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36 24

I almost did something that would double the number of red laser spots from various angles already aiming at my forehead.  I did the research required and added a little psychology from having once been a high school wrestler and coach to try to predict who would win each weight class Wednesday evening when Brother Martin goes to Jesuit.  I predicted the team points scored after every match.  I damn-near published it.  (Honestly, would "Egad" be less offensive?) 

Publishing something like that I think would have been a dereliction of self-imposed duties.  I cannot say one kid will pin another, etc.

I have no guarantee that the Crusader and Blue Jay lineups I used are correct as I just used the wrestlers each team entered into the Louisiana Classic.

I came out with Jesuit winning nine of the 14 matches and a final score of  36-24.

If that happens then the Crusaders can save some face re doing better against the Blue Jays than Holy Cross did.  Holy Cross whipped the Crusaders 43-16 but lost to Jesuit 38-23.

There are a few matches, based on the lineups each team used at the Louisiana Classic, which should determine the outcome of this match.

Jesuit's Louisiana Classic champion Michael Barnett has defeated the Crusaders' Noah Confident twice, but both wins were by two points: 2-0 and 6-4.  One miscue by Barnett and Confident has a chance to win.

Jesuit's freshman phenom Isaac Orillion defeated Crusader senior Jacob Elsensohn 6-5 in November.  Yet last weekend Elsensohn placed fourth while Orillion was denied a top-six placement.

Hunter Chabert is having an excellent season, but has he faced a kid as strong as J. P. Webre?  Heck, I have...when I was wrestling three weight classes above my regular weight class.

In a match estimated to be won 36-24, it takes one big upset to make it a 30-30 match.  Another upset in a closely contested weight class, of which there should be several, could give the Crusaders a win.

As far as the state tournament goes, Jesuit and Holy Cross, as they did at the Louisiana Classic, should have wrestlers go deeper into the championship brackets or last longer in the consolation bracket than the Crusaders.  But Wednesday night is not the state championships.  It is the last dual meet between Division I championship contenders.   Jesuit has to remain focused on the task at hand, because the task at hand, meaning the Crusaders, have nothing to lose.  That makes the Crusaders dangerous in this dual meet.

My points are not anything Jon Orillion and Andrew Nicola has not run through their heads over the past few days.

I think Brother Martin can make this a close event.  If they do not, Jesuit is apt to run away with it.


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