Perry's 2-1 win keeps his chance for four titles alive
LHSAA State Wrestling Tournament
Division I, 113 Pounds
May 9th, 2021 | Written by: Staff writer

Weight Class Synopsis Early Championship Rounds Quarterfinals Semifinals Consolation Rounds 3rd and 5th Finals

Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Name Ernie Perry, III Mason Elsensohn Trey Faherty Cole Mire David Viers Chase Haydel
School Airline Brother Martin St. Paul Dutchtown Parkway Jesuit
Seed 1 2 5 NS 4 6
Class 10 11 11 10 11 10
Final Record 10-0 29-2 9-4 19-7 14-6 11-9

Final records only include Louisiana losses but all wins

Weight Class Synopsis

Defending Division I state champion Ernie Perry, III completed his sophomore season as he did his freshman one, with nobody in Louisiana coming close to beating him.  He only had two matches before the Louisiana Classic (LACL), but this is a kid who won a Shreveport-Times "Athlete of the Week" award with a 1-0 record in December.  He was 6-0 with a second Louisiana Classic title to his name upon entering the state championships.

Second-seeded Mason Elsensohn was expected to meet Perry in the Louisiana Classic finals but was upset by Ethan Boudreaux of Teurlings Catholic in the semifinals.  Elsensohn won the Black Horse, the Zachary Big Horse and the Trey Culotta before finishing 3rd at the LACL. 

Last season Perry's closest match against a Louisiana opponent was a 7-2 decision over Elsensohn in the LACL finals.  Elsensohn would earn that distinction again in the 2021 state championships.  However, that match would make the 7-2 one in 2020 look like a "walk in the park" for Perry.  Perry pinned his way into the finals.  Elsensohn only managed decisions to advance.  Oddly, though, the decisions grew larger, 6-2, 7-1 and 8-0 MD, as Elsensohn moved through the championship rounds.

Parkway's David Viers, who placed second at the Jacob McMillan and fifth at the LACL, was seeded third.  Viers had a 10-4 record which included a 2:17 fall over Trey Faherty of St. Paul.  In the fourth spot was Faherty, who was 5-3 with all three losses coming at the LACL.  The fifth seed was Holy Cross freshman Nick Sauerwin, who won 19 matches and lost only two to Louisiana competition.  Jesuit's Chase Haydel was seeded sixth with a 7-6 record.  Suffice to say, Perry's pinning streak ended after the semifinals.

Unseeded was Dutchtown's Cole Mire at 15-5, whose first match would be against Elsensohn, who already owned a 7-0 victory over Mire from the Zachary Big Horse finals.  Elsensohn put Mire in the consolation rounds with a 6-2 decision, which was the hardest match for the Crusader until the finals.  Mire was unfazed.  He scored falls in 2:032:53, 5:59 over Viers and had a 7-1 decision to reach the consolation finals.  St. Paul's Faherty awaited him there and scored a fall in 1:37 to place third.  But " unseeded to fourth" rings nicely.

Viers ended up fifth after a 7-2 win over Jesuit's Haydel.

Early Championship Rounds

R2: (1) Ernie Perry, III (AIR) pinned Brock Quebedeaux (SS) in 0:52
R2: (5) Nick Sauerwin (HC) defeated Asher Wilson (FNT) 13-4 MD
R2: (4) Trey Faherty (StP) pinned Gavin Therior (SUL) in 0:55

R2: (6) Chase Haydel (JES) defeated T.J. Barrios (COV) 14-1 MD
R2: (2) Mason Elsensohn (BM) defeated Cole Mire (DUT) 6-2

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(1) Ernie Perry, III (AIR) pinned (8) Dalton Delhommer (HAH) in 0:37
(4) Trey Faherty (StP) pinned (5) Nick Sauerwin (HC) in 3:21
(3) David Viers (PKY) pinned (6) Chase Haydel (JES) in 3:28
(2) Mason Elsensohn (BM) defeated (7) Ethan Winchester (CAT) 7-1

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(1) Ernie Perry, III (AIR) pinned (4) Trey Faherty (StP) in 2:55
(2) Mason Elsensohn (BM) defeated (4) David Viers (PKY) 8-0 MD

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Consolation Rounds

C2: Cole Comeaux (StA) defeated T.J. Barrios (COV) 13-0 MD
C2: Landon Lanclos (COM) defeated Nicholas Collier (LO) 4-2

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Championship Consolation Rounds

 (4) Trey Faherty (StP) pinned Cole Mire (DUT) in 1:37 to place 3rd
(3) David Viers (PKY) defeated (6) Chase Haydel (JES) 7-2 to place 5th

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(1) Ernie Perry, III won his second Division I state championship with a 2-1 victory over second seed Mason Elsensohn of Brother Martin
Takedowns were not on the 113 lbs. Division I finals menu.  Nobody scored one in the first period.  Elsensohn scored the first point of the match 15 seconds into the second period, and no other points were scored for the remainder of the round.  Ahead 1-0 and starting on top of Perry in the final period, Elsensohn was in a predicament.  The "one before two" strategy was certainly in play, meaning he should let Perry escape rather than give up a reversal, which would at least keep the two tied.  But it also meant more time on their feet, and quite possibly a Sudden Victory round on their feet as well.  Instead, Elsensohn decided to try to ride Perry for the entire round.  That strategy, however, kept Elsensohn closer to Perry and thus more exposed to a reversal.  If that happened, then Elsensohn knew he had escaped from the defending state champion once already and might have to do it again.

On a restart after a stalemate Perry stood-up and hit a standing-switch on Elsensohn to take a 2-1 lead, and now Perry was in the "one before two" scenario.  But over two minutes had elapsed since Elsensohn scored his escape point, and Perry proved to be well enough in shape to ride Elsensohn for the remainder of the match and win his second Division I championship.

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