Junior Greco-Roman: Session XVIII Final Results
Tyson Roach earns All-American status by placing sixth
July 22nd, 2022| Written by: Staff writer


Friday 1:00 p.m.: Session XVIII Final Results

Tyson Roach might want a "do-over" of this day, if only for his last match.  He lost in the semifinals to Idaho's Mack Mauger, via a 10-0 TF in 5:08.  (Mauger only required 2:39 for n 8-0 TF in the finals match.)  Then, in his first consolation bracket match he fell to Charles Meudt, a 2022 Wisconsin D2 state champion.  That put him in a match for fifth place vs. California's Jeremy Oani.  Roach looked by far to be the more aggressive, and he scored the only takedown I understood, but Olani kept getting the points.  But this is an event in which failed moves do not incur penalties, and the out-of-bounds lines, as well as determining control, are blurry.  When it was over Olani had a 7-3 win.

Regardless, Roach should be proud.  He is the only Team Louisiana member coming home with hardware as an All-American.  He can carry the Louisiana flag again in 2023.

Thursday 7:00 p.m.: Session XVII Final Results

Tyson Roach did not travel to North Dakota to come back sans and hardware.  He guaranteed All-American status with a 10-1 quarterfinals win over Gage Singleton of Oregon.  Tyson earned his points with a couple of throws and some others this writer does not comprehend.  (This writer understood absolutely nothing re the previous match in which a Virginia kid won by some sort of disqualification by someone who is not supposed to move or be moved on the bottom.)  Roach will face Idaho's Mack Mauger, a 2022 4A Idaho state champion, on Friday in Session XVIII.

Thursday 5:30 p.m.: Session XVII (in progress)

Tyson Roach advanced to the quarterfinals via a fall in 1:54.  There he will face Oregon's Gage Singleton, a 2022 106 lbs. state champion.

Triche was awarded a forfeit from Eck but lost his next match 14-4.  White fell 14-5 but set a 2-2 mark, as did Triche (in Fargo the LWN counts any type of win!). 

Thursday 2:99 p.m.: Session XV Final

Ethan White got fed-up, evidently, with losing.  He did that in the Round of 64 of the Junior Greco-Roman event.  He did not again in Session XVI.  White was his Consolation 64 #2 match 9-0 in 1:35 and then recorded a fall in 0:44 to advance to the Consolation 32 #2 Round.  Teammate Kaiden Triche will also be wrestling in that round.  Triche lost his first match but came back with a 14-5 @ 2:38 win in C 32 #1.

Rymond Favaza lost both of his matches, although the first was extremely close at 11-9.

Tyson Roach has not competed yet today as his first match in in the Round of 16 in the Junior Greco-Roman event. 

Team Louisiana will compete again in Session XVII this evening. 

Junior Greco-Roman

5th-Place Cons. Semis Cons. 16 #1 Cons. 32 #2 Cons. 32 #1 Cons. 64 #2 Name Weight Record Round of 64 Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals
7-3 13-5 3:22 N/A N/A N/A N/A Tyson Roach 106 2-3 N/A Bye 1:54 10-1 1:42 10-0 5:08
    14-4 2:08 Forfeit 14-5 2:38 Bye Kaiden Triche 113 2-2 3:19        
      14-5 5:11 0:44 9-0 1:35 Ethan White 132 2-2 9-1 1:39        
          12-4 2:31 Raymond Favaza 160 0-2 11-9        

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