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Last Wednesday and Saturday were much akin to Ken Venturi's "moving day at the Masters," which refers to the third round of the PGA tournament when players put themselves in contention for the final round on Sunday.  A lot of wrestlers do the same thing to put them in better contention to do well at the Louisiana Classic (LACL), which is one of the penultimate events that determines seeding at the state championships.

The LACL will be held on Friday, January 14th and Saturday, January 15th at the Lamar-Dixon Exposition Center in Gonzales, Louisiana. 

Last year the event was considered by some to be a "COVID-super-spreader" event, so much so, in fact, that it made some national news, including the New York Post and thedailybeast.com.  Many disagreed, but it was the main reason the LHSAA cancelled the majority of the remaining wrestling season until the state championships.  With luck, the Louisiana wrestling community learned something from that scenario, particularly with a much more contagious COVID variant running amok across the nation.

Dropping a weight class for the first time this season were Southside's defending Division I state champion and OW Landon Reaux (106 from 113), Lathan Hirschey (106 from 113), Andrew Lusby (138 from 145) and Rayden Ingram of Live Oak (145 from 152), Luc Johnson of Basile (138 from 145).  There are more, no doubt, and may be more come Wednesday, but these "jumped out" at me.  Going to the Battle of New Orleans finals no doubt influenced me.  I spectated, (but not on purpose!) as finals and consolation finals were being held in no particular order on three mats.  That makes photographing them pretty impossible and sorting those photos would take hours.  Hence, the comparison I imagined did not really work at all. 

One should note that Landon Reaux's move to 106 lbs. displaced younger brother Kael, who will probably compete at 113 lbs.

Brother Martin is the favorite to win the event behind probable finals appearances by Richie Clemente, Jacob Elsensohn, Mason Elsensohn and Rocco Horvath.  St. Paul may be expected to place second, but do not count out Teurlings Catholic. 

In the table below are my best guesses for the seeding of the tournament, in most cases at least up to the eighth seed.  No doubt I missed some wrestlers who should be seeded, and I apologize in advance for that.  Despite my research on TrackWrestling and RankWrestling, as well as what I have witnessed, any seeding committee will have access to much more specific criteria from information provided by participating coaches.  Three computers aside, only two eyes (if even that) can only see so much. 

With no further ado, I humbly present the 

Louisiana Wrestling News Picks for  Louisiana Classic Seeds

Records as of 01-08-22.  Seeding is dependent on teams/wrestlers competing.  Weight classes are the lowest in which each wrestler has competed.  Records include wins but not losses against out-of-state wrestlers, and do not reflect forfeits, byes or defaults.
  Weight 1st Seed 2nd Seed 3rd Seed 4th Seed Possible 5th-8th
106 Tyson Roach
Sam Houston
Landon Reaux
Bodi Harris
Logan Olsen
Brennan Romero (TC) 19-2,
Dylan Duvernay (DLS)  28-7,
Colton Owens (DES) 12-1,
Kaiden Triche (RUM) 26-6
Lathan Hirschey (LO) 27-5

A 4-2 loss on Saturday in Texas tmay be the best thing to happen to happen to Sam Houston's Tyson Roach all season.  "It is better to lose in January than in February" is a common wrestling adage.  What better to keep Roach from becoming complacent prior to the LACL next weekend and state four weeks later?

Now defending 2021 LACL and DI state champion and OW Landon Reaux dropped to 106.  Roach bested Reaux in 5:45 on December 1st in a fairly close match.  Roach moved up to 113 lbs. for that match.  Reaux, it seems, is aiming to avenge that loss in his first match of the season.  Reaux comes back big after losses.

Harris' only loss came to Rummel's Triche on November 6th.  He has two wins over Romero (TC) and one over Duvernay.

  Weight 1st Seed 2nd Seed 3rd Seed 4th Seed Possible 5th-8th
113 Richie Clementi
Brother Martin
Ashton Sonnier
Teurlings Catholic
Kael Reaux
John Michael Bourgeois
 Conlan Enk (StP) 16-1,
Grant Grizzaffi (CAT) 19-4,
Stephen Kimball (RUM) 23-6,
Kye Karcher (WLK) 20-2

Clementi has had two close matches (3-0 and 4-2) over Sonnier.  The only other Louisiana wrestler to last six minutes with Clementi was Grizzaffi.  That, though, was an 11-0 MD match. 

Grizzaffi has two losses to Clementi, one to Bourgeois and one, 4-2, against Kimball.  Kimball and Walker have too many losses, though, to merit a higher seeding than Grizzaffi, who took second at the Scott Rohrer Hoover Invitational on Saturday.

Reaux has lost to Sonnier at 113 lbs. and only Roach at 106 lbs.  Bourgeois defeated Enk, who defeated Kimball (which places the Blue Jay higher than Grizzaffi) who defeated Karcher.

  Weight 1st Seed 2nd Seed 3rd Seed 4th Seed Possible 5th-8th
120 Ernie Perry, III
Jacob Elsensohn
Brother Martin
Cole Mire
Trey Faherty
St. Paul
Brennan Boyer (TC) 16-2,
Chase Haydel (JES) 19-7,
Anthony Perez (CHL) 24-3

Perry left no doubt who was the wrestler to beat at 120 lbs. with a 9-2 win over the then undefeated Elsensohn in the Trey Culotta finals.

Elsensohn is 2-0 vs. Mire, but Mire got closer (7-0 vs. 8-4) on Saturday.  Mire has a 6-0 win over Faherty, the St. Paul wrestler's only loss.  Boyer gave Elsensohn a one-point scare at the Black Horse.  Perez won the Battle of New Orleans on Saturday.

  Weight 1st Seed 2nd Seed 3rd Seed 4th Seed Possible 5th-8th
126 Wiley Boudreaux
Glenn Price
Caleb Lavine
Sam Houston
Watts Goodson
Ty Duncan (BM) 34-3
Lucas Maneckshaw (EA) 40-7
Coen Begnaud (TC) 21-5

Do not let Wiley Boudreaux's two losses confuseyou.  He has defeated, and soundly, the best LA competition at 126 lbs. save one.  Caleb Lavine was 25-0 when Boudreaux defeated him 9-4 on December 11th.  At the Lone Survivor Boudreaux defeated him 24-10 MD.  Zach Flurry of Vestavia Hills had not lost since February of 2020 until he was demolished, then pinned, by Boudreaux in the Trey Culotta finals.

Lavine has wins over Brother Martin's Chabert and Duncan, and Duncan has one over Goodson.  Boudreaux also has a win over Chabert.  At 126 lbs. Maneckshaw only has a 4-0 loss to Duncan, but he has a 5-0 win over Chabert.

Then there is Glenn Price, a defending LACL champion who was undefeated last season, in which he also won his third D2 state championship.  This is likely his Price's litmus test this season.  Wherever he is seeded, expect him to be acidic to basically everyone. 

  Weight 1st Seed 2nd Seed 3rd Seed 4th Seed Possible 5th-8th
132 Mason Elsensohn
Brother Martin
Ethan Boudreaux
Teurlings Catholic
Carter Burgess
Collin Veron
De la Salle
Cole Gross (DUT) 17-4,
Dorian Wilkerson (StM) 23-6
Hayden Tassin (SHW) 18-4,
John M. Cuba (CAT) 24-4

Mason Elsensohn has owned this weight class from "Day One." 

Boudreaux's losses have come from Elsensohn (4), Wiley Boudreaux (2) and Glenn Price.  The latter two are expected to compete at 126 lbs. at the LACL.  Burgess' losses came from Elsensohn, Goodson and E. Boudreaux.  Gros has only lost to Elsensohn of those remaining at 132 lbs.  He did lose a 13-12 match against St. Amant senior Logan Anderson, but Anderson's losses negate a high, if any, seeding at the LACL.

The senior Veron gets the nod over the freshman Gros by virtue of a 20-7 MD over St. Michael's Dorian Wilkinson.  Wilkerson beat Tassin, who beat Cuba twice.

  Weight 1st Seed 2nd Seed 3rd Seed 4th Seed Possible 5th-8th
138 Jacob Houser
St. Paul
David Viers
Nicholas Cusimano
Brother  Martin
Brandt Babineaux
Teurlings Catholic
Andrew Lusby (LO) 32-3
Luc Johnson (BAS) 15-3
Liam O'Connor (DLS) 10-3

Jacob Houser is considered by many to be the best wrestler on the defending Division I state champion St. Paul team.  He is 20-0 and now has a Battle of New Orleans title to keep his Border Wars one company, but the caliber of Louisiana opponents is "iffy."  That, however, can be easily explained by the fact that nobody wants to be in his weight class.

Viers is a contender, as is Cusimano, who's only loss was to Burgess (now at 132 lbs.). 

  Weight 1st Seed 2nd Seed 3rd Seed 4th Seed Possible 5th-8th
145 Rayden Ingram
Live Oak
Lance Ferguson
North Desoto
Voltaire Sanders
Kent Burandt
Brother Martin
Hudson Sharon (TC) 11-1,
Jevon Gray (HNV) 18-4,
Ethan Viator (StP) 17-1
Seth Lewis (FNT) 23-5
Jonathan Weissbach (PKY) 24-3
Ingram has defeated, at 152 lbs., DiGeralamo (HC), Shank (DUT), Porsche (COM), Guy (FNT) and, at 145 lbs., Austen Shook (RM) and Gray (HNV).

On Saturday Burandt lost to Sanders 11-6 and Ingram debuted at 145 lbs.  Burandt was pinned in the first round of the Cinco Ranch Big 12 by the weight class' runner-up.  My first pick, and now my second after Ingram, was North Desoto's Lance Ferguson.  Ferguson pinned the Texas kid in the Big 12 finals and has not lost to a Louisiana wrestler. 

Sanders' win over Burandt is all the more impressive as it came after the Bronco spent almost a month off of the mats.  Sharon and Burandt split matches, but Sharon's win was in a tournament rather than a dual meet, but he has been off of the mats since November 27th.  He was in good form at the St. Amant Duals, going 5-0 with two falls, two 17-1 TFs and an 11-2 MD.  If Grant Nastasi emerges from seclusion at 145 lbs. he should be seeded third.
  Weight 1st Seed 2nd Seed 3rd Seed 4th Seed Possible 5th-8th
152 Grant Nastasi
St. Paul
Nick DiGeralamo
Holy Cross
Trent Trouth
Todd Ritter
Ty Parker (AIR) 14-0
Gabe Bonin (EA) 39-10
Preston Gautier (HAN) 24-2
Ryan Corca (BM) 28-8

If they stay at 152 lbs., Nastasi and DiGeralamo should be the top two seeds.  They have split matches, but Nastasi won in a tournament.  Everyone moves up if Nastasi is not at the event (he has not competed since December 4th.

Trouth has not wrestled anyone of the caliber of the first two (meaning each other or Ingram), and neither have Ritter or Parker.

Bonin has lost to some tough guys - Rocco Horvath, Kade Moran, Zack Watkins, Luke Robinson - but all at 170 lbs.   At 152 he went 5-0 at the St. Amant Duals with a 0:53 fall over Brother Martin's Ryan Corca.  Gautier rode a win over Corca into the Trey Culotta finals, and his wins over Michael Gilreath (EVA) and Spencer Hughes (DLS) will prove beneficial in Division III seeding.

  Weight 1st Seed 2nd Seed 3rd Seed 4th Seed Possible 5th-8th
160 Santos Ramos
East Ascension
Raymond Favaza
John Paul Travasos
Teurlings Catholic
Landry Barker
St. Paul
Grayson Pennison (HAN) 17-0,
Landon Carroll (COV) 25-5,
Hunter Hanson (ND) 16-0

Ramos has two wins over Favaza.  Favaza has a win over Barker and two wins (5:00 and 5-3) over Travasos.  Barker was untested in 11 matches against Louisiana competition until Favaza last Saturday, but Border Wars titles do not come easily. 

Travasos has three losses, but he fared better against Favaza, losing in 5:00 and 5-3, than did Barker (2:47).

Pennison, despite a runner-up finish at the Trey Culotta, does not have wins over anyone currently considered a top contender at the LACL.  Neither does Hanson.  Next weekend is the time to prove that to be misguided conjecture.

  Weight 1st Seed 2nd Seed 3rd Seed 4th Seed Possible 5th-8th
170 Rocco Horvath
Brother Martin
Richard Carroll
Kade Moran
Baton Rouge
Zack Watkins
Teurlings Catholic
Christian Otzenberger (CB) 17-1,
Luke Robertson (DLS) 22-2,
Tyler Addison (DUT) 6-1,

John Gagnon (BC) 16-3,

Carroll gave Horvath his second closest match from a Louisiana wrestler at 170 lbs.  Carroll's sole other loss was in his first match of the season vs. Holmes of EA at 182 lbs. 

Carroll and Ramos (EA) are the only wrestlers to beat Moran, and both losses to Carroll were SV matches, so there is a small margin between the two.   Moran gets the nod over Watkins re matches vs. EA's Bonin.  Moran defeated Bonin in 4:49, 13-9 and 17-1 TF.  Watkins’ two wins were 12-2 and 9-5.  Watkins defeated Robertson via a fall on January 5th.

Otzenberger's one loss to a Louisiana wrestler has been to Brother Martin's Horvath, and he lasted 3:17, as opposed to Robertson whom Horvath felled in 0:42.  Addison has shared time with Horvath as well, but only 26 seconds of it.  Gagnon only has losses to Favaza, Robertson and Bonin (EA), but he has not competed since December 18th. 

  Weight 1st Seed 2nd Seed 3rd Seed 4th Seed Possible 5th-8th
182 Jude Monaco
Corey Holmes
East Ascension
Winn McConnell
Reid Bourgeois
Teurlings Catholic
Thomas Domangue (CAT) 19-3
Evan Kelley (CEN) 9-3
Jason Krail (DLS) 27-10
Christian Johnson (BOS) 20-1

The caliber of Monaco's opposition was suspect until the Beast on the Bayou at which he defeated Holmes (EA) 9-2 and, at 195 lbs., Levert (TC) and Catholic's Nicholas Miglacio.

McConnell lost to Holmes.  Bourgeois lost to McConnell.  Domangue lost to McConnell twice, and did not fare as well as Bourgeois (McConnell won 7-2 and 5-2 over Domangue and 5-3 over Bourgeois). Kelley lost to Holmes and Bourgeois (and Harms at 195) and Krail lost to Kelley - twice.  Johnson's 18-0 record looked good going into the Brusly Invitational, but Krail made short work of that in 3:39.

  Weight 1st Seed 2nd Seed 3rd Seed 4th Seed Possible 5th-8th
195 Corey Hyatt
Luke Ohler
Brother Martin
Hayden Harms
Jacob Schenaydre
East Ascension
Adam Landry (CAT) 19-3,
Jackson Calderado (JES) 20-3,
Nicholas Migliacio (CAT) 27-3
Nigel Whitehead (SHW) 17-1

Hyatt took the weekend off, hopefully.  He is 12-0 this year going into the LACL.  Last season he was 4-0 entering the event, which he won handily, as he did the 2021 D1 state championship.  He owned 195 lbs. last year and shows no signs of wanting to sell it this year.

Ohler came back from an injury on November 20th and won three matches Saturday, including a 4-3 match over Harms.  He was injured, though, against Zachary's Cameron Walker, the extent of which is unknown.

Landry and Schexnaydre split matches, with the EA wrestler winning their last one  via a fall in 5:57 (Landry won the first match 5-3).  Landry's only other losses were to Nick Migliacio of Catholic, which he avenged the following week, and to Baiamonte at 220 lbs.  Calderano split with Migliacio, but he avenged a 5-3 loss with a 14-4 MD.  Whitehead, with a 15-0 TF over Lanclos of TC, may prove tougher than I have him listed.

  Weight 1st Seed 2nd Seed 3rd Seed 4th Seed Possible 5th-8th
220 Cole Baiamonte
Holy Cross
Ian Lyons
St. Paul
Dennis Daugherty
Joel Lanclos
Teurlings Catholic
Blayden Laidlaw (SUL) 16-1
Julian Tapia/BM/14-1

Quinn Collins/CAR/2-0

Baiamonte’s 3-2 UTB win over Brother Martin's Julian Tapia was unexpected.  Otherwise, the Tiger has been dominant, and Tapia has had a quietly good season, being undefeated against Louisiana opponents.

Lyons only has seven wins over Louisiana wrestlers, none of whom are on this list, but one does not take home a Border Wars title easily.  One does not take away LACL easily either, and Lyons, Baiamonte and the others should keep that in mind when facing Daugherty, who won the LACL last season, and has already defeated Lanclos.

Laidlaw has not faced the toughest competition is the state but his only loss was in a 5-3 SV match against Lanclos.  Quinn Collins should not be overlooked. 

  Weight 1st Seed 2nd Seed 3rd Seed 4th Seed Possible 5th-8th
285 Gabriel Whittington
Pearl River
Ashton Freeman
Anphrony Guillory
Holden Matthews
St. Thomas More
Tre`Von Williams (RAY) 22-1
Nicolas Dalfares (JC) 6-1
Ryan Fobbs (ERT) 11-5,
Spencer Lanosga (JES) ?-?

Whittington is nothing less than a beast (in a good way, though, re wrestling).  He had some close matches, 3-2 over Rist of Hannan and 5-3 over Donelon of De la Salle, but with the exception of a 9-2 Battle of New Orleans final over Donovan Kimball of Destrehan, eight of his nine other wins have been first-period falls.

Freeman, though, is a defending Division I state champion and LACL champion who was undefeated last season.  That earns him a shot against Whittington in the finals, not the semifinals.  If Spencer Lanosga competes against Holy Cross on Wednesday, look for him at the #3 spot.  Whittington has earned the right to only have to defeat one of Freeman-Lanosga if he is to win the LACL.

Guillory, Matthews and the others have fine records but they have not faced the elite of the weight class, yet.

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