2022 Fargo Results - Junior Freestyle Final Results
Bronco teammates Roach and Coleman fare best for Team Louisiana
July 17th-19th, 2022| Written by: Staff writer



Tuesday 5:00 p.m. Women's Junior Freestyle Session XI

Coleman's day came to an end against Vega, yet the young lady still tied her Team Louisiana and Sam Houston teammate Tyson Roach for the best Junior Freestyle outing with a 2-2 record.

Tuesday 3:00 p.m. Women's Junior Freestyle Session IX

Chevy Colman is already on pace to match the boys in the Junior Freestyle event.  The Sam Houston soon-to-be sophomore won her first match 16-6, lost her Round of 32 bout, but the needed only 45 second to open a 10-point lead and end her first consolation round match.  Her next match is this evening against Florida's Kealonie Vega, #8336.

Monday 7:00 p.m. Junior Freestyle Session VI

The last Louisianans fell out of the Junior Freestyle tournament on Monday.  Evan Frost of Dowling Catholic (née Holy Cross) lost in his first consolation round match to 2022 Virginia state champion Dyson Dunham 6-4.  Twin brother Jacob won his first consolation match but lost his second 12-8 to 2022 New Jersey state champion Tyler Vasquez.

Sunday 9:30 p.m.  Session V Junior Freestyle

It was not a stellar day for the kids from Louisiana, unless they happen to live in Iowa.  The Frost twins both had Round of 256 byes and won their first two matches.  They lost their third matches and then won their first consolation round matches.  Twins are so weird!  Evan fell to 2022 Pennsylvania fifth-place finisher Luke Simcox and Jacob lost a tough 14-11 match to 2022 New York 4th-place winner Caspar Stewart.  Keep in mind that the boys are from Louisiana, which last season had 95 teams in the 25th most populous state.  Iowa is the 32nd most populous state, but it has 285 teams as the sport is much more popular there than in the Sportsman's Paradise.  Pennsylvania is the fifth most populous state and has 532 teams while New York is fourth in population with 557 teams.  Iowa is a great wrestling state, but sometimes numbers really do matter.

For Team Louisiana Tyson Roach may not have had the Junior Freestyle event he had in 2021, but he still posted the best record of the day for Team Louisiana, at 2-2.  He fell to Johnson in the Round of 32 and then lost his first match in the consolation bracket.  Also winning matches on the day were Logan Olsen and Raymond Favaza.

Sunday 2:30 p.m.  Session III Junior Freestyle

Talk about your dumb luck.  Zachary's Ethan White can.  He's in North Dakota.   That's Exhibit One.  Exhibit Two is that he is in a 256-man bracket in the Junior Freestyle competition.  Exhibit Three is that after a Round of 256 (what even is that?) bye he matches-up with a state champion.  Exhibit Four is that it is an Iowa state champion.  Exhibit Five is that the Iowa state champion is ranked 16th in the nation by David Bray of FloWrestling.  Exhibit Six is that the Iowa state champion is friggin' Evan Frost, the three-time undefeated Louisiana Division I state champion from Holy Cross.  Suffice to say the Junior Freestyle event for White probably did not turn out as he would have preferred.  He fell to Frost 10-0 in 1:25 and lost his first consolation round match in 1:22.  (I mentioned White's "luck" to my daughter and she exclained, "Not Evan Frost?!" I thought she sounded a tad sarcastic, as she often is when I speak of wrestling, but when I mentioned that she said, "Do you think I do not remember you speaking of the Frost twins?"  I did not say "twins," so she was actually also shocked by White's "luck."

Evan and his brother Jacob (at 138 lbs.) each had Round of 256 Byes and then won their Round of 128 and Round of 64 matches by technical falls in a combined 9:16 and 48-8.

Tyson Roach may be cutting a swath in the Junior Freestyle event as he did in 2021.  He had a close 14-10 Round of 128 match but scored a 10-0 TF in 1:19 in his next match to advance to the Round of 32.  There he will face 2022 Illinois 3A 106 lbs. third-place winner Deion Johnson.

Roach was the only Team Louisiana member to win matches in the winners bracket but Airline's Logan Olsen and Fontainebleau's Raymond Favaza remain in the consolation brackets after winning their first matches.  Olsen won 10-0 in 1:13 and Favaza won 10-0 in 1:02. 

Junior Freestyle

Cons. 32 #2 Cons. 32 #1 Cons. 64 #2 Cons. 64 #1 Cons. 128 #2 Name Weight Record Round of 256 Round of 128 Round of 64 Round of 32
16-3 4:22         Tyson Roach 113 2-2 N/A 14-10 10-0 1:19 12-0 3:51
  11-0 0:38 10-0 1:13     Logan Olsen 113 1-2 N/A Bye 12-2 1:52  
    11-0 2:01     Kaiden Triche 113 0-2 N/A Bye 10-0 1:20  
      1:22 Bye Ethan White 132 0-2 Bye 10-0 1:25    
    10-0 0:46 10-0 1:02 Bye Raymond Favaza 160 1-2 Bye 10-0 1:35    

Junior Women's Freestyle

Cons. 16 #1 Cons. 32 #2 Name Weight Record Round of 64 Round of 32
10-0 0:48 10-0 0:45 Chevy Coleman 100 2-2 16-6 2:47 1:39

Iowa Transplants Junior Freestyle

Cons. 16 #2 Cons. 32 #1 Cons. 32 #2 Name Weight Record Round of 256 Round of 128 Round of 64 Round of 32
  6-4 10-0 2:32 Evan Frost 132 2-2 Bye 10-0 1:25 14-4 3:31 4:02
12-8 13-3 4:16 10-0 1:58 Jacob Frost 138 3-2 Bye 12-2 2:56 12-2 2:24 14-11

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