16U Greco-Roman: Session XIV Final
Clementi finished 6-2 with best Team Louisiana record
July 20th, 2022| Written by: Staff writer


Wednesday 8:00 p.m.: Session XIV Final

Timing is everything some people say, and while repairing comma splices and the like I missed Clementi's final match.  He lost 13-1 in 1:53 to 2022 Wisconsin Division I 106# runner-up (in an SV match) Jacob Herm.  While he may not have medaled, he still posted the best record of any Team Louisiana member at 5-2.  (How did he get so many matches in one day?)

Wednesday 7:30 p.m.: Session XIV (in progress)

Clementi lost his Round of 16 match 16-12 but rebounded with a 16 second technical fall, in what might be a new scenario for Clementi, the consolation bracket.  He then faced Derek Barrows from Colorado, who opened a 5-0 lead on Clementi via the "given" one point but also included a takedown and a turn.  Clementi failed on...what we used to call...a Jap whizzer attempt, but as the two rose to a standing position he caught his Colorado opponent with a hip toss, scoring four points, and the first period ended 5-4.  I do not use enough of Jim Stafford's "Wildwood Flower" to comprehend how the Colorado kid scored three more points, but with less than 30 seconds Clementi was down 8-4.  After a restart Clementi looked to try too hard for another hip throw, and looked as if he might lose his hold, but he clamped hard enough to flip the kid over and to tie the match.  Barrows sort of got off of his back, but Clementi used the same hold to add another two points and take a 10-8 lead.  He rode Barrows for the final seven seconds to advance to the Consolation 8 #2 Round, where he will face Wisconsin's Jacob Herm in match #1836 to advance to the medal rounds.

Alex Cook recorded his first win in Fargo with a fall in 2:21.  He fell short in his next match, but he notched his belt once.

[The play-by-play re the Clementi-Barrow attempt was an absolute "After JEOPARDY!" timing fluke.]

Wednesday 2:00 p.m.: Session XII

Rummel incoming freshman Jacob Britt won his first match in South Canada in Session XII of the 16U Greco-Roman competition.  After losing his first match he rebounded with a 10-2 technical fall after 2:24 had elapsed in his match against a Michigan wrestler.  Britt lost his next match to finish with a 11-2 record, but the first win is a great step on his future path.

Juniors Tyson Roach and Logan Olsen won their first matches but lost their Round of 64 bouts.  Roach fell in his first consolation bout, to finish 1-2 on the tournament.  Olsen, however, is still alive as he won his first consolation round match in 18 seconds.  Olsen next faces Kurt Mokros of Ohio.  Kaiden Triche won his second match of the Fargo trip with a 10-1 technical fall.

The story in the 16U Greco-Roman event belongs to Brother Martin's Richie Clementi.  Competing at 120 lbs., the Crusader sophomore and Division I state champion took an inordinate amount of time to score a 9-0 technical fall - 1:57.  He may not have had much to do after that match, but he did - a game to resume, a primary to win, a date? - after his second and third matches, in which he pinned his opponents in 20 and 18 seconds respectively.  He next faces California's Elijah Cortez of Gilroy High School, the one coached by Louisiana's own Olympian, Daniel Cormier, in the Round of 16.

16U Greco-Roman

Cons. 8 #2 Cons. 8 #1 Cons. 16 #2 Cons. 16 #1 Cons. 32 #2 Cons. 32 #1 Cons. 64 #2 Name Weight Record Round of 128 Round of 64 Round of 32 Round of 16
  8-0 0:50 2:21 N/A N/A N/A N/A Alex Cook 94 1-2 N/A N/A 8-0 0:44  
        9-0 2:28 Bye N/A Michael Finders 100 0-2 N/A Bye 9-0 0:55
        9-0 1:59 N/A N/A Tyson Roach 106 1-2 Bye 8:0 0:03? 14-5 2:00  
11-3 1:16 8-0 0:18 N/A N/A Logan Olsen 106 2-2 Bye 12-2 1:53 9-0 1:24
        10-2 2:44 10-1 1:30 Bye Kaiden Triche 106 1-2 Bye 9-8    
        10-2 0:57 10-2 2:24 Bye Jacob Britt 113 1-2 Bye 0:49    
          8-0 2:30 Bye Jake Brandstetter 120 0-2 Bye 10-2 3:26    
13-1 1:54 10-8 8-0 0:16 N/A N/A N/A N/A Richie Clementi 120 5-2 9-0 1:57 0:20 0:18 16-12
            9-6 Connor Butter 132 0-2 Bye 9-1 0:48    
            11-0 3:10 Rylee Reeves 145 0-2 13-2 2:32      
            1:19 Cameron Gandolfi 152 0-2 9-1 2:08      
        9-0 3:36 N/A N/A Gunner Guidry 152 0-2 Bye 4-0    

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