Spartans upend Bears in a match of streaks
November 4th, 2023 | Written by: Staff writer


East Ascension defeated Catholic 48-32 on Wednesday night at East Ascension. 

This was a pretty mind-numbing match,  East Ascension won their first three matches via falls and then received two forfeits to jump to a 30-0 lead.  Then Catholic scored four falls and two major decision to take a 32-30 lead.   Three matches were left and Catholic had a six match to three advantage re matches actually contested.  Nobody likes winning dual meets via forfeits.  Not counting the forfeits Catholic had a 32-20 lead.  The Spartans needed to score 13 points to be able to say they won despite the forfeits.  Three decisions would not work, nor one decision and two major decisions.  Three major decisions meant a tie and kissing one's sister.  Two major decisions and a technical fall would do it by a point, but nobody was thinking along those lines.  The Spartans were thinking falls, and after two matches they have disposed of the two forfeits they received.  All Grady Stutzman had to do was win and the Spartan win would be "authentic."  And he did so, quickly, in 0:34.  The Spartans prevailed 48-32, but even with the forfeit points they received (in the event East Ascension lost those two matches, the Spartans still would have prevailed by four points.  Prevailing against Catholic is one of those feathers people used to put in their hats.

East Ascension Catholic
48 32


EA alum Alex Betterage has come back to assist Patrick Mahoney in coaching the Spartans  Varsity Sports Now commentators Robert Dauterive and Ben Capella  Captain's Meeting 


The Spartans were without the services of the twins, however.

Pietro Maximoff was killed in Secovia fighting as an Avenger, and Wanda, well, she dropped a mountain on top of herself.  The fake and fatherless kids she imagined in Wandavision loved her as their Earth 838 mother but were scared of the Scarlett Witch of Earth 618.  The Avengers series - so many unanswered questions.  Enemies will blast the heck out of earth from space ships, but when they get to the ground they attack like the mead-driven Scots in Braveheart.  And when Captain Marvel finds Tony Stark lost in space, are we to believe she pushed that spaceship to earth without stopping for a cup of O2.

I was, of course, referring to the Maneckshaw twins.

Just some notes on a few matches.  At 106 EA's Holden Wempren was shot on, but gripped Eli Vincent's should and after a few tried was able to whip Vincent onto his back to score a fall.  In a losing effort, EA's Jamarcus Thomas gave 2023 Division I runner-up Kristen Scott some fits.  Kristian was surgical in his attacks and scores, but Thomas was somehow wheedling himself out of some precarious situations.  Scott finally scored a fall in the third period, but methinks Thomas put up more of a fight than Scott might have expected.

Nobody impressed me as much as Catholic's Reece Knight.  The kid used beautiful duckunders and fireman carries (or high crotches - I really do not know what the latter is), and when those chances petered out he used two great arm drags to score takedowns in a 16-4 major decision.

For Catholic Christian Worley, their 2023 Division I runner-up, did not wrestle.  Neither did Blair Rousseau, who is on the football team that won 35-28 over Zachary the following evening.  Aiden Krass received a forfeit, as did Alex Amedee, and neither Jesse or Lucas participated.

Breaking the teams by the grade of those who wrestled, we get the following:

Grade  Catholic East Ascension 
12 th

The Bears all average into juniors.  The Spartans average into juniors in 2024. 

Keep in mind people that while this was a hard fought match between the competitors, the rosters for both teams will change a lot.  It is early November.


100 106 113 120 126 132 138 144 150 157 165 175 190 220 285


106 Pounds
Holden Wempren (EA) Pinned Eli Vincent (CAT) in 0:14
East Ascension 6  - Catholic 0

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113 Pounds
Connor Nguyen (EA) pinned Caolan Presnell (CAT) in 3:38
East Ascension 12  - Catholic 0

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120 Pounds
Ian Keller (EA) pinned Aiden O'Neal (CAT) in 1:38
East Ascension 18  - Catholic 0

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126 Pounds
Alex Amedee (EA) received a forfeit
East Ascension 24  - Catholic 0

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132 Pounds
Aiden Krass (EA) received a forfeit
East Ascension 30  - Catholic 0

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138 Pounds
Kristian Scott (CAT) pinned Jamarcus Thomas (EA) in 4:43
East Ascension 30  - Catholic 6

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144 Pounds
Reece Knight (CAT) defeated Joshua Wakefield (EA) 16-4 MD
East Ascension 30  - Catholic 10

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150 Pounds
Bennett Barrow (CAT) pinned Christopher Frank (EA) in 1:30
East Ascension 30  - Catholic 16

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157 Pounds
George Smarada (CAT) pinned Gavin O'Brien (EA) in 1:15
East Ascension 30  - Catholic 22

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165 Pounds
Leighton Evans (CAT) pinned Isidro Morales (EA)
East Ascension 30  - Catholic 28

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175 Pounds
Gabe Cuba (CAT) defeated Chance Meggs (EA) 16-4 MD
East Ascension 30  - Catholic 32

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190 Pounds
Brian Cullen (EA) pinned Michael Mouch (CAT) in 1:04
East Ascension 36  - Catholic 32

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220 Pounds
Jacobi Clement (EA) pinned Donovan McCormick (CAT) in 0:31
East Ascension 42  - Catholic 32

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285 Pounds
Grady Stutzman (EA) pinned 0:34
East Ascension 48  - Catholic 32

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