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The Louisiana Wrestling News will attempt to publish results from Fargo as they become available.  Please know that, aside from any non-wrestling activities, a fierce battle is expected re reading and posting results from FloWrestling.  The FloWrestling results may be found HERE.

Spencer Lanosga (Jesuit - sophomore) places second in U16 Greco-Roman and third in the 285 lbs. U16 Freestyle events.

Tyson Roach (Sam Houston - sophomore) places fourth at 100 lbs. in Junior Freestyle.

Results:    U16 Cadet Freestyle    Junior Freestyle    U16 Cadet Greco-Roman   Junior Greco-Roman

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Friday Summary - last update: 2:30 a.m. July 24th

Kaiden Triche was the only Team Louisiana wrestler to compete on Friday, but he fell short of the win he needed to make the medalmatches.  For an incoming freshman, however, that is a remarkable achievement.

At the end Team LA won 42 matches while losing 72.  Eight of the team members will be freshman or sophomores next season.  Certainly, that will give them more confidence in Fargo next July, but more importantly, gives them an "edge" on their competition during the 2020-21 Louisiana wrestling season.
Jesuit's Spencer Lanosga was the star of Team Louisiana.  The Division I runner-up placed 2nd in the U16 Greco-Roman event and 3rd in the U16 Freestyle tournament.  The Blue Jay sophomore went 9-2 during the competition.  Sam Houston sophomore Tyson Roach went 6-8 as he competed in both the U16 and Junior divisions of the Freestyle and Greco-Roman competitions.  He shone brightest in the Junior Freestyle competion, in which he went 4-2 and placed fourth.

Airline's Ernie Perry, III notched six wins, matching Roach's mark.  North Desoto junior Hunter Addison won four matches while Rummel graduate Jacob Ramirez won three, as did his possible replacement at Rummel, freshman Kaiden Triche.  Airline sophomores Logan Olsen and Ty Parker won two matches, as did Zachary's Ashton Freeman.

The remaining members won one match or none, but they will still come back to Louisiana, or go off to become "worldly" at college somewhere, as better wrestlers than they would have been if they did not make the trip to South Canada.

Thursday Summary - Last update: 11:30 p.m. July 22

Spencer Lanosga placed second at 285 lbs.  He lost to 2021 South Dakota state champion Navarro Schunke 9-2.  Schunke was 35-0 in the 2020-21 season.

In the Junior Greco-Roman event Jacob Ramirez posted a 3-2 record.  Logan Olsen went 1-2.  Still alive for Friday's competition is Kaiden Triche.  Triche lost his first match (after a bye) but won his next two in the consolation brackets.  The Rummel freshman is one win away from an All-American finish.  Wrestling starts at 9:00 a.m. on Friday.

Junior Greco-Roman

Weigh-ins start at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday.  Wrestling starts at 9 a.m. on Thursday.  Finals start at 2 p.m. on Friday.

Name/Weight Record Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6 Match 7
Logan Olsen
1-2 #13393 L: 10-8
I. Stewart, MD
#13618 W: TF 1:14
M. Lewis, PA
#13791 L: TF 1:08
I. Werner, AK
Tyson Roach
0-2 #13396 L: 0:33
V. Biondoletti, FL
#13789 L: 1:03
D. Dolphin, WI
Kaiden Triche
2-2 #13398 L: TF 5:07
K. Tanimoto, TX
#13616 W: 2:02
K. Ambrose, NJ
#13790 W: 0:46
H. Kriegler, NE
#13850 L: TF 3:19
J. Young, IL
Nicholas McClendon
1-2 #12262 W: TB 11-11
H. Tadych, OK
#12844 L: TF 0:26
 N. Curry, WA
#13209 L: 0:35
S. O'Toole, PA
Dylan Lauriano
0-2 #12259 L: TF 0:54
J. Bockert, AK
#12605 L: 6-0
C. Lopez, MN
Jacob Ramirez
3-2 #12114 W: 2:02
E. Grubach, CA
#12401 W: TF 2:34
H. Locke, WV
#12972 L: TF 1:01
C. Radenz, ND
#13273 W: TF 5:07
 Z. Wilson, IN
#13566 L: TF 1:09
 S. McMonagle, PA
Trace Morrow
0-2 #12517 L: TF 1:46
P. Eastin, IN
#13110 L: 0:32
J. Holder, NJ

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Wednesday Summary - Last update: 7:30 p.m. July 21

Team Louisiana's Cadet Greco-Roman wrestlers posted a record of 11-19 on Wednesday.  Ernie Perry, III and Ty Parker each went 2-2, while Tyson Roach, Kaiden Triche, Hunter Addison and Jeremiah Rainey each notched a win.  The story again for the Cadets was Spencer Lanosga.  The Jesuit sophomore, who placed third in the Cadet Freestyle event, went 3-0 to advance to Thursday's quarterfinals.  Lanosga spent 1:44 on the mat during his three wins (o:15, 0:19 and 1:34).  Rainey, however, had the fastest Team Louisiana match, pinning his second opponent in a mere 0:09.

The semifinals start at 9:00 a.m., followed by consolation matches.  The medal rounds will begin at 2:00 p.m.


U16 Cadet Greco-Roman

Weigh-ins start at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday.  Wrestling starts at 9 a.m. on Wednesday.  Finals start at 2 p.m. on Thursday.

Name Record Weight Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5
Tyson Roach 1-2 94 #10521 L: TF 1:00
R. Graff, IA
#11110 W: 10-0 0:57
K. Khiev, IL
#11357 L: 10-8
B. Byrd, IN
Kaiden Triche 1-2 94 #10515 L: 10-1
B. Phelps, IL
#11352 W: TF 2:47
T. Hummet, IA
#11352 L: TF 0:39
D. Bobzien, CA
Logan Olsen 0-2 100 #10088L:L:  TF 1:33
E. Sierra, CA
#10902 L: TF 1:15
C. Meudt, CA
Ernie Perry, III 2-2 113 #10155 W: 0:39
J. DeBoe, OH
#10586 L: 6-5
C Fretwell, FL
#10935 W: 3:20
G. Martinez-Chavez, CA
#11156 L: 6-2
S. Luna, ID
Collin Bell 0-2 126 #10020 L: TF: 1:37
D. Magro, PA
#10440 L: 6-2
C. Kirchner, IL
Sam Jones 0-2 126 #10220 L: TF 1:07
F. Florio, FL
#10439   L: TF 0:41
B. Winams, WI
Ty Parker 2-2 145 #10078 :L TF 0:33
H. Rogers, IA
#10498 W: 2:55
I. Holden, IN
#10755 W: 8-6
G. Thompson, MI
#11012 L: TF 2:19.
D. Christensen, VA
Hunter Addison 1-2 152 #10322 W: 13-6
A. Costello, IN
#10765 L: TF 1:33
G. Fernandez, CA
#11026 L: TF 2:00
G. Lundeen, MN
Caden Robinson 0-2 182 #10413 L: TF 0:57
C. Merrill, CA
#11084 vs.
Loser of 10842
Spencer Lanosga 4-1 285 #10901 W: 0:15
C. Geuther, IA
#11342 W: 0:19
E. Powers, OH
#11546 W: 1:10
E. Gratz, WI
#11716 W: TF 3:51
Aiden Fockler, OH
#11801 L: 9-2
N. Schubke, SD
Jeremiah Rainey 1-2 285 #10891L: TF 0:48
N. Schunke, SD
#11471 W: 0:09
E. Powers, OH
#11611 L: 0:13
J. Hitt, MO

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Tuesday Summary - Last updated 1:45 a.m. on July 21

Tyson Roach became Team Louisiana's second All-American by placing fourth in the 100 lbs. Junior Freestyle event.  He defeated Nebraska's Hank Krieger via a fall in 2:31 (Roach was ahead 8-4 prior to the fall) in the consolation semifinals. but lost the consolation finals to the same Oklahoma wrestler who defeated him on Sunday. 

The Corolla sat dejectedly in the driveway, waiting to "cleaned out" prior to its passenger-side rhinoplasty.

Monday Summary - Last updated 2:00 July 20

Monday was reserved for Spencer Lanosga in the Cadet Freestyle event, three 100 lbs. upstart Cadets and Ashton Freeman in the Junior Freestyle.

Lanosga closed is U16 event by taking third-place with a pin in 3:12.

In the Junior Freestyle event, Only Ashton Freeman won a match, actually two, on Sunday.  Participating with Freeman and Tyson Roach, Kaiden Triche and Logan Olden, all Cadets who chose to compete ln the Junior Freestyle event.  Their matches started on Monday.  Freeman, who was one win away from placing, lost his Round of 16 match and then lost his first consolation match, so he was finished at 2-2 in the event.  Logan Olsen went 1-2 and Kaiden Triche went 0-2.  Tyson Roach, however, who won hid first match, lost his second one, but then ran-off three wins in-a-row to advance Tuesday's consolation finals.

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Sunday Summary - Last Updated 11:00 p.m. July 18

Posting a 3-9 record, the Junior Freestyle competitors did not fare as well as the Cadets did on Saturday.  ("Fault" is not a word one should even slightly consider to explain why, nor can one say the Sunday record is a result of the Cadets who participated - none of them wrestled a match.)  If Fargo were easy, they would call it FIFA.  Fargo is a tool to make Louisiana's wrestlers better.  And they do not have to win a match...yeah, you know where that sentiment is headed.

Trace Morrow, being from the Summerfield, Louisiana area, is more than used to traveling a good distance to find matches.  The distance between Summerfield High School and Airline High School in Bossier City is just under 70 miles.  The distance from Summerfield to the Fargodome is almost 1,200 miles.  "Experience," however, is the main course for most participants.  Morrow was able to compete against a 2021 4A state champion from Chanute, Kansas, which is about 500 miles from Summerfield, and a 2021 Missouri Class 2 third-place finisher from Osage Beach, Missouri, about 440 miles from Summerfield.  Yet his win was a 12-2 technical fall over Robert Lee...from Bauxite, Arkansas.  Bauxite is all of 130 miles from Summerfield.  And the two had wrestled each other on December 29th, a match also won by Morrow.  I am happy Messrs. Morrow and Lee were able to make the trip to Fargo.  But their match-up just seems odd.  But it is no odder than a town called "[Anything] Beach" located in Missouri, or that Osage Beach was originally named Zebra.

2021 Division I state champion Ashton Freeman was the star of the Louisiana Junior Freestyle team.  He only had two matches, but he won both of them, placing himself in Monday's Round of 16 - one spot away from placing. 

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Junior Freestyle Results - Last Updated 9:30 p.m. July 18

Saturday Summary - Last Updated 8:45 p.m. July 17

Team Louisiana's freestyle cadets posted an aggregate record of 12-20 at the U.S. Marine Corps U16 and Junior Nationals in North Dakota's Fargodome on Saturday.  Of the 11 who entered the competition, only one, Jesuit sophomore Spencer Lanosga, made it to Sunday's quarterfinals round.  If "luck" can be used to describe a match involving a 250+ lbs. opponent, then perhaps good fortune shined on Lanosga.  He only competed in two matches, as his weight class only included 33 competitors.  Ernie Perry, III, on the other end of the spectrum, wrestled six matches.  The 113 lbs. weight class had 103 entrants.  Just to make the consolation finals, had Perry won his last match, he would have had to win an additional five.  Yet any tournament for kids 15 or 16 years of age is bound to have more competitors at the lower weight classes than the heavier ones.  Mitosis is peculiar that way.  (No fun bunion puns - not one!)  Perry's 4-2 record included a win over an Idaho kid who placed fourth in the 2021 Idaho state championships.  His losses came from a Wisconsin state champion and an OHIO state runner-up.  Neither state is known to produce slouches on the mats.

Hunter Addison posted the second-best record of those who were eliminated on Saturday.  His 3-2 mark included a 33-second pin against a 2021 Idaho 4A state champion.  Kaiden Triche, Logan Olsen and Caden Robison each lost a match to state champions ranging from Florida to Oregon.  Olsen had, if not the worst "luck of the draw" than anyone else, definitely the most coincidental.  His first match was a loss to a 2021 Oregon state runner-up.  His second match was against the Oregon kid who beat Olsen's first opponent in the Oregon state championship finals.

Collin Bell, Sam Jones and Tyson Roach each notched a victory before succumbing to their second losses.  As for  Messrs. Parker, Olsen, Robison, Triche and Rainey, the same wisdom I have repeated over and over again still applies.  They will be better for just having competed in such an event even if they did not win any matches.

The USA Wrestling website schedule has the quarterfinals being run on Saturday, but the wrestling has ended for the night and no quarterfinal matches have been held.  The U16 competition is scheduled to start at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, but it may be earlier as they will need to find time to run the quarterfinals and the two other rounds prior to the consolation semifinals.

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16U (Cadet) Freestyle

Weigh-ins start at 5 p.m. on Friday.  Wrestling starts on Saturday at 8 a.m.   Finals start at 1:30 p.m. on Monday.

Name Record Weight Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6
Ernie Perry, III 4-2 113 #65A W: 14-6.
Apollo Cruz, WA
#460 L: TF 0:56
Dawson Johnson, WI*
#907 W: TF  0:55
Stone Hartford, WA
#1578 W: TF 2:18
Giovanni Chavez, AZ
#1780 W: 1:45
Treyjen Morin, ID
#1986 L: 10-6.
Jaxon Joy, OH
Collin Bell 1-2 120 #85 L: TF 10-0.
Tucker Stangel, IA
#306 W: 3:06
Jacob Enrico, HI
# 940 L: 1:34
Landen Duncan, AZ
Sam Jones 1-2 120 #102 L: TF 10-0
Jashia Anglo, ?
#953 W: TF 0:34
Trenten Gray, WY
#1601 L: TF 0:51
Evan Rodriguez, OK
Hunter Addison 3-2 145 #287 W: 0:25
Isael Mercedes Perez, RI
#684 L: TF 0:33
Hudson Rogers, ID
#1079 W: 1:02
Zion Quinol, AZ
#1664 W: 0:37
Elhaji Niang, OH
#1866 L: TF 2:28
Victor Gonzales, AZ
Ty Parker 0-2 145 #292 vs. L 2:13
Bas Diaz, FL
#708 L: 6-1
Gavin Sandoval, OR
Tyson Roach 1-2 94 #366 W: 9-2.
Tyler Harper, IA
#1157 L: 13-10
Ezekial Witt, KS
#1965 L: TF 3:07
Moses Mendoza, TX
Logan Olsen 0-2 100 #377 L: 0:47
Colby Cook, OR
#1556 L: 3:53
Kyle Sieminski, OR
Caden Robison 0-2 182 #809 L: TF 1:06
Connor Mirasola, WI
#1719 L: TF 2:50
Brett Rooks, NY
Kaiden Triche 0-2 94 #1159 L TF 1:26
Cadell Lee, VA
#1964 L: TF 0:35
Tyler Harper, IA
Spencer Lanosga
 3rd PLACE
5-1 285 #1395 W: 0:11
Rodd'ney Davenport, VA
#1537 W: TF 2:00
Marcellus Belton, WA
#2290 W: 0:53
Sebastian Lopez, KS
#2393 L: 0:46
Will Sather, MN
Consolation Semifinals
#2529 W: 3:57
A. Compton, PA
Consolation Finals
W: TF 3:04
M. Borcherding-Johnson, IA
Jeremiah Rainey 0-2 285 #1401 L: TF 1:04
Aidan Trujillo, CO
#2083 L: 0:17
Evan Gratz, WI

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Noteworthy information about Team Louisiana's matches are presented below.  Checkmarks () indicate a Team Louisiana win.

Kaiden Riche
94 lbs.
Bas Diaz won the 2021 Division IA Florida 145 lbs. state championship
Tyson Roach
94 lbs.
Attempts to find information on Moses Mendoza were unsuccessful.  It appears that his team at Gilroy High School in California did not compete in the 2020-21 season due to COVID.  But it appears that he was coached by Louisiana's only Olympic wrestler, three-time Division I state Champion Daniel Cormier of Northside.
Logan Olsen
100 lbs.
Kyle Sieminski defeated Colby Cook 6-4 in the 2021 Oregon 4A 106 lbs. state finals
(Just plain bad luck to get the two Oregon finalists)
Ernie Perry, III
113 lbs.
Dawson Johnson won the 2021 Wisconsin Division III 106 lbs. state championship as a freshman
Treygen Morin placed 4th in Idaho's Division IV 106 lbs. state championship
Jaxon Joy was an Ohio Division 1 106 lbs. runner-up in 2021
Collin Bell
120 lbs.
Tucker Stangel placed third in the Iowa Division IIA 113 lbs. state championships
Landen Duncan placed fourth in the 2021 Division III 113 lbs. Ohio state championships
Hunter Addison
145 lbs.
Hudson Rogers won the 106 lbs. Idaho 4A state championship in 2021
Caden Robison
182 lbs.
Connor Mirasola won the 2021 Wisconsin Division I 170 lbs. state championship
Spencer Lanosga
285 lbs.
Maddux Bordcherding-Johnson placed third in the 2021 Oklahoma 3A state championships

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Junior Freestyle Last Updated 07/19 at 5:15 p.m.

Weigh-ins start at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday.  Wrestling starts at 8 a.m. on Sunday.  Finals start at 1 p.m. on Monday.

Name Record Weight Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6
Tyson Roach
4-2 100 #6461 W: TF 5:47
M. Lewis, PA
#6810 L: TF 0:38
T. Tecson, OK
#6931 W: 15-12
V. Biondoletti
#7020 W: 6-2
I. Stewart, MT
#7050 W: 8-4
H. Kriegler, NE
Consolation Finals
 L ; TF 1:17

T. Tecson, OK
Kaiden Triche 0-2 100 #6465 L: TF 0:42
C. Rogers, MT
#6693 L: TF 1:42
C. Hulett, MO
Logan Olsen 1-2 100 #6466 W: 5:46
H. Sanchez, UT
#6813 L: TF 1:44
H. Kriegler, NE
#6932  L: TF 2:50
T. Bowen, ID
Nicholas McClendon 0-2 120 #4127 L: 3:52
V. D'Alessandro, OH
#4864 L: 0:57
G. Fontanez, OK
Dylan Lauriano 0-2 126 #4205 : L TF 3:29
J. Villalobos, FL
#4923 vs.
J. Gurule, NM
Jacob Ramirez 0-2 145 #4380 L: TF 2:47
N. Ruiz, CA
#5124 L: 22-15
K. Griffin, PA
Trace Morrow 1-2 182 #4633 L: 1:16
B. Dillow, KS
#5754 W: TF 2:36
R. Lee, AR
#6140 L: TF 2:45
C. Cordia, MO
Ashton Freeman 2-2 285 #5448 W: TF 5:06
H. Hearne, IA
#6220 W: 8-4
C. Robinson, OH
#6576 L: TF 5:02
R. Stein, NY
#6802 L: TF 5:14
G. Cook, WA

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Noteworthy information about Team Louisiana's matches are presented below.  Checkmarks () indicate a Team Louisiana win.

Tyson Roach
100 lbs.
Tecson placed third in the 2021 Oklahoma 3A state championships.
Nick McClendon
120 lbs.
D'Alessandro is a 2021 Ohio Division I qualifier
Fontanez is a 2021 Oklahoma 6A state qualifier
Dylan Lauriano
126 lbs.
Villalobos is a 2021 Florida 2S state qualifier
Gurule is a 2021 New Mexico 5A state runner-up
Jacob Ramirez
145 lbs.
Down 14-6 in the final period, Ramirez closed the gap to 16-14, letting Griffin know he did not het any rest until the fail whistle blew.
Trace Morrow
182 lbs.
Dillow is a 2021 Kansas 4A state champion at 182 lbs.
Cordia ia a 2021 Missouri third-place finisher

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Automotive Freestyle

Name Record Weight Match 1 Trophies not Awarded
2013 Toyota Corolla 1-0 2800 #1395 W: Disqualification
versus Ford F-150

The F-150 did not see the Corolla and turned into it at a four-way stop.  The Corolla did not have time to reverse enough.  The F-150 driver received a ticket.  The Corolla driver was able to drive home after some makeshift (not as in "make shift to reverse" fast enough) repairs and a note from the police officer.

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