2022 LHSAA State Wrestling Championships
February 11th-12th 2022
Raising Cane's River Center

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

It is enough to make a Grammar Nazi hurl
LHSAA State Wrestling Tournament
July 30th, 2022 | Written by: Heimlich Maneuver and Albert Spewer


Readers beware.  There are, I have no doubt, enough errors in the 46 pages of the state championships article to make a Grammar Nazi hurl.

I have found everything I could in the main cover and division cover pages.  I looked at one random weight class page and still found errors I would skewer someone else for making, particularly after almost six months of preparing the article.  In this case I really could not find the trees because of the forest.  Rereading them for the “whatever number it might be” time to find all of the expected errors would take another six months and 100 more Extra Strength Tylenol. 

The gist of everything should be correct.  But there are probably match situations and other more pertinent things than comma splices I have missed.  I may not have noticed when I have not been as kind as I could be to some of the wrestlers, but there are only so many ways to describe that someone lost a match, and that happens somewhere around 50% of the time.  Please let me know about those via email and I will try to emend them promptly.  I always want to fix such errors.

Wait a day please.  Once I make the article available I do not even want to think of it for a day or two.

Once again, I appreciate your patience and will strive to make things better next season.


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