St. Paul opens up a lead with "staying pwer"
January 15th, 2021 | Written by: Staff writer



St. Paul has a 13.5 lead over Brother Martin and Teurlings Catholic after the first day of the 49th Louisiana Classic, which started on Frday at the Lamar-Dixon EXPO Center in Gonzales, Louisiana.  The event concludes on Saturday, with wrestling starting at 10 a.m.

If only to be the first one to say it on this website - nobody has the full contingent of starters they may have wanted to participate in this tournament.  Many expected names are nowhere to be found on the brackets.  Yet, that means a lot of new kids are getting their feet wet for the first time, even if they are jumping into water at Cape Horn.  Look at the Friday-leading Wolve's 195 lbs. entrant.  Well, look harder then.  Oh, wait, they do not have one!  And guess what, some of your team's starters will probably not be allowed to participate in the few events remaining, including the Ken Cole and the upcoming city and district championships.  But someone is going to be there, and whomever is enteed will do the best they can.  To repeat for the five or so people who read the January 14th piece on the seedings - take solace in the silver linings.

In addition to their current lead, the Wolves also have the advantage of having eight semifinalists while the Crusaders and the Rebels each have five.  Four of St. Paul's semifinalists are seeded higher than their opponents.  The same may be said of four Brother Martin and two Teurlings Catholic semifinalists. 

While perhaps no longer in contention for the team title, Holy Cross, in fourth place with 115 points, and North Desoto, with 114 points, each have five semifinalists.  North Desoto will be aiming to catch Teurlings Catholic, and both will be chased by Shaw, to get a better idea of how the Division II state team championship looks.  John Curtis is currently 20th with 39 points, followed by De la Salle with 38 points and Hannan with 37.5 points in the Division III race.

Catholic senior Lance Landry gets Day One exposure due to the efforts of his mother Nikki.  Mrs. Landry, at left next to Landon Toups' mother, was kind enough to impliment Plan 6, variation E, of how to get the exhaled air from the editors mask from misting the editor's camera's viewfinder.
Lance Landry dominated 95% of his match against #7 Logan Pertuis of Live Oak.  However, he was only ahead 6-2 when Pertuis reversed him to his back to win 7-6.  Landry lost a tough first-round match to Sulphur's #8 Hugo Perez 11-5 and pinned Zachary's Lance Dupuy in 2:00 before his match with Pertuis.

Team Scores After Day One

Place Team Points Semifinalists
1 St. Paul 138 8
T-2 Brother Martin 124.5 5
T-2 Teurlings Catholic 124.5 5
4 Holy Cross 115 5
5 North Desoto 114 5
6 East Ascension 104 3
7 Shaw 90.5 3
8 Jesuit 90 3
9 Catholic 79 1
10 Parkway 71 0

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Semifinals Matchups

Weight Higher Seed Lower Seed Notes hh Weight Higher Seed Lower Seed Notes
106 (1) Ashton Sonnier
Teulings Catholic
(4) Collin Bell
North Desoto
    106 (2) Jacob Elsensohn
Brother Martin
(3) Landon Reaux
113 (1) Ernie Perry, III
(4) Trey Faherty
Saint Paul
    113 (2) Mason Elsensohn
Brother Martin
(3) Ethan Boudreaux
Teurlings Catholic
Elsensohn has a 13-6 win from December 30th
120 (1) Glenn Price
(5) Isaac Dees
North Desoto
    120 (3) Dylan Lauriano
Holy Cross
(2) Jacob Houser
Sait Paul
126 (1) Charles Sauerwin, III
Holy Cross
(4) Kyle Thibodeaux
    126 (2) Ethan Castex
Brother Martin
(3) Michael Rader
Saint Paul's
This is the only head-to-head semifinals match between Brother Martin and St. Paul
132 (1) Evan Frost
Holy Cross
(5) Cade Hontiveros
    132 (3) Lance Ferguson
North Desoto
Jace Chenevert
St. Amant
Chenevert scored the upset of the day with a 12-9 2nd-round win over #2 Carter Duet of St. Paul's.
138 (1) Jacob Frost
Holy Cross
(5) Sean Cripple
Saint Paul
    138 (2) Ashton Surrency
(3) Jacob Ramirez
This could very well be a Division II state finals match
145 (1) Grant Nastasi
Saint Paul
(5) Hunter Addison
North Desoto
    145 (2) Peter Kelly
(3) Quinn Williams
Brother Martin
152 (1) Joseph Vincent
Teurlings Catholic
(5) Jake Romig
Holy Cross
Romig avenged a pin by Brother Martin's Eli Hope on January 6th with a quarterfinals 17-7 MD win.   152 (7) Gavin Gauthreaux
Belle Chasse
(3) Andrew Trahan
Gauthreaux advanced with a 6-4 SV quarterfinal win over #2 Josiah Wakefield of East Ascension.
160 (1) Peyton Ward
Saint Paul
(4) Hayden Wood
    160 (2) Rocco Horvath
Brother Martin
(3) Santos Ramos
East Ascension
170 (1) Brad Mahoney
East Ascension
(4) Kade Moran
Baton Rouge
    170 (6) Andrew Gonzales
North Desoto
(2) Mark Pennison
182 (1) Jude Monaco
(4) Lawrence Hoffman
    182 (2) Blaine Cascio
Saint Paul
(3) Austin Reason
195 (1) Nawab Singh
Live Oak
(5) Eric Levert
Teurlings Catholic
    195 (2) Dylan Oliver
North Desoto
(3) Corey Hyatt
220 (1) Dennis Daugherty
(5) Garine Gibson
    220 (3) Ian Lyons
Saint Paul
(7) Joel Lanclose
Teurlings Catholic
285 (1) Ashton Freeman
(4) Spenser Lanosga
    285 (2) Gavin Soniat
East Ascension
(3) John Drake
John Curtis

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Upsets of first through fourth seeds

Weight Lower Seed High Seed Score
120 (5) Isaac Dees (ND) (4) Kent Burandt (BM) 12-8
132 Jace Chenervert (StA) (2) Carter Duet 12-6
132 (5) Cade Hontiveros (HAN) (4) Landon Toups (CAT) 13-9
138 (5) Sean Cripple (StPP (4) Jamarius Koshko (EA) 17-16
145 Spencer Hughes (DLS) (4) Ryder Hawley (RAY) 6-4
152 (7) Gavin Gauthreaux (BC) (2) Josiah Wakefield (EA) 6-4 SV
152 (5) Jake Romig (HC) (4) Eli Hope (BM) 17-1 MD
170 (6) Andrew Gonzales (ND) (3) Parker Anderson (JES) 8-6
195 (5) Eric Levert (TC) (4) Trace Morrow (SUM) 2:47
220 Ethan Gustafon (SS) (4) Tre`Von Williams (RAY) 1:36

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