A day in Fargo with nothing to do
July 18th, 2022| Written by: Staff writer



Team Louisiana might be looking for something to do on Monday.  Their 16U Freestyle and Junior Freestyle events are over.  Nobody wrestles again until Tuesday when Chevy Coleman starts the Women's Junior Freestyle tournament.  At least she should have a large group cheering her on.  The boys do not wrestle again unto the 16U Greco-Roman competition starts on Wednesday.  I recommend watching the other kids wrestle. 

In between updating Sunday's action and applying the corrections found by Camille and myself on hardcopies of the Division I weight class pages, I found no time to mow the grass at the house or the apartments. 

I did find time to reflect on the "loftier dreams of my youth," though I mentioned on July 15th.  As the crow flies it is 1,220 miles from River Ridge, Louisiana to Fargo.  I found that if I added a mere 14 more miles (that's over half of the length of the Causeway, or a trip to the closest anywhere in Atlanta). If I can just get to Ireland, I could have Guinness Stout in Dublin, then go to London for some Bass Ale, Paris for some red Bordeaux, Zurich to check on the bank accounts into which I pour all of the proceeds I make re the Louisiana Wrestling News, and Rome for a lot Sambuca when I learn Zurich was a wasted trip.  Maybe a ride on the City of New Orleans to Chicago and a plane from O'Hare to Fargo is lofty enough for me, after all. 

  While thinking of "lofty," I learned that Fargo is not as high in elevation as I surmised it was.  It is 904' above sea level.  Perhaps that is why it is not surprising that only 10,000 years ago it was 200' underwater.  It is higher than any point in Louisiana (Mt. Driskill is the highest point at 607').  But height is relative.  Yao Ming, the National Basketball Association Hall of Fame center for the Houston Rockets, is tall, at 7'6.  Taking into account the height of his head, it would take 108 Yao Mings standing on their shoulders to equal the elevation of Fargo.  That's a lot of Yao Mings.

So what can kids do on a Monday in July in Fargo? 

There is the Plains Art Museum, which is not to be confused with the Fargo Air Museum.  They can pet red pandas (a type of raccoon), gray wolves and meerkats (not mere cats, by any means) at the Red River Zoo.  (Red pandas come from the eastern Himalayas and southwest China, but they have some in Fargo.)   Bonanzaville USA is a history museum with a pioneer village, which is rather akin to the Agrirama of Tifton, Georgia.  One should not miss seeing the Heritage Hjemkomst Interpretive Center ("Interpretive" being a key title word") across the Red River in Moorhouse, Minnesota.  (That would be the paltry north Red River, a mere 550 miles long, as opposed to the Red River we know which is 1,360 miles long.)

Red Panda Viking Ship Purple People Eaters Roger Maris Shrine Thunder Road SkyZone
The Hjemkomst Center has a Viking Ship.  But it is in Minnesota, so it might be manned by Fran Tarkington, Karl Eller, Gary Larsen (not the "Far Side " guy, and yeah, it is "Carl," not "Karl," Eller) and other Purple People Eaters.  But you do not have to go to the Land of 10,000 Lutherans to find a Viking ship.  There is another one at the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County.  Personally, I would go to the museum of the world's most celebrated asterisk, the Roger Maris Museum honoring the guy who "broke" Babe Ruth's single season home run record in 1961.  There is Thunder Road, which has go-karts, laser tag and miniature golf (in season only, though).  The Sky Zone Trampoline Park is an idea, but perhaps not a very good one.  

Or just watch and learn.  That actually works.  You will have the Frost twins to cheer on for at least one match.   If that is not enough to keep you in a building someone named the FARGODOME, you have some of the best high school (or not, yet) wrestlers in the country on over 20 mats to watch.  There is plenty to do. 

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