The lost 2022 Louisiana Classic photos
September 8th, 2022| Written by: Staff writer



An event as important as the Louisiana Classic generally contains a lot more than just photos of semifinals matches, finals matches, miscellaneous photographs and champions (or the lack thereof) photos.  Yet, that is all the Louisiana Wrestling News had the time to publish prior to the state tournament.  Other photographs must have been taken, but where were they?  Did the editor lose the SD cards among dozens of others used for the state championships?  Were they hidden away in some other partition of four terabytes of memory land?  As the regular possibilities were eliminated, only the irregular ones remained.  Were they stolen by North Korea?  Did The Cloud snatch them away?  Were they at Mar-a-Lago?

Your trusty left-brained, abstract-sequential editor finally figured it out. 

 Thinking outside-the-box, which will flummox your average lummox, and with the skills of a fox and determination of an ox, evidence as hard as rocks dictated that the culprit could be but one thing:

Monkey Spocks!
A photo with the monolith was not available.
(Arthur C. Clark was a space exploration optimist.  2001: A Space Odyssey was published, and the movie was filmed and released, in 1968.  His "future," in which there were manned missions to Jupiter, was 2001)

Fearing to face the Monkey Spocks, I searched far and wide and found copies of the LACL photos on my HP "Maserati," my HP "Camry" and on two Western Digital "Prius" external hard drives.

If your last name is in the following list, and nobody else has that last name, then a match you won is available on these pages.  Unfortunately, that does include the same number of wrestlers who did not win the matches shown, but that's math:

Friday - Championship Rounds 1 and 2: Reaux, Babineaux, Keith, Guidry, Gautier, Ramos, Matthews, Otzenberger, Robertson, Thomas, Albach, Guillory, Coach Benoit.

Friday - Consolation Rounds 1-3: Gallman (2), Maneckshaw, Herbert, Rose, Choate, Ritter, Yocom.

Friday - Quarterfinals: Reaux, Elsensohn, Perry, Goodson, Boudreaux, DiGeralamo, Hyatt, Levert, Ohler.

Saturday Consolations: Olsen, Triche, Reaux, Worley, Lavine, Tassin, Viers, Ritter, Addison, Barker, Otzenberger.

Friday: Rounds 1 and 2, Consolations Rounds 1-3, Quarterfinals   Saturday: Consolation Rounds C1-Consolation finals

Morgan Chabert Coach Brad Macha and Ashton Sonnier (TC) Coach Matt
Rabinowitz (ND)
Buttfest 2022

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