2020 State Wrestling Championships - Division I 145 pounds
April 15th, 2020 | Written by: Editor


Alex Duncan won Brother Martin's second championship, and his second Division I championship, by defeated C.E. Byrd's Jacob Yawn via a 10-1 major decision.

Place 1 2 3 4 5 6
Name Alex Duncan Jacob Yawn Luke Battaglia Josiah Wakefield Cameron Doyle Jaden Snyder
School Brother Martin C.E. Byrd Jesuit St. Amant Holy Cross St. Amant
Seed 1 2 3 5 4 6
Final Record 41-0 43-2 31-5 40-9 33-6 49-19
Grade Senior Senior Junior Junior Senior Junior

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Alex Duncan's four losses came from out-of-state opponents, one at the Gulf Coast Slam, one at the Trey Culotta and two at the Prep Slam.  He placed second in the first two events and fourth in the other.  He won his share of events though, including the Mandeville Open, the Black Horse, the Louisiana Classic and the Catholic League District Championship.  To make his second consecutive Division I finals match he pinned his first opponent in 1:18, scored a 15-2 Major Decision in the second round, pinned his quarterfinals opponent in 0:30 and then pinned his semifinals opponent, East Ascension junior Josiah Wakefield in 5:18.

C.E. Byrd's Jacob Yawn had a great season going until he injured himself in the Trey Culotta semifinals.  He had won the Warrior Open, the Riot on the Red, the Griffin Open and the Spartan Invitational either by finals matches falls or hefty decisions over the likes of East Ascension's Brad Mahoney, Anthony Dodson of Live Oak and Charles Travasos of Teurlings Catholic.  He continued to wrestle his consolation finals match, but in that match, as well as the previous one, anyone who had seen him earlier in the season knew something wasn't right.  Stubbornly, he competed in the Lone Survivor at Parkway the next day and in the quarterfinals finally conceded a medical forfeit.  Two weeks later he won the Big Cat Brawl, but then due to illness he missed the Louisiana Classic and the Ken Cole Memorial.  He did win the Northwest Louisiana Regionals and the Shreveport City Championships prior to the state championships.  Yawn defeated his round-one opponent in 0:58 and his round-two one in 1:22.  He scored a 9-2 win in his quarterfinals match and then escaped Jesuit's Luke Battaglia 9- to advance to the finals.  With a Division I state championship in his realm of possibilities, he did not show publicly that he tore ligaments in his ankle during the semifinals match.

Early Rounds

R1: Josiah Wakefield (EA) pinned Jude Menard (MND) in 1:13
R2: Josiah Wakefield (EA) pinned Will Miller (SS) in 5:13

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Jacob Yawn (BYR) defeated Rayden Ingram (LO) 9-2

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Alex Duncan (BM) pinned Josiah Wakefield (EA) in 5:18
Jacob Yawn (BYR) defeated Luke Battaglia (JES) 9-7

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Early Consolation Rounds

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Consolation Finals

Luke Battaglia (JES) pinned Josiah Wakefield (EA) in 4:43 to place 3rd
Cameron Doyle (HC) defeated Jaden Snyder (StA) 3-0 to place 5th

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(1) Alex Duncan of Brother Martin defeated (2) Jacob Yawn of Byrd via a 10-1 Major Decision

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