Crusaders stifle Tigers' four-match run, score eight falls in 51-24 domination of Holy Cross
January 7th, 2021| Written by: Staff writer



Brother Martin went into Holy Cross Wednesday night as the favorite, ranked #1 vs. the #4 Tigers in somebody's tally.  They certainly emerged as the better overall team by winning nine of the 14 matches, eight via falls, in a 51-24 win.  Dylan Moser, Mason Elsensohn, Eli Hope, Rocco Horvath, Luke Ohler, Anton Brown, Aiden Moulliet and John Sheridan scored falls for the Crusaders.  Quinn Williams was the only Crusader to win by a decision, albeit it was an 11-0 major decision.

The four-match win streak for the Tigers started with a 7-1 by Dylan Lauriano at 120 lbs.  That was followed by a surprise match between Tiger senior Charles Sauerwin, III and Crusader senior Ethan Castex.

Both were undefeated against Louisiana competition, but it is a safe bet most people would have bet on Castex to remain that way.  Castex was a runner-up at 126 lbs. in 2020.  He was a runner-up to Evan Frost of Holy Cross in 2019 and placed fourth in 2018.  Sauerwin placed fifth in 2020 at 132 lbs.  Castex earned a first period takedown and chose to start the second period on the bottom.  Sauerwin saw and took a shot at a cross-face cradle, and when opting to roll over his own back rather than getting parallel to Castex to pull the Crusader to his back, almost paid the ultimate price.  Castex was able to briefly stop Sauerwin's roll and came close to breaking the Tiger's grip when Sauerwin was on his back.  Sauerwin, however, retained his grip and was able to pull Castex over and score a fall at 2:51.

[The writer hopes Castex realizes that if his losing is newsworthy, then he is obviously doing something very right overall!]

The next two matches included the Frost twins, Evan and Jacob.  Evan pinned Chase Scott in 2:51 and Jacob did the same to Ty Duncan in 4:52.

Six Crusader wins later Tiger junior Cole Baiamonte wrestled his first match of the season.  TrackWrestling gives Baiamonte a fall in 5:58 in the "Brother Martin 51-Holy Cross 27" dual meet page but looking at matches on the Holy Cross team page (also on TrackWrestling) shows a 7-3 Baiamonte win, which coincides with the writer not recalling a pin nor having any photographs of one.  Baiamonte gave more seasoned wrestlers fits last season at 285 lbs.  He does not appear to have lost any of his power or spunk so expect see a lot of him in the next seven weeks. 

Holy Cross senior Charles Sauerwin, III grabbed a cradle on Brother Martin's Ethan Castex in the second round of the 126 lbs. match.  As Sauerwin rolled over his back to finish the cradle Castex momentarily stopped the roll, putting Sauerwin in jeopardy of pinning himself.  Sauerwin "clamped down" on the cradle and finished rolling Castex to his back, ending the match with a fall in 2:51.  It was the first loss of the season for Castex (20-1), who dropped to 126 lbs. on December 30th.  Sauerwin is undefeated in Louisiana and has a 13-1 overall record, with his sole loss coming in the finals of the Allstate Wildcat Classic in Valdosta, Georgia.


Dual Meet Summary

Weight Brother Martin Wrestler Holy Cross Wrestler Match Results BM Team Score HC Team Score
106 Dylan Moser Matthew Krail BM 1:25 6 0
113 Mason Eisensohn Brandon Gainey BM 2:46 6 0
120 Nick Cusimano Dylan Lauriano HC 7-1 0 3
126 Ethan Castex Charles Sauerwin HC 2:00 0 6
132 Chase Scott Evan Frost HC 2:51 0 6
138 Ty Duncan Jacob Frost HC 4:52 0 6
145 Quinn Williams Nick DiGeralamo BM 11-0 MD 4 0
152 Eli Hope Jake Romig BM 3:47 6 0
160 Rocco Horvath Amore Clark BM 1:55 6 0
170 Luke Ohler Vincent Bourgeois BM 1:24 6 0
182 Anton Brown Kade Morgan BM 1:45 6 0
195 Aidan Moulliet Gavyn O'Connor BM 5:26 6 0
220 Gabriel Brewer Cole Baiamonte HC 7-3 0 3
285 Adam Bourgeois John Sheridan BM 2:52 6 0
        51* 24

 * -1 Team Point Deduction

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