Crusaders take Trey Culotta title back from Christian Brothers
January 1st, 2022| Written by: Staff writer



The Brother Martin Crusaders won the Trey Culotta Invitational from 2011 to 2019.  Last season they were dethroned by Christian Brothers of Memphis, Tennessee, by 41 points.  On Monday and Tuesday, December 20th and 21st,they took their throne back, defeating Christian Brothers by 35 points, 335.5 to 300.5.  Vestavia Hills of Alabama placed third, followed by East Ascension and Parkway.

Three Crusaders, Richie Clementi, Mason Elsensohn and Kent Burandt won individual titles for the Crusaders.  Two others, Jacob Elsensohn and Rocco Horvath, placed second.  Five Crusaders placed third or fourth.
4x6 Team Photo

The Crusaders had three individual champions.  At 113 lbs. Richie Clementi kept his undefeated season alive, as did Mason Elsensohn at 132 lbs.  Kent Burandt won his second tournament of the season at 145 lbs.  Jacob Elsensohn and Rocco Mediate suffered their first losses of the season in the finals.  Other Louisiana winners were Tyson Roach of Sam Houston, Ernie Perry, III of Airline and Wiley Boudreaux of Southside.  Louisiana wrestlers who finished as runners-up were Kael Reaux and Landon Reaux of Southside, David Viers and Jonathan Weissbach of Parkway, Grayson Pennison of Hannan and Anphrony Guillory of Basile.

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As I was taking the finals photograph on the left of Mason Elsensohn,
I said to myself, "No way - I cannot publish this."'
The second two photos assured me that it would be OK.
Morgan Chabert helped with the awards Mr. Vincent Culotta, Trey's father

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Trey Culotta Champions

106 Pounds

113 Pounds

120 Pounds 126 Pounds 132 Pounds 138 Pounds 145 Pounds
Tyson Roach
Sam Houston
Richie Clementi
Brother Martin
Ernie Perry, III
Wiley Boudreaux
Mason Elsensohn
Brother Martin
Art Martinez
Kent Burandt
Brother Martin

152 Pounds

160 Pounds

170 Pounds 182 Pounds 195 Pounds 220 Pounds 285 Pounds
Ada, OK
Atticus Water
Pace, FL
Aiden Bowers
Brothers, TN
Luke Malveaux
St. Thomas, TX
Cameron Cavine
Brothers, TN
Timbrook Hodger
Brothers, TN
Jahill McKenney (OW)
Eagle's Landing, GA
(with Mr. Culotta (L)
and BM Coach Andrew Nicola (R))

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Trey Culotta Invitational Top-five Placers (Louisiana wrestlers bolded)

(Records for point scorers only and are accurate as of 12/28/21.  osses are to Louisiana wrestlers only.  "NS" = non-scorers.)

Weight Winner School Runner-up School Score Third Place School Fourth Place School Fifth Place School
106 Tyson Roach (32-0) Sam Houston Kael Reaux(14-4*) Southside 2:24 Logan Olsen (17-3) Airline Logan Dacuyan (15-9) Brother Martin Dylan Duvernay (25-6) De la Salle
113 Richie Clementi (21-0) Brother Martin Landen Reaux (11-3) Southside 17-2 TF Colby Baltz Houston Cale Tucker Vestavia Hills Matthew Gallman (11-1) Parkway
120 Ernie Perry, III (16-0) Airline Jacob Elsensohn (30-1) Brother Martin 9-2 Alex Ropski Christian Brothers Christopher Strong (17-1) Parkway David Reiff Vestavia Hills
126 Wiley Boudreaux (22-2) Southside Zack Flurry Vestavia Hills 4:48 Caleb Lavine (35-2*) Sam Houston Hunter Chabert (28-4) Brother Martin Mac Chandler Vestavia Hills
132 Mason Elsensohn (27-0) Brother Martin Wills Bronson Christian Brothers 7-5 Hunter Sturgill Heritage Lucas Maneckshaw (34-6) East Ascension Ty Duncan Brother Martin (NS)
138 Art Martinez Holy Innocents David Viers (16-0) Parkway 8-3 Nicholas Cusimano (21-1) Brother Martin Andrew Sullivan Vestavia Hills Braden Hite Brother Martin (NS)
145 Kent Burandt (23-1) Brother Martin Jonathan Weissbach (13-2) Parkway 15-3 MD Liam O'Connor (7-1) De la Salle Gregory Walker East Ascension Rory Horvath Brother Martin (NS)
152 Tre`Ivy Ada Jordan Baxter Pace 16-0 TF Clay Johnston Vestavia Hills Ryan Corca (25-6) Brother Martin Mario Robledo Christian Brothers
160 Atticus Waters Pace Grayson Pennison (11-0) Hannan 13-4 MD Santos Ramos (25-0) East Ascension Sam Cordova St. Thomas Kaden Gallagher Ada
170 Aidan Bowers Christian Brothers Rocco Horvath (30-0) Brother Martin 5-3 Luke Robertson (16-1) De la Salle Gabriel Bonin (29-9) East Ascension Will Johnson Ada
182 Luke Malveaux St. Thomas Gervacio Gonzalez Christian Brothers Medical Forfeit James Gleason Holy Innocents Jason Krail (24-6) De la Salle John Edwards Vestavia Hills
195 Cameron Cavine Christian Brothers David Dimann Houston 3-0 Jacob Schexnaidre (28-5) East Ascension Riggs Manown Vestavia Hills Wade Rist Hannan
220 Timbrook Hodge Christian Brothers Hale Wood Pace 2:36 Jack Branson Christian Brothers Julian Tapia (8-0) Brother Martin Nathan Slagter Houston
285 Jahill McKenney (OW) Eagle's Landing Anphrony Guillory (11-1) Basile 0:23 Mitch Taylor Vestavia Hills Tayvon Patterson (9-2) Airline Jake Morton (6-1) Parkway

*    Only losses to Roach    **    Only losses to Boudreaux

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