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July 12th, 2022| Written by: Staff writer



The attuned reader might notice some format changes to the Louisiana Wrestling News webpages.  What even the most attuned reader will not see is how the final format is determined.  It is akin to making laws and sausages.  For instance, I started this page with a gray background and black text.    Hence, when I switch the computer to "High Contrast" (HC) mode, I can still see the font in white on the gray background. 

HC is necessary for me as I initially write the text to articles in Word (as bad as it is it has the best spelling and grammar checking capabilities).  The HC mode makes the text white on a black background, which is much easier for me to use, chloroquine maculopathy being what it is.  However, I cannot see the cursor on the gray background, so I am now using a purple background.  Yet that just kills the purple on the LWN logo, so now I am on a dark silver custom color.  I can see the cursor fine, but I know when I turn on the HC the text and cursor will be hard to see and...yeah, that's not going to work at all.  I have to go back to darker colors.

The purple makes it difficult to read black text, and I kind of like the white text.  So I am making the text white, now.  That is much better, but I hesitate to see what HC does now.

(For the life of me I cannot fathom why whomever designed the HC mode decided that after the user hits "Alt-Shift-Print Screen" and the hits the "Yes" option to turn on the HC, the screens turns a bright white until the HC kicks in.  I mean, did that person not know that a bright screen is exactly what I and the four others nationally suffering the same thing do not want?)

But now, what happens when I write something in Word and copy and past it into Expression (my HTML editor)? 

"The state finals match was not comfortable." 

Well, it is white, so that is a start.  Or is it?  I did not hesitate to use HC, so now I have to turn it off.  And now it is black again.

It will be a "work in progress."  As I have already copied 95% of any text I use onto Expression the state article pages will probably resemble this one with white text on a purple background.

Sadly, the grey newsprint image I formerly used as a background image will no longer work for me.  As it is an image file the HC does nothing to it.  It is too bright for me to work with, even when using black text.  On HC it becomes white text on the same background, which is just impossible.

I'll figure something out, but not until the state article is published, which, with luck, should be only another week.

My continued thanks for your patience.

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