Catholic takes the lead after Friday's matches; Brother Martin and St. Paul within 6.5 points; Teurlings Catholic and Basile lead Division II and III
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Division II Division III

Division I

The Catholic Bears were one of the teams that could benefit by Brother Martin-St. Paul shootout and a slew of "wildcards" from other school.  The Bears did just that.  On Saturday, however, that probably will not hold.  Catholic has five semifinalist and five wrestlers in the consolation rounds.  In two semifinals matches, at 132 and 285 the Bears wrestle lower seeds.  At 152, 160 and 170 they meet wrestlers seeded high than they are.

St. Paul has the most semifinalists with 10, and they still have two in the consolation matches.  In the semifinals they are higher seeded than their opponents at 106, 120, 152, 160 and 220, and are lower seeds at 126, 132, 138, 170 and 195.

The defending champion Crusaders have eight semifinalists.  At 113, 126, 132, 145, 195 they are seeded higher than their opponents.  At 106, 120, and 152 they are seeded lower.  The Crusaders have two wrestlers in the consolation brackets

Fifteen points behind Catholic, in fourth place, the Holy Cross Tigers have five semifinalists.  At 113 and 120 the top-seeded Frost twins will face two fifth seeds. At 106, 132, and 138 they will face higher seeds.  The Tigers have three wrestlers in the consolation rounds, so they cannot really afford any more mishaps.

Team Scores after Friday's Wrestling*

Place School Points Place School Points
1 Catholic 157 6 Parkway 106
2 Brother Martin 155 T-7 C.E. Byrd 102
3 St. Paul's 150.5 T-7 East Ascension 102
4 Holy Cross 117.5 9 Jesuit 85.5
5 St. Amant 106 10 Live Oak 82

Seven of the semifinals matches are composed of one wrestler of a top-four team against another.  Those matched are in bold-faced type.

Weight Semifinal #1 Semifinal #2 Weight Semifinal #1 Semifinal #2
106 (1) Ernie Perry, III (AIR) vs. (4) Brandon Gainey (HC) (2) Jacob Houser (StP) vs. Mason Elsensohn (BM) 152 (1) Peyton Ward (StP) vs. (5) Jacob Chittom (PKY) (2) Brad Mahoney (EA) vs. (3) Riley Horvath (BM)
113 (1) Evan Frost (HC) vs. (5) David Cuccia (FNT) (2) Kent Burandt (BM) vs. (3) Ethan Ourso (CAT) 160 (8) Cameron Vaughns (BYR) vs. (5) Santos Ramos (EA) (2) Ben Davidson (StP) vs. (3) Ian Wyble (CAT)
120 (1) Jacob Frost (HC) vs. (5) Chase Scott (BM) (2) Carter Duet (StP) vs. (3) Reed Bergeron (COM) 170 (1) Trent Mahoney (EA) vs. (4) Canon Hunt (CAT) (2) Logan Lewis (BYR) vs. (3) Blain Cascio (StP)
126 (1) Joshua Keeler (PKY) vs. (5) Michael Rader (StP) (2) Ethan Castex (BM) vs. (3) Clayton Hill (LO) 182 (1) Jarin Meyer (BR) vs. (5) Nawab Singh (LO) (2) Kaleb Garcia (PKY) vs. (6) Joshua Vitto (BRB)
132 (1) Connor Hoffman (BM) vs. (4) Sean Cripple (StP) (2) Peter Kelly (CAT) vs. (3) Charles Sauerwin, III (HC) 195 (1) Christopher Allen (COV) vs. (4) DaiJon Bibbs (CHL) (2) Cameron Frederick (BM) vs. (3) Evan Ulfers (StP)
138 (1) Demetri Teddie (BYR) vs. (4) Grant Nastasi (StP) (2) Corey Brownell (StA) vs. (3) Caruso Signorelli (HC) 220 (1) Cole Ulfers (StP) vs. (5) Axel Encalada-Arce (BR) (2) Logan Brimmer (HNV) vs. (3) Ashton Freeman (ZAC)
145 (1) Alex Duncan (BM) vs. (5) Josiah Wakefield (EA) (2) Jacob Yawn (BYR) vs. ((3) Luke Battaglia (JES) 285 (1) Connor Finucane (CAT) vs. (4) Jaden Ben (CHL) (2) Donald Paul (COM) vs. Gavin Soniat (EA)

*    Weight classes 106, 132, 145, 160, 182 and 220 do not include one or two matches which will determine who the semifinals losers will compete against.  At 145 lbs. 4th-seeded Cameron Doyle, who was upset in his first match, will face St. Paul's Grant Vicknair, after Vicknair's quarterfinal loss.  At 182 Josh Sabadie of St. Paul will face Richard Cunningham of Covington.

If an edge goes to anyone, it probably leans toward St. Paul with their 10 semifinalists, of which five are seeded higher than their opponents.

There was one major upset in Division I.  At 160 lbs. Mason Massicot, the defending Division I state champion from Brother Martin, was upset by #8 seed Cameron Vaughns of C.E. Byrd 31 in the quarterfinals.  In his first consolation match he lost to Roman Davis of Mandeville 5-3.  Massicot handily took care of Vaughns 10-4 in the Trey Culotta.  While Davis went a very respectable 15-3 for the Skippers during the season and won the Billy Duplessis Invitational, he is not yet Massicot's caliber.  Massicot was injured at the Prep Slam on January 4th and did not return to the mats until the District 9-5A Championships, which he won, but he only wrestled one match, a 4-3 victory over Jesuit's Charlie Cyrus.  The valiant Crusader was certainly cleared by a doctor to compete, but his injury had something to do with fluid building up near his spine and which later affected his leg.  Unless someone put a gun to his favorite pet's head, I have to believe Massicot chose to compete and to do whatever he could for the Crusaders' cause, even if he could not be at his best.  It is also hard to come back after a month off when that month happens to be January.  He should be proud he tried this year, but always has his undefeated 2018-19 season to look upon.  The kid has guts and should be very proud of all of his wrestling achievements, including participating in the state championships.

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Division II

Teurlings Catholic took the day on Friday, out-distancing a surprising Rayne team by 20.5 points and favored North Desoto by 22 points.

Team Scores after Friday's Wrestling*

Place School Points Place School Points
1 Teurlings Catholic 135 6 Carencro 89
2 Rayne 114.5 7 Belle Chasse 81.5
3 North Desoto 113 8 Haughton 61
4 Shaw 107 9 Lakeshore 51
5 Rummel 91 10 Pearl River 35

Teurlings Catholic has 10 semifinalists and seven are competing against lower seeds.  Rayne has four semifinalists and is higher seeded in three of them.  North Desoto has 10 semifinalists and eight are seeded higher than their opponents.  Head-to-head semifinals matches between wrestlers of the leading teams are in bold-faced type.

Weight Semifinal #1 Semifinal #2 Weight Semifinal #1 Semifinal #2
106 (1) Ethan Boudreaux (TC) vs. (5) Jason Brouillette (LKS) (2) Isaac Dees (ND) vs. (3) Hayden Tassin (SHW) 152 (1) Richard Mack, III (ND) vs. (4) Michael Seal (SHW) (2) Ivan Hale (TC) vs. (3) John Gagnon (BC)
113 (1) Glenn Price (SHW) vs. (4) Ashton Sonnier (TC) (2) Dayton Dugas (RAY) vs. (3) Nicholas McClendon (BC) 160 (1) Charles Travasos (TC) vs. (4) William Billings (RAY) (2) Hunter Hanson (ND) vs. (3) Armando Amaya (SHW)
120 (1) Joshua Sarpy (ND) vs. (4) Kade Bourque (CAR) (2) Louis Lindsey (HAU) vs. (6) Carter Burgess (RUM) 170 (1) Andrew Gonzales (ND) vs. (4) Jacob McKee (PR) (2) Vaughn Romero (TC) vs. (3) Ty Martinez (BC)
126 (1) Matthew Carrier (TC) vs. (5) Dominic Spizale (LKS) (2) Lance Ferguson (ND) vs. (3) Raheem Bonnet (SHW) 182 (1) Kendrall Williams (CAR) vs. (4) Alton Boulogne (CAD) (2)David Bernard (TC) vs. (3) Jude Monaco (SHW)
132 (1) Ashton Surrency (SHW) vs. (4) Hunter Addison (ND) (2) Francisco Castro (BC) vs. (3) Tyrick Clay (CAR) 195 (1) Dylan Oliver (ND) vs. (4) Trey Winkler (BNT) (2) Donovan Kaufman (RUM) vs. (3) Justin Nixon (HAU)
138 (1) Jacob Ramirez (RUM) vs. (5) Gavin Gautreaux (BC) (2) Logan Ferguson (ND) vs. (3) Riley Baumgardner (NV) 220 (1) Miles Doucet (RAY) vs. (4) Preston Fisher (BNT) (2) Zavione Willis (CAR) vs. (3) Cameran Watkins (TC)
145 (1) Ryder Hawley (RAY) vs. (4) Jalen Arceneaux (TC) (2) Todd Ritter (SHW) vs. (6) Zachary Hrabar (NOMMA) 285 (1) Zachary Bernard (LKS) vs. (5) Mason Erickson (PR) (3) Kane Chrisom (TC) vs. (7)Jon'Tavius Thomas (ND)

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Division III

Team Scores after Friday's Wrestling*

Place School Points Place School Points
1 Basile 113 6 John Curtis 82
2 Brusly 104 7 Evangel 74
3 De la Salle 96.5 8 South Beauregard 63.5
4 St. Louis 91.5 9 St. Michael 60
5 Hannan 91 10 Kaplan 49

Basile has five top seeds in the semifinals and two other semifinalists seeded high than their opponents.  Two other semifinalists are lower seeds than their opponents.  Brusly has eight semifinalists with two top-seeds, one wrestler seeded higher than his opponent and four wrestlers seeded lower than their opponents.  Look for the Bearcats to distance themselves from the pack on Saturday.

Head-to-head semifinals matches between wrestlers of the leading teams are in bold-faced type.

Weight Semifinal #1 Semifinal #2 Weight Semifinal #1 Semifinal #2
106 (1) Andre Johnson (BAS) vs. (4) Jamir Wilson (EVA) (2) Preston Wilson (JC) vs. (3) Henry Oliver (SBR) 152 (1) Andrew Trahan (BRU) vs. (5) Giovanni Cusimano (DLS) (2) Hunter Langley (BAS) vs. (3) John Patrick Broussard (StL)
113 (1) Kataurio Grigsby (LAK) vs. (4) Timothy Routon (CP) (2) Donovan McMichael (StL) vs. (3) Luc Johnson (BAS) 160 (1) Ethan Bazinet (BAS) vs. (4) Joshua Westly (BRU) (2) Nathan Sistrunk (KAP) vs. (6) Jason Krail (DLS)
120 (1) Alex Menier (BAS) vs. (4) Wiley Boudreaux (ERA) (2) Cole Veron (DLS) vs. (3) Kaul Kayser (BRU) 170 (1) Shad Sheffie (StM) vs. (4) Matthew Anderson (BRU) (2) Logan David (BAS) vs. (3) Mark Pennison (HAN)
126 (1) Alexander Yokubaitis (StL) vs. (4) Dorian Wilkerson (StM) (2) Davis Diecidue (HAN) vs. (3) Ja'cory Tyler (BOS) 182 (1) Isaac Cortez (BAS) vs. (4) Kaden Dean (EVA) (2) Trace Morrow (SUM) vs. (6) Joseph Belcher (StL)
132 (1) Blake Menier (BAS) vs. (5) Cade Hontiveros (HAN) (2) Marc Martinez (BRU) vs. (3) Keyshawn Jones (StL) 195 (1) Chase Spooner (SBR) vs. (5) David Delarosa (HYN) (2) Kemal Robertson (StL) vs. (3) Chris Reed (EVA)
138 (1) Calep Balcuns (BRU) vs. (4) Colton Kendrick (JC) (2) Zachary Lauland (DLS) vs. (6) Alexzander Zaunbrecher (KAP) 220 (1) Brian Amis (BRU) vs. (5) Demond Gardner (StM) (2) Jax Miller (EVA) vs. (3) Gabe Duplechin (BAS)
145 (5) Michael Gilreath (EVA) vs. Luke Robertson (DLS) (2) Grayson Penniston (HAN) vs. (6) Austin Persinger (BRU) 285 (1) Datremecious White (EVA) vs. (4) Brennen Kass (KAP) (2) Tony Gibson (CP) vs. (6) Kennith Jackson, II (DLS)

The one major upset was at 145 lbs. when unseeded freshman Luke Robinson of De la Salle pinned top-seed Andrew Lynch of Church Point in 3:07.  Sixth-seeded Alexzander Zaunbrecher of Kaplan defeated #3 Ethan Langley of Basile in a close 6-5 match.  Another sixth-seed to pull and upset was De la Salle's Jason Krail, who pinned Thomas Jefferson's their-seeded Carlos Flores in 0:59 at 160 lbs.  At 182 lbs. the same thing happened when #6 Joseph Belcher of St. Louis pinned #3 Aaron Couty of Brusly in 4:40.  


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