Saturday's Tulsa, OK Forecast: High in the mid-80s, perhaps with touches of Frosts
August 2nd, 2020| Written by: Staff writer



Seven Louisiana wrestlers had matches on Sunday at the Reno Worlds tournament in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  While all should be pleased they had the opportunity to compete for a medal, three walked of the mats happy, even one who lost.

In the 8-and-Under 55 lbs. class Kash Clementi of Gladiators Academy won a consolations finals match 2-0, so was guaranteed third place.  However, he had not competed against the loser of the finals match and challenged Arto Khachatryan of California and challenged him to a "True Second" match.  Clementi prevailed 2-0 and finished the tournament with a 7-1 record.

Clementi's older brother Richie placed second in the 12-and-Under 88 lbs. weight class, losing to champion Haakon Peterson of Wisconsin 2-0.  The elder Clementi had a tournament record of 2-1.

North Desoto had three wrestlers competing for medals on Sunday.  Richard Mack, in the 18-and-Under 160 lbs. weight class, fell to AJ Heeg of Illinois 6-4 to place 6th.  Mack went 2-2 in the competition.

Andrew Gonzales of North Desoto also placed sixth in the 18-0ver 182 lbs. weight class.  He fell to Georgia Conyers' Will Parker via a fall in 2:10 and had a 1-3 record over the weekend.

The third North Desoto wrestler competing for a medal was Joshua Sarpy in the 18-and Under 120 lbs. weight class.  In the match for 7th-place he faced Jake Penzato of Illinois.  Penzato led Sarpy 4-3 after the first period and 6-5 after the second, but then he got tired.  In the third period Sarpy after a Penzato reversal put the Illinois wrestler ahead 8-5, Sarpy escaped and took Penzato down to tie the match.  With about 20 seconds remaining Sarpy the stretched Penzato and turned him with a half-nelson, the points from which would give Sarpy a three-point lead.  Instead, Sarpy rearranged himself over Penzato and scored a fall with 12 seconds remaining (5:48 match time).

Then came the question about the 15-and-Under 125 lbs. finals.  Working from opposite ends of the bracket, the Bayou Elite twins won six matches in-a-row to make it to the finals match.  In the semifinals Jacob faced Cole Brooks of Collinsville, Oklahoma.  Frost prevailed 11-0.  Evans faced Trebor Moreno of El Paso Eastwood who placed third in the Texas UIL state championships.  Evan dispatched him in 2:11.

In the finals Evan won, by a coin toss I imagine.  The Frost twins seemed more than happy to be co-champions.

Bayou Elite wrestlers Evan Frost, Jacob Frost with the other 125 lbs. placers. Charles Sauerwin, III, Nick Sauerwin, Evan Frost, Jacob Frost, Brandon Gainey and Dylan Lauriano...and two really big trophies.

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Information below, aside from table updates is from "the wee hours" of August 2nd

"Frost" based headlines are not as easy as this staff writer thought they would over the last few years.  Weather related ones, like the one on this item, are horrid.  So was the 2018 one when three Frost boys won Division I state championships: "Crusaders hot in the finals, yet there was a touch of Frost in the air."  "Frosts bite on a summer's day?"  Rubbish.  Robert Frost-based one' involve taking leaps..."Two Frosts converged in a bracket."  Legendary British talk show host David Frost may have said something more appropriate than a headline regarding the brothers Frost: "Having one child makes you a parent; having two makes you a referee."

Having used the 10 minutes of my life I will never get back just to write that opening paragraph forces me to try to be more succinct.  Please wish me luck.

At least 23 Louisiana wrestlers ventured to the Sooner State to compete in the World of Wrestling Reno Worlds, held in the Titan Sports Complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Friday, Saturday and Sunday  The event attracted a varied national mix of young wrestlers aged 6-18 years looking for competition.  Five came from the Bayou Elite Wrestling Club, 10 from the North Desoto Wrestling Academy, four from the Gladiators Academy, three from Evangel's Eagle Wrestling Academy and one from, well, SWAT.

Three Louisiana wrestlers will be in the finals.  Richie Clementi of Gladiators Academy had a relatively small bracket but reached the finals easily with a fall in 1:26 and a 9-2 semifinals win.  He will meet Haakon Peterson of Hollandale, Wisconsin.  This match may take place near the middle of the first wrestling session of the day between 8 a.m. and noon.

The placement matches in the 18-and-Under and 15-and-Under will start at noon.

Competing for seventh place in the 18-and-Under 120 lbs. weight class is two-time defending Division II state champion Joshua Sarpy of North Desoto.  His opponent is Jake Penzato of St. Charles East High School in Illinois.  Penzato won his 3A sectional and placed 4th at 126 lbs. in the 2020 Illinois state championships.

Competing for fifth place are two North Desoto wrestlers.  Richards Mack is a two-time Division II state champion competing at 160 lbs.  He will be matched against AJ Heeg of an Edmund, Oklahoma wrestling club but who attended Lemont High School in Illinois.  Heeg qualified for but did not place in the 2020 Illinois state championships.   2020 Division II runner-up Andrew Gonzales, at 182 lbs., will face Will Parker of Heritage Conyers High School in Georgia.  Parker placed fifth at the Georgia 6A-170 weight class in 2020.

And that brings us to the Frost twins, Jacob and Evan, who already are co-champions of the 15-and-Under 125 lbs. weight class.  Jacob advanced to the finals with wins of 1:01, 0:43, 7-2, 7-5 and 11-0.  Evan followed suit with wins of 7-0, 2:04, 7-2, 8-0 and 2:10.  It is unclear as yet whether the twins will wrestle a finals match, or "Iron vs. Iron" as Bayou Elite coach Ryan Hess called it, or if they will be satisfied as co-champions.

The 15-and-Under 125 lbs. co-champ Frost twins with Bayou Elite coach Ryan Hess between them* Coach Ryak Finch, Brandon Gainey, Coach Ryan Hess Nick Sauerwin (did not compete), a Frost twin, Dylan Lauriano,, Charles Sauerwin, III and another Frost twin*

* Yes, without more recognizable attributes like HUGE NECK TATTOOS OF THEIR NAMES I cannot tell which twin is which.

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Below are the names of Louisiana entrance, their match scores (with losses in red) overall records and, eventually, how the ones competing tomorrow will place.

Bayou Elite Age Weight Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6 Record  
Brandon Gainey 15 115 4-0 10-0 9-0 5-0     2-2  
Jacob Frost 15 125 1:01 0:43 7-2 7-5 11-0 Draw 6-0-1 Co-Champion  
Evan Frost 15 125 7-0 2:04 7-2 8-0 2:10 Draw 6-0-1? Co-Champion  
Dylan Lauriano 18 120 4:11 4-3 7-2*       1-2    
Charles Sauerwin 18 132 6-5 4-2 7-2       1-2  
North Desoto Age Weight Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6 Record  
Colton Risinger 8 70 0:59 4-2         0-2  
Bear Bryant 8 67 0:31 7-0         0-2  
Jacob Kershaw 12 80 2:22 1:15 0:48 12-0     2-2  
Sam Jones 15 125 1:24 1:35         0-2  
Hunter Addison 15 145 0:56 4:04 2-1       1-2  
Lance Ferguson 15 135 2:33 8-5 1:48 0:58 4-2   3-2  
Jacob Sepulveda 18 120 0:59 8-2         0-2  
Andrew Gonzales 18 182 0:29 2:21 0:51 2:10     1-3 6th  
Joshua Sarpy 18 120 4:11 9-1 1:52 7-2* 3-2 5:48 4-2 7th  
Richard Mack 18 160 10-3 12-3 4-3 6-4     2-2 6th  
Evangel Age Weight Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6 Record  
Michael Brame, II 15 125 9-0 2:54         0-2  
Michael Gilreath 15 157 3:00 2:15         0-2  
Joseph Gilreath 12 105 0:11 1:56         0-2  
SWAT Age Weight Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6 Record  
Mitchell Coglin 15 145 3:40 5-2 2:40       1-2  
Gladiators Age Weight Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6 Record  
Morgan Chabert 6 55 9-0 2:41         0-2  
Kash Clementi 8 55 0:29 6-3 10-2 2-0 5-2 2-0 Third 2-0 True 2nd 6-1 2nd
Richie Clementi 12 88 1:26 9-2 Finals 5-2       2-1 2nd  
Hunter Chabert 15 108 2:29 0:51         0-2  

In the event some of the younger kids have not read my writing this before - it does not matter if you went two-and-out or only managed one win.  YOU GOT BETTER JUST FOR GOING TO THE EVENT.

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