Brother Martin, Teurlings Catholic and...Brusly...lead after Fridayat the LHSAA State Wrestling Championships
February 11th, 2022| Written by: Staff writer



Brother Martin and Teurlings Catholic were expected to lead wire-to-wire in Divisions I and II at the 2022 Louisiana state championships.  And they are.  The Crusaders have a 14 point lead over second place Catholic.  The Crusaders have eight semifinalists going into Saturday while the Bears have seven, but only one of the Bears is expected to win his semifinals match, based on seeding.  Five, in fact, are fourth seeds facing #1 seeds.  The Crusaders are expected to advance five into the finals.  Jesuit could make a run at the Bears, though.  The Blue Jays have five semifinalists and four should advance.

Teurlings Catholic and Shaw performed as expected in Division II.  TC has a17 point lead over the Eagles and, also as expected, they have them outmatched in the semifinals. The Rebels have 11 semifinalists, and all but one are seeded higher than their opponents.  The Eagles have nine semifinalists but only five are expected to reach Saturday evening's finals.  The "story" in Division II, though, might be the Rayne Wolves.  Rayne is only a half point behind the Eagles for second place.  The Wolves, however, have only four semifinalists and only one is expected to win.

But in Division III, Basile and De la Salle were expected to vie for the top spot, not, despite their 12 Division III team championships from 2000 to 2015.  Yet after Friday's competition was over it was the Panthers at the top of the Division III team scores.  Granted, Basile was one point behind, but De la Salle may have taken themselves out of contention, trailing by 20 points.  The Bearcats have 11 semifinalists and are expected to have six advance to the last match.  The Panthers have eight semifinalists but only two are expected to win.  The Cavaliers have eight semifinalists including three top seeds and three second seeds, but they cannot afford any setbacks.  Two of the remaining three Bearcats are awaiting semifinals losers.  Expect Basile to surpass and start pulling away from Brusly and the rest of the Division III field during the semifinals.

Yet the the state wrestling championships owe nothing to anybody.  Particularly on Saturday.  Anything can happen, so, feel free to disregard eveything you just read. 

Team Scores and Semifinals Pairing after Friday's Competition

Items highlighted in yellow reflect upsets

Division II Division III

Division I

Brother Martin Catholic
 162.5 Points 148.5 Points
Division I
Place Team Points
3 Jesuit 137.5
4 St. Paul 118.5
5 East Ascension 111
6 Parkway 101
T-7 Holy Cross 94
T-7 Zachary 94
9 Dutchtown 87
10 Chalmette 86

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Division I News


The biggest story of the day was known early, before and Louisiana Wrestling News photographers left the hotel.  Top-seed and defending 106 lbs., state champion Landon Reaux did not make weight - he was two ounces over on his last attempt.  The Southside junior did not blame anyone but himself though, so any speculation of faults of the LHSAA, the officials or anyone else associated with the weigh-in is just that, speculation, along the lines of the "dot.com" fiascos.

As disappointing as that was to Master Reaux, one might also consider that he spent the last two weeks killing himself and his practice partners as wrestlers do in the off weeks prior to the state championships. He did not do that just for himself, but also for his teammates.  And it may have proved a boon for one who Landon knocked-up to 113 lbs. when he dropped to 106. At 113 lbs. cousin Kael Reaux put up a very respectable 11-6 record, but he did not place at the Louisiana Classic.  He placed only fifth at the Ken Cole and, while he placed second at the Lafayette Metro Tournament, there were only four entrants in the weight class.

Yet the freshman is going to be on the Division I 113 lbs. podium when all is said and done on Saturday evening.  The seventh-seeded Reaux pulled-off the upset of the day on Friday when he defeated second-seeded John Michael Bourgeois of Jesuit 9-6 in the quarterfinals.  That would be the same John Michael Bourgeois who pinned Reaux in 0:15 in the LACL quarterfinals.  Having a cousin/workout partner like his cousin must have its benefits.  Next up for Reaux is the third seed, sophomore Conlan Enk of St, Paul. 

(The second biggest story of the day was that Vince Cacioppo of the LHSAA allowed the LWN three media credentials, all of which included photography permission.  Hence, there will be an LWN photographer for each of the three mats during the finals.)

Semifinals Parings
Weight (Seed) Name School vs. (Seed) Name School   (Seed) Name School vs. (Seed) Name School
106 (1) Tyson Roach Sam Houston vs. Landon Smith Holy Cross   (2) Bodi Harris Jesuit vs. (3) Lathan Hirschey Live Oak
113 (1) Richie Clementi Brother Martin vs. (4) Grant Grizzaffi Catholic   (7) Kael Reaux Southside vs. (3) Conlan Enk St. Paul
120 (1) Ernie Perry, III Airline vs. (4) Christian Worley Catholic   (2) Jacob Elsensohn Brother Martin vs. (3) Cole Mire Dutchtown
126 (1) Wiley Boudreaux Southside vs. (4) Ty Duncan Brother Martin (3) (2) Watts Goodson Catholic vs. (3) Caleb Lavine Sam Houston
132 (1) Mason Elsensohn Brother Martin vs. (4) Christopher Bacot Parkway   (7) Brennan Chiasson Hahnville vs. Grant Hebert Jesuit
138 (1) Jacob Houser St. Paul vs. (5) Voltaire Sanders Zachary   (2) David Viers Parkway vs. (6) Andrew Lusby Live Oak
145 (1) Rayden Ingram Live Oak vs. (5) Avery Porche Comeaux   (2) Kent Burandt Brother Martin vs. (3) Ethan Viator St. Paul
152 (1) Grant Nastasi St. Paul vs. (4) Ryan Corca Brother Martin   (2) Nick DiGeralamo Holy Cross vs. (6) Jensen Bergeron Lafayette
160 (1) Santos Ramos East Ascension vs. (5) Michael Price Catholic   (2) Landry Barker St. Paul vs. (3) Raymond Favaza Fontainebleau
170 (1) Rocco Horvath Brother Martin vs. (4) Richard Carroll Catholic   (2) Kade Moran Baton Rouge vs. (3) Tyler Addison Dutchtown
182 (1) Winn McConnell Jesuit vs. (4) Kaden Keller Dutchtown   (2) Corey Holmes East Ascension vs. (3) Thomas Domangue Catholic
195 (1) Corey Hyatt Sulphur vs. (4) Luke Ohler Brother Martin   (2) Hayden Harms Dutchtown vs. (3) Cameron Walker Zachary
220 (1) Cole Baiamonte Holy Cross vs. (5) Ian Lyons St. Paul   (2) Dennis Dougherty Jesuit vs. (3) Blayden Laidlaw Sulphur
285 (1) Spencer Lanosga Jesuit vs. (4) David Russell Catholic   (2) Ashton Freeman Zachary vs. (3) Donovan Kimble Destrehan

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Division II News

Teurlings Catholic Shaw
148 Points 131.5 Points
Division II
Place Team Points
3 Rayne 130
4 Rummel 118
5 North Desoto 93.5
6 Lakeshore 63
7 North Vermillion 58
8 Benton 55.5
9 Carencro 55
10 Caddo Magnate 48

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Division II News

One Division II second seed was also defeated in the quarterfinals, and again by a seventh seed.  Hayden Comeaux of Benton defeated Shaw's Hayden Tassin in 0:34 after was Tassin admitted was a mental "slip" on his part, of which Comeaux took full advantage.  The Tiger sophomore had a 15-15 record entering the state championships.  He may leave with a winning record for the season.  Regardless, he will be on the podium Saturday night.

Semifinals Parings
Weight (Seed) Name School vs. (Seed) Name School   (Seed) Name School vs. (Seed) Name School
106 (1) Kaiden Triche Rummel vs. (4) Ayden Broussard Belle Chasse   (2) Brennan Romero Teurlings Catholic vs. (3) Blake Andre Shaw
113 (1) Ashton Sonnier Teurlings Catholic vs. (5) Kobe Nguyen Shaw   (2) Stephen Kimball Rummel vs. (3) Gavin Guidry Rayne
120 (1) Glenn Price Shaw vs. (4) Daylon Dugas Rayne   (2) Brennan Boyer Teurlings Catholic vs. (3) Collin Bell North Desoto
126 (1) Carter Burgess Rummel vs. (5) Jakarion Fontenot Rayne   (7) Hayden Comeaux Benton vs. (3) Coen Begnaud Teurlings Catholic
132 (1) Etham Boudreaux Teurlings Catholic vs. (5) Cameron Hebert North Vermillion   (2) Cole Curry Rummel vs. (3) Tyler Villareal Haughton
138 (1) Daniel Olivier North Desoto vs. (4) Caleb Andrews Belle Chasse   (2) Brandt Babineaux Teurlings Catholic vs. (3) Cameron Gandolfi Rummel
145 (1) Lance Ferguson North Desoto vs. (4) Aiden Carino Benton   (2) Hunter Sharon Teurlings Catholic vs. (3) Austen Shook Rummel
152 (1) Todd Ritter Shaw vs. (4) Alejandro Canas Lakeshore   (2) Hunter Addison North Desoto vs. (3) Owen de Boisbanc Teurlings Catholic
160 (1) Hunter Hanson North Desoto vs. (4) Maximux Bonner Carencro   (2) Charlie Yocom Haughton vs. (6) Dax Constantine Rayne
170 (1) John Paul Travasos Teurlings Catholic vs. (4) Jason Zahm Haughton   (2) Zalen Wilson Shaw vs. (6) Legerrick Collins Carencro
182 (1) Jude Monaco Shaw vs. (5) Jacob Freeman North Desoto   (2) Reid Bergeron Teurlings Catholic vs. (6) Luke Brunson Caddo Magnate
195 (1) Eric Levert Teurlings Catholic vs. (5) Caden Robison North Desoto   (2) Nigel Whitehead Shaw vs. (3) Bennett Whitfield Pearl River
220 (1) Quinn Collins Carencro vs. (4) Garrett Billeaud North Vermillion   (2) Joel Lanclos Teurlings Catholic vs. (3) Chad Gooden Shaw
285 (1) Tre`Von Williams Rayne vs. (5) Davell Dixon Rummel   (2) John Simmons, Jr. Northside vs. (3) Raymond Howard Shaw

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Division III

Brusly Basile
107 Points 106 Points
Division III
Place Team Points
3 De la Salle 87
4 John Curtis 87
5 St. Louis 74
6 Hannan 69.5
7 St. Michael 58.5
8 Evangel 54
9 Thomas Jefferson 31
10 Kaplan 20

Division III News

Brusly’s seventh seed Braylin Poston defeated DeQuincy's #2 Landon Royer in 1:46.  It should be noted that Poston, a freshman, opened his season against Logan Dacuyan, Bodi Harris, Dominic Durham, Kaden Triste, Daniel Daspit and Tayshawn Lewis.  Those were his first matches of the season.  Add Jonny Laris, Cole Comeaux, Grant Grizzaffi, Lathan Hirschey.  Yet he put together a 20-16 season and earned his seventh-deeding spot.  Unfortunately for Royer this was his first match against Poston.  He will face third-seeded freshman Pierson Comeaux in the semifinals.  Regardless, the made the semifinals and a spot is reserved for him on the podium.

Semifinals Parings
Weight (Seed) Name School vs. (Seed) Name School   (Seed) Name School vs. (Seed) Name School
106 (1) Dylan Duvernay De la Salle vs. (4) Jeremiah Yearby Evangel   (7) Braylin Poston Brusly vs. (3) Pierson Comeaux Basile
113 (1) Luke Cabellero St. Louis vs. (5) Colin Dalton Hannan   (2) Cameron Redditt Brusly vs. (3) Joseph Gilreath Evangel
120 (1) Bryce Fontenot South Beauregard vs. (4) Jase Davis Brusly   (2) Jaden Guillory Basile vs. (6) Kade Lounsberry St. Louis
126 (1) Andre Johnson Basile vs. (4) Camden Gautreaux DeQuincy   (2) Henry Hebert St. Louis vs. (3) Shane Barbarin De la Salle
132 (1) Collin Veron De la Salle vs. (4) Adam LeBlanc Brusly   (2) Dorian Wilkerson St. Michael vs. (3) Brevan Fields Basile
138 (1) Luc Johnson Basile vs. (4) Malachi Benetrix De la Salle   (2) Chris Miller Brusly vs. (3) Daniel Thomas St. Louis
145 (1) Liam O'Connor De la Salle vs. (5) Ethan Langley Basile   (2) Sean King John Curtis vs. (3) Gavin Gautier Hannan
152 (1) Preston Gautier Hannan vs. (4) Luke Fontenot Basile   (2) Spencer Hughes De la Salle vs. (3) Michael Gilreath Evangel
160 (1) Grayson Penisson Hannan vs. (4) Parker Fontenot Basile   (2) Kagen Schexnayder Kaplan vs. (3) Huey Johnson, IV Brusly
170 (1) Christian Otzenberger Calvary Baptist vs. (4) Graham Montet St. Louis   (2) Luke Robertson De la Salle vs. (3) Anthony Denova Brusly
182 (1) Christian Bergeron Basile vs. (4) Allen Young Brusly   (2) Jason Krail De la Salle vs. (3) Carlos Flores Thomas Jefferson
195 (1) Christian Johnson Bossier vs. (4) Anthony Smith John Curtis   (2) James Baldwin Dunham vs. (6) Ethan Bazinet Basile
220 (1) Henry Milligan St. Louis vs. (4) Joel Marchand Hannan   (2) Brandon Dang John Curtis vs. (3) Roger Holmes St. Michael
285 (1) Anphrony Guillory Basile vs. (5) Ethyn Vigneaux Kaplan   (2) Nicholas Dalfares John Curtis vs. (3) Darnell Taylor Lake Charles Prep.

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