Rebels demolish Bulldogs, Eagles and Blue Jays in Beast on the Bayou Duals
January 4th, 25th, 2022| Written by: Staff writer



Championship Photos: Teurlings Catholic 51-Jesuit 24 Third Place Photos: Shaw 46-Catholic 33

Teurlings Catholic started with a bye and the blew past Fontainebleau, Shaw and Jesuit to win the Beast on the Bayou Dual Tournament held at Shaw High School in Marrero on Wednesday, December 29th. 

After a first-round bye the Rebels defeated Fontainebleau 66-9, Shaw 39-20 and Jesuit 51-24.  Jesuit, seeded third, surprised many with a 52-15 shellacking of Catholic.

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Finals: Teurlings Catholic 51-Jesuit 24 Third Place: Shaw 46-Catholic 33

The Rebels won seven of the nine matches against Fontainebleau.  Seth Lewis and Raymond Favaza won matches for the Bulldogs.  Favaza's win should prove fortuitous to him re the seeding at the Louisiana Classic on January 14th.  He won a 5-3 match over John Paul Travasos 5-3, which was his second win over the defending Division II state champion, having pinned him in 5:00 in the Jacob McMillan Memorial finals.  Favaza has only lost three times all season.  In mid-November he fell to Covington's Landon Carroll, but almost a month later he avenged that loss.  Consensus top-seeded Santos Ramos of East Ascension defeated Favaza 10-5 in the Spartan Invitational finals and 11-6 in the Bronco Open finals on December 11th.  Since then, Favaza has run-off 14 straight wins.

In the semifinals the Rebels had a harder time with Shaw, winning 39-20.  TC won eight of the 13 matches and received one forfeit versus the Eagles.  In a match between defending Division II state champions Shaw's Glenn Price defeated TC's Ethan Boudreaux 7-3 at 132 lbs.  Price is expected to compete at 126 lbs. at the Louisiana Classic (LACL).  The best match of the dual was a 4-4 UTB win by TC's Zack Watkins over Shaw's Zalen Wilson.  As juniors Wilson placed third in 2021 and Watkins 5th, but they may find themselves meeting in the semifinals or finals at the 2022 state championships.  Another possible Division II semifinals or finals match may be between Shaw's Nigel Whitehead, who placed fifth at 195 lbs. in 2021, and 220 lbs. defending state champion Joel Lanclos, at 220 lbs.  Whitehead took this match decisively via a 15-0 technical fall.  Defending Division II state champion Jude Monaco of Shaw had a nail-biter of a match with TC's Eric Levert, who placed third in 2021, winning 3-0.

In the finals Jesuit also won five of the 15 matches, but while Shaw only lost four matches by falls the Blue Jays gave up seven pins, which explains enough of why the Rebels beat the Eagles by 19 points and the Blue Jays by 27.  The most exciting, or perhaps confusing, match of this dual was at 160 lbs. between Travasos and Jesuit's Holden Desroche.  Travasos managed Desroche easily in the Raider 8 via a fall in 3:30.  But Desroche held more than "his own" in this match, dominating Travasos for the first 4:30 and coming close to pinning the Rebel.  But Travasos is a state champion for a reason, and he was able to gain the upper hand and pin Desroche shortly before the third period ended.  2021 Division I third-place finisher Dennis Dougherty opened his 2021-22 season with aplomb, pinning East Ascension's Brian Cullen and Catholic's Jermaine Vessell in times that were not noted (very few fall times were noted for TrackWrestling purposes in this event).  In his next match he pinned Lanclos in 0:23.

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Shaw, seeded fourth, placed third with a 46-33 win over Catholic.  The Eagles started off with a 74-6 win over Belle Chasse followed by a 54-28 quarterfinals win over St. Amant.  After the loss to TC the Eagles met East Ascension in the consolation semifinals and defeated the Spartans 45-27.  Having defeated the Blue Jays and the Bears, TC can be considered the third best overall team in Louisiana behind Division I state favorite Brother Martin (who defeated TC 48-21) and 2021 Division I champion St. Paul.

Who is the second best team?

An argument could be made for TC to be ranked higher than St. Paul.  (Please note, this section is a complete waste of time as, while winning dual meet tournaments is nice, such events are intended to give wrestlers the chance to wrestle more matches in a day than some would get in tournaments if they lost their first two matches.  There are no official dual meet state championship events.)  St. Paul defeated Jesuit 43-31 on November 13th.  Eleven matches were contested, with St. Paul winning six of them.  More importantly, eight of the Blue Jays who competed in that match competed against TC.  Three of those eight Jesuit wrestlers won against TC.  Four of them lost against St. Paul.  And against TC Jesuit also had Dougherty.  Both TC and St. Paul netted one forfeit, and St. Paul was lacking few, if any, of their current starters.  One could say Jesuit put up a stronger team against TC and the Rebels beat them more soundly than St. Paul did.

To go a step further, Shaw may be the third best team as they had a much tighter score against TC than the Blue Jays did, and as the Blue Jays knocked Catholic back a few spots, they might be the third best team in Division I.  Hence, if TC is ahead of St. Paul, that puts Jesuit fourth, but with Shaw putting up a better fight than the Blue Jays, the Eagles could be considered the fourth best overall team.  That means the strength list would be: 1) Brother Martin, 2) Teurlings Catholic, (3) St. Paul, 4) Shaw, 5) Jesuit.  Soon, about eight pounds from last Wednesday, Spencer Lanosga should return to the mats for the Blue Jays.  That will not mean much in a non-verifiable team dual meet strength ranking but will make a significant difference in a regular tournament.

Other matches of consequence to LACL or state championship seedings include, but are not limited to, the following:

The Frost twins (one is Jacob, one is Ethan, I do not trust them enough to tell me who is who) were down from Iowa, where they confirmed there is a lot of "cold" and corn.  The eldest Frost, Cameron, was officiating, and the three posed for a photo reminiscent of the 2019 shot when all three wo Division I state titles.  On the right the twins watch the TC-Jesuit match.  The twins also posed with the TC team in their championship photo.

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Finals: Teurlings Catholic 51-Jesuit 24

Downloadable Photographs ZIP Folders

106 Bodi Harris  (JES) over Brennan Romero (TC) 7-4   152 Arthur Schott (JES) over Owen de Boisbanc (TC) 7-4
113 Ashton Sonnier (TC) over John Michael Bourgeois via fall   160 John Paul Travasos (TC) over Holden Desroche (JES) via fall
120 Brennan Boyer (TC) over Chase Haydel (JES) via fall   170 Zack Watkins (TC) over Jack Roniger (JES) via fall
126 Coen Begnaud (TC) win via fordeit   182 Winn McConnell (JES) over Kyle Stephens (TC) via fall
132 Ethan Boudreaux (TC) over Grant Herbert (JES) via fall   195 Eric Levert (JES) over Jackson Calderado (JES) via fall
138 Brandt Babineaux (TC) over Luc Colomb (JES) 4-1   220 Dennis Dougherty (JES) over Joel Lanclos (TC) via fall
145 Jackson Ballay (JES) over Josh LaPorte (TC) via fall   285 Kole Hayes (TC) over Joe Barnett (JES) via fall


Third Place: Shaw 46-Catholic 33

Downloadable Photographs ZIP Folders

106 Blake Andre (SHW) over Matthew Sanders via fall   152 Todd Ritter (SHW) over Leighton Evans (CAT) via fall
113 Grant Grizzaffi (CAT) over Giovanni Malta (SHW) via fall   160 Jude Sonnier (CAT) over Chris Falcon (SHW) via fall
120 Christian Worley (CAT) over Kobe Nguyen (SHW) via fall   170 Richard Carroll (CAT) over Jason Brown (SHW) via fall
126 Watts Goodson (CAT) over Carson Dalton (SHW) via fall   182 Zalen Wilson (SHW) win via forfeit
132 Hayden Tassin (SHW) over Jon Michael Cuba (CAT) via 10-2 MD   195 Jude Monaco (SHW) over Nicholas Miglacio (CAT) via fall
138 Glenn Price (SHW) over Happy Butler (CAT) via fall   220 Nigel Whitehead (SHW) over Jermaine Vessell (CAT) via fall
145 Elijah Goodmore (CAT) over Nicholas Langley (SHW) 12-7   285 Raymond Howard (SHW) over Winston Napoli (CAT) via fall

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