160 lbs. to 285 lbs.
November 21st, 2021


170 Pounds 182 Pounds 285 Pounds

160 Pounds Photographs

Round 2: Ryder Foreman (LAF) pinned Nicholas Langley (SHW) in 4:00

Consolation 1: Jacoby Johnson (BR) pinned Neimiah White (ACA) in 0:34

Consolation 1: Wyatt Kersten (DUT) pinned Jaco Reeves (SH) in 0:40

Semifinal : Spencer Hughes (DLS) pinned Ryder Foreman (LAF) in 5:52

Final: Todd Ritter (SHW) defeated Spencr Hughes (DLS) 13-4 MD

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170 Pounds Photographs

Round 1: Shannon Fray (LAF) pinner Owens Dettman (DUT)

Final: Kade Moran (BR) pinned Alejandro Canas (LS) in 0:39

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182 Pounds Photographs

Final: Evan Kelley (CEN) pinned Jason Krail (DLS) in 0:46

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195 Pounds Final: Jason O'Dell (ZAC) defeated Brennan Sonnier (CAT) 20-5 TF
220 Pounds Final: Nicholas Migliacio (CAT) pinned Colt Fisher (SH) in 4:33

Regretfully, the photographer did not take any photographs during matches at the 195 pounds of 220 pounds weight classes.

285 Pounds Photographs

Round 2: Ryan Dennis (ZAC) pinned Mason Malarcher (LO) in 5:44

Bryce Harley (SHW) defeated Michael Melendy (SH) 5-4

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