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February 17th, 2023| Written by: Staff writer



With apologies, the "brief recap" of state will likely not be published until this weekend.

Some events deserved more explanation than I initially expected in something meant to be brief, as did some matches, which means I now have to try to make sure every finals matches gets close to equal coverage.  Prosaically, mind you, with touches of éclat and élan, but not so much with photographs.  I want to add some podium photos, and if that plan remains I have to sort through 650 of them, and then choose and edit them.  Instead, I started the tedious process of sorting a lot of Windows Explorer folder-meandering photos from five SD cards, ranging from the Rocket Scientists through the end of Saturday night.  Sometimes, righting must take a brake.

I must start off with the Rocket Scientists who were recognized Saturday morning.  All are graduating seniors with 4.0 GPAs.  From left to right the are:

Ephraim Craddock of St. Amant, Hunter Addison of North Desoto, Neil Muralles of Live Oak, Lian Palermo of Live Oak, Anthony Denova of Brusly, Caleb Andrews of Belle Chasse, Jason Brown of Shaw and Mohammed Jamhour of Airline.
In my day GPAs did not go up that high.  Or maybe that was just mine.

Pre-finals Photos

Antonio Barraza
St. Michael
Michael Brame, II
Dylan Compton
North Desoto
Conlan Enk
St. Paul
Henry Milligan
St. Louis
Anthony Denova
Dylan Duvernay
De la Salle

Patrick Fontenot
Camden Gautreaux
Michael Gilreath
Luke Robertson
De la Salle
Ethan Simmons
Brother Martin
Jamir Wilson


Jacob Schexnaidre of East Ascension and Blayden Laidlaw of Sulphur.

("Bunny fingers" attempted by Jesuit's Spencer Lanosga.)

An example of wrestling extremes: Spenser Lanosga of Jesuit (285 lbs.) and Jacob Kershaw of North Desoto (106 lbs.)
LEFT (but you knew that by now):

A Jesuit "one-size-fits-all" jacket.  (With a few well-placed sticks it might make a nice tent for a couple of 106 lbers.)

Landon Reaux of Southside before and after the pre-finals handshake, and nicely giving Airline's Ernie Perry, III some advice and encouragement.

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Nine Teurlings Catholic Division II finalists.

Division III finalists Dylan Duvernay of De la Salle, Luke Caballero of St. Louis, Michael Brame, II of Evangel and Antonio Barraza of St. Michael. Division I finalists Aiden Lindsey of Fontainebleau, Rory Horvath of Brother Martin, Gabriel Bonin of East Ascension and Jackson Calderaro of Jesuit

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Three-footed sloth.

People may accuse me of slothfulness as I sent my photographers home shortly after they arrived to photograph the semifinals on Saturday morning, and I went back to the hotel to watch the action via the TrackWrestling Dashboard icons.  Hence, I have only a few photographs from the semifinals and none from the consolation semifinals or the matches for third and fifth places.

The photos above indicate why we left.  Security seemed non-existent re keeping wrestlers outside of the barricades who were not supposed to be inside them.  That made taking even free photographs impossible.  I had a plan to cover those matches, with two cameras on each side of and between the mats, alternating taking photos of all of the matches as they were available.  But implementing that plan was not possible.  From the mats side, look for the barricades the LWN must stay behind.  They are hard to find.  Now pretend you are behind the barricades trying to photograph the mats.  Even I can see my point.

The experience proved to be a "diamond in the rough" for me, though.  This year's attempt at retirement was an utter failure once I showed up at the Warrior Open.  Circumstances, however, prevented me from keeping pace with the schedule I used to maintain, even though that took longer than some people might have liked.  Over time, those circumstances can only get worse, not better, though luckily they have remained consistent (as far as I can see!).  Next season I am going to have to limit myself to finals photographs only, and at tournaments at which finals matches (and award ceremonies, where it applies) are held as separate rounds of tournaments. 

For reasons I suspect but am not allowing myself to state just yet, I found it odd that I received the memo below from a generic LHSAA source:

Sportsmanship | Bylaw 5.11.13

I think using "ludicrous" in the memo is absolutely perfect.


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