2022 LHSAA State ZIP Folders
February 28th, 2022| Written by: Staff writer



Below you will find links to ZIP folders of the photos the LWN took during the 2022 LHSAA State Wrestling Championships.  Well, it is not all of the photos.  The ZIP folders include the photos that made the "first cut" during the process of determining what photographs I will use in the final article.  Most of the folders contain perhaps 20% of the actual photos taken.  The first ones I cut were the ones that were out of focus, or that focused on the wrong subject (an official, a scorer, one of the noodles used to notify the officials when a round is over).  Then there are photos of, well, just nothing happening.  If those shots show good facial expressions or bulging veins, I might keep them.  But despite how hard it is to break a guy down to the mat and keep him down, it just does not make for a good photo.  Often, singlets and the contortions in which wrestlers put themselves into just, well leave nothing to the imagination, and sometimes even cropping those photos (it sounds more painful than it is) just does not save the image.  And then, of course, there are the butt-shots.  I mean thousands of them.  Other photographers will back me up on this one - some kids' butts just seem to follow a lens' view.  I tell them that if they point their butts in the other directions, the photographs are free.  But to no avail.  They are distracted by something else than a need for the immortal fame a photo on a website can promise.

I was proud that I figured out the heart symbol on my very own.  My first thought was that the USPS had lost yet another invitation for me to join a very prestigious and exclusive social clique.

I will say I was disappointed with the amount of, well, some would call it "chest thumping," by too many kids who, if they are the best, should represent the sport as it deserves.  Nobody who wins a tournament should display themselves as Ozymandius in his "better days."  If you pin someone, you help them up and go to the center of the mat for a formal handshake.  After that, or if you happen to be standing when the final whistle blows, a little fist pump or a few claps (with a bowed head to keep it to oneself) is allowed.  Be impressive between the whistles.  Asking for the crowd to kowtow is a little much.

A few matches are a little "light" re the number of photographs available at this time.  I will recheck the SD cards to see if I can find other ones.  It is possible they do not exist, however.  Bladders do not care about photographs, nor do tuxedo shirts.  Yet there are still a lot more photographs than were available last season, thanks to the LHSAA who gave three media credentials to the LWN this year.

Please note: The photographs are straight from the SD cards, which means I have not edited them at all and they are pretty big files.  If you find some you would like to print, you can crop them, adjust their color and resize them as you like.  It will be a while, yet, before I have done that and publish my STATE article, but most of y'all know that.  If you are interested, a certain "official photographer" of LHSAA state championship events has none, as in zilch AND bupkis, available for sale on their website.  Damn, now I feel bad...OK - that feeling's gone now.

How to download and open a ZIP folder:

Click the desired match ZIP file.  You may be able to open it from a download box on your computer, or, from that menu, opt to show it in the folder in which it downloaded (usually your "Downloads" folder.  Right-click on the ZIP file and select “Extract All…”  Once you select “Extract All,” you will get a new pop-up menu.  Follow the options there.  Or, ask your kids.  If you are downloading it to a Mac or a phone, definitely ask your kids.  However, make and name an empty folder into which you want to save the files.  Otherwise you may find them all over your "desktop" or "Home Screen."

Division I Division II Division III
Weight Match
106 Roach-Harris
113 Clementi-Enk
120 Perry-Mire
126 Goodson-Duncan
132 Elsensohn-Herbert
138 Houser-Lusby
145 Ingram-Burandt
152 Nastasi-Bergeron
160 Barker-Ramos
170 Horvath-Moran
182 Domangue-McConnell
195 Hyatt-Harms
220 Dougherty-Baiamonte
285 Lanosga-Freeman
Weight Match
106 Romero-Triche
113 Sonnier-Guidry
120 Price-Boyer
126 Burgess-Begnaud
132 Boudreaux-Curry
138 Olivier-Babineaux
145 Ferguson-Sharon
152 Addison-Ritter
160 Hanson-Yocom
170 Travasos-Wilson
182 Monaco-Bourgeois
195 Whitehead-Levert
220 Collins-Lanclos
285 Dixon-Howard
Weight Match
106 Duvernay-Comeaux
113 Redditt-Cabalero
120 Guillory-Fontenot
126 Barbarin-Johnson
132 Veron-Wilkinson
138 Johnson-Miller
145 King-O'Connor
152 Gautier-Gilreath
160 Pennison-Johnson, IV
170 Montet-Robertson
182 Bergeron-Krail
195 Johnson-Baldwin
220 Dang-Milligan
285 Guillory-Taylor

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