2021 Fargo roster additions, corrections wanted
July 14, 2021 Written by: Staff writer



If I have missed or provided incorrect information about anyone, please let me know via an email to editor@lawrestlingnews.com.  Please do not text information to me in the event you have my phone number.  (Which is fine, but I firmly believe texting to be one of the crucial downfalls of mankind in general.  Adding names on Facebook might work, but that is a thread and I cannot guarantee it will be the first time I see it when I open Facebook, nor if I will be on the "Pundit Lawn" page.


Name School Age Division Weight
Logan Olsen Airline 10th Cadet  
Ty Parker Airline 10th Cadet  
Ernie Perry, III Airline 11th Cadet  
Nicholas McClendon Belle Chasse Graduate Junior  
Michael Klein Holy Cross 6th Cadet  
Dylan Lauriano Holy Cross Graduate Junior  
Spencer Lanosga Jesuit 10th Cadet  
Collin Bell North Desoto 10th Cadet  
Sam Jones North Desoto 10th Cadet  
Hunter Addison North Desoto 11th Cadet  
Jeremiah Raney North Desoto 11th Cadet
Caden Robinson North Desoto 10th Cadet  
Kaiden Triche Rummel 9th Cadet  
Jacob Ramirez Rummel Graduate Junior  
Tyson Roach Sam Houston 10th Cadet  
Trace Morrow Summerfield Graduate Junior  
Ashton Freeman Zachary 12th Junior  
Landen Monic Destrehan (2022) 8th Cadet  



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