids take home a lot of hardware from events in Texas and Illinois
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Fifth Annual Don Burton Memorial Duals

The fifth annual Don Burton Memorial Duals was held on January 4th at North Desoto High Schol in Stonewall, Louisiana.  The North Desoto Wrestling Academy first team won, followed by the Rebel Wrestling Club, the Bronco Wrestling Club, the Texan Wrestling Club and the North Desoto Wrestling Academy Blue team.  The tournament honors Coach Don Burton, one of the "founding fathers" of wrestling in the northwest Louisiana area.

1st - North Desoto Wrestling Academy 2nd - Rebel Wrestling Club

3rd - Bronco Wrestling Club 4th - Texan Wrestling Club 5th - North Desoto Wrestling Academy Blue

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Houston Nationals

A little under 100 Louisiana youth wrestlers traveled to participate in the Houston Nationals held at the Brazos County Expo Center in Bryan Texas on January 12th.  Twenty-three of them went home with gold or silver medals.  The young wrestlers represented the Ascension Wrestling Club, the Bayou Elite Wrestling Club, the Bronco Wrestling Club, the Crusader Wrestling Club, the Gladiator Wrestling Club, the Junior Spartans Wrestling Club, the North Desoto Wrestling Academy, the Scorpion Wrestling Club and the Sulphur Junior Storm Wrestling Club.

Names in boldface won their division championships.

Team Name Division Place
Bayou Elite Caleb Judice D2 49 2nd
Bayou Elite Mason Parria D2 58 1st
Bayou Elite Caleb Kirk D3 60 1st
Bayou Elite Kael Davis D3 170 2nd
Bayou Elite Caden Judice D3 78 1st
Bayou Elite Anthony Oubre D3 78 2nd
Crusader WC Chelsea Sigmon G3 80 2nd
Scorpion WC Benjamin Milam D1 65 2nd
Team Name Division Place
Jr. Spartans WC Cye Thibodeaux D1 42-46 1st
Jr. Spartans WC Kendrich Hofmeister D2 58 2nd
Jr. Spartans WC Kael Reaux D4 74 1st
Rebel WC Carter Macha D3 100 2nd
Rebel WC Brennan Boyer D4 106 1st
Rebel WC Hudson Sharon D5 132-140 2nd
Rebel WC Braedon Simoneaux D3 120 1st
Bronco WC Tyson Roach D4 75 2nd
Team Name Division Place
Bronco WC Lalia Roach G3 65 2nd
Gladiator WC Kash Clementi D1 55 2nd
Gladiator WC Cole Bourquard D2 52 2nd
Gladiator WC Richie Clementi D4 80 1st
North Desoto WA Logan Addison D2 92 1st
North Desoto WA Colton Risinger Novice D1 60 1st
North Desoto WA Christian Bates D4 113 2nd
Sulphur Junior Storm William Edmonson D3 135 2nd
Ascension WC Alec Sonnier D2 92 2nd

Chelsea Sigmon was the only member of the Crusaders Wrestling Club who participated.  She lost her first match to Ava Milliner, the eventual champion, 8-0, but battled back to the third-place spot via scores of 4-1 and 4-0.  As Milliner won the finals match, Sigmon had the right to challenge the girl Milliner beat in the finals.  She did and won a 5-4 match to place "true second" and take home a silver medal.

Colton Risinger
North Desoto Wrestling Academy
Colton Risinger
North Desoto WA
Anthony Oubre - Bayou Elite Anthony Oubre - Bayou Elite Chelsea Sigmon - Crusader WC
1st @ Novice DI 60 lbs. 1st @ Novice DI 60 lbs. 2nd @ Houston Nationals
D3 75 lbs.
2nd @ Houston Nationals
D3 75 lbs.
2nd @ Houston Nationals
Girls G3 80 lbs.

Brennan Boyer (3rd @ D3 120 lbs.) and Braydon
Simon (2nd @ D4 106 lbs.)
of the Rebel Wrestling Club

In the Duals event members of the Rebel Wrestling Club, the Scorpion Wrestling Club and the Sulphur Junior Storm Wrestling Club combined to create Team Louisiana, which placed second in the Bronze championship bracket.  The North Desoto Wrestling Academy Blue team finished third in the Silver championship bracket and the North Desoto Red placed tied-for-third in the Bronze championship bracket.

Event Name Division Place
Duals North Desoto Red Pool A 6th
Duals North Desoto Blue Pool B 4th
Duals Team Louisiana* Pool B 5th
Duals North Desoto Blue Silver 3rd
Duals North Desoto Red Bronze T-3rd
Duals Team Louisiana Bronze 2nd

Team Louisiana


Colton Risinger of the North Desoto Wrestling Club won a championship while Anthony Oubre of the Bayou Elite placed second, as did Chelsea Sigmon of the Crusader Wrestling Club who won a "true second" match 5-4 to garner a silver medal. 

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Bob Jahn Memorial - Chicago

Dominick Durham of the Toss 'Em Up Wrestling Club placed first in the Bob Jahn Memorial Tournament held in Bolingbrook, Illinois on January 12th.

Dominick Durham
Toss Em Up WC
1st @ Novice 83-88

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