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May 5th, 2022| Written by: Staff writer



By my reckoning it is now March 65th, which is over 10 weeks since the 2022 state wrestling championships concluded.  Yet, I still have a lot to do re completing my article about it.  The language in which I wrote the first five weight class pages is probably deceased by now, like Latin, and I imagine I will develop some new format when I start writing the rest of them.

I am happy to know at least one of my ZIP folders proved useful to someone.  I hope my other photos might also negate the wasteful spending of money elsewhere during these dire economic times.

To my chagrin, after I completed the Division I photos I learned that I had not pre-edited, or cut, my Division II and III photos with MS Photos yet.  Incorporating that this year has been a godsend, as was my purchase of TopazLabs Sharpening AI software.  The new software adds a new step to the process, but it goes much faster now that I have learned to trust it and not view the alterations it makes on every photo before saving them.

My daughter Camille is continually offering to edit the photos, and I will let her do a lot of them once I do the MS Photos cuts in the folders I have separated into divisions, rounds and competitor names.

This has been a much more time-consuming task than in previous years.  My vision problems come into play, as do hurricane repairs to my apartments, still.  My family suffered the tremendous and unexpected loss of my youngest nephew via a brain aneurism in early April.  I am exceedingly happy, though, that my prodigal daughter returned from Georgia this month.  Suffice to say my plate has been rather full since mid-February.

I am sure many will be relieved that the 2022 glorified paperweights have been ordered and should be ready in a week.  I will probably mail them to the head coaches via the schools, except for one as I have his home address memorized. 

Work shall continue and I really want to get it done as soon as is possible.  Then I can spend much more time rebuilding a lot of fences (CI, you are slated there, as is RI if he likes), putting a new path in the backyard of the house, completing the driveway drainage system, more than one should ever have to do with monkey grass and azaleas in a lifetime and, of course, preparing for National Sauntering Day on June 19th.

“Beginning in itself has no value, it is an end which makes beginning meaningful, we must end what we begun.” -- Amit Kalantri (Yeah, I have no idea who that is.  I usually say "The sooner you do it the sooners it's done.")

Yours sincerely,


Martin Muller

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