Chenevert earns a reservation at the "Big Kids Table"
Oh...and Evan Frost wins his third Division I title
LHSAA State Wrestling Tournament
Division I, 132 Pounds
May 9th, 2021 | Written by: Staff writer

Weight Class Synopsis Early Championship Rounds Quarterfinals Semifinals Consolation Rounds 3rd and 5th Finals

Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Name Evan Frost Carter Duet Luke Lafleur Jace Chenevert Austin Sharpley Dennis White
School Holy Cross St. Paul Acadiana St. Amant East Ascension Zachary
Seed 1 2 7 6 4 5
Class 11 12 11 12 12 12
Final Record 32-0 18-3 10-4 22-13 15-3 18-8

Final records include all wins but only Louisiana losses.

Weight Class Synopsis

There was no doubt Holy Cross junior Evan Frost, already a two-time Division I champion, a three-time Louisiana Classic champion and nationally ranked, would be the #1 seed at 132 lbs.  He brought a 27-0 record with him in which he pinned or teched every opponent he faced.  He also had wins over the 6th and 8th seeds.  Aside from the Louisiana Classic (LACL) he won the Allstate Wildcat Invitational in Valdosta, Georgia, went undefeated in the Huntsville Duals and The Bash duals event in Florida.

Senior Carter Duet of St. Paul had an undefeated season marred at the Louisiana Classic by rogue finalist Jace Chenevert.  Just before the LACL Chenevert decided that just a seat in the 132 lbs. room was not enough.  He wanted a different spot - one at the "Big Kids Table."  He gave Duet a 12-9 second-round loss.  The Gator's "reign of terror" did not stop there.  He beat De la Salle's Liam O'Connor in the quarterfinals and the third-seeded Lance Ferguson of North Desoto in the semis.  He did fall to Frost in the finals, but his stock rose high enough to earn him the #6 seed at the state championships.

The seeding at the state championships was much like the LACL seeding.  Frost and Duet had the #1 and #2 spots.  With the absence of Ferguson (North Desoto is a Division II school) Catholic's Landon Toups was moved to the #3 spot  Seeded fourth was East Ascension's Austin Sharpley, who was last seen on November 24th when he came back from a 13-1 deficit to reverse and pin Acadiana's Luke Lafleur in the Spartan Invitational finals.  Sharpley had two wins over Chenevert, and the fifth seed, Zachary's 15-5 Dennis White, had one.  Sharpley and White had not wrestled during the regular season, and Sharpley got the higher seed due to a win over Live Oak's Andrew Lusby, who had beaten White once in their two matches.  Sharpley and White would get to know each other well at this event.

Chenevert was not happy with the sixth spot, so he beat Toups, who had beaten him twice before, 7-2 in the quarterfinals.  That set-up a rematch of Chenevert and Duet in the semifinals.  After the first period in which Chenevert scored the only points with a takedown, it looked as if history might repeat itself.  Duet took a 3-2 lead after scoring an escape and a takedown in the second period.  In the final period Chenevert tied the match 3-3 with an escape with 46 seconds remaining.  Sudden Death just started a tad early, as if either one scored a takedown it would be unlikely the other could overcome a two-point lead as time was running out.  Duet proved that true as he scored a takedown with 18 seconds remaining and the match ended 5-3 in favor of Duet.

Lafleur was seeded seventh with a 5-3 record and had not competed since December 12th. 

Lafleur, however, after losing to Duet in the quarterfinals, worked his way back to the consolation semifinals where he exacted some revenge with a 11-2 major decision over Sharpley in the consolation finals.  His opponent was Chenevert, who avenged his previous loss to White in a 6-0 decision.  In the consolation finals, however, it was Lafleur's turn to avenge a loss.  Chenevert defeated him 12-5 in the Big Horse consolation finals.  Lafleur, who might have had an excellent season were it not marred with injuries, took third with a fall in 4:24.  Lafleur already had a seat at the "big kids' table."  He just did not get a chance to prove it until this event.  But one of the reservation cards at the table with Frost, Duet and Lafleur read "J. Chenevert." 

Sharpley defeated White in the Quarterfinals and o place fifth.  In their first match White was ahead 5-1 entering the third period.  Sharpley chose to start on their feet and took down White, scored three nearfall points and rode White for a little over a minute to earn a 6-5 win.  In the second match they entered the third period tied 2-2.  But Sharpley won the round 7-4 and the match 9-6.

Early Championship Rounds

R2: (4) Austin Sharpley (EA) defeated Chris Bacot (PKY) 10-4
R2: (3) Landon Toups (CAT) defeated Christopher Massey (JES) 3-1

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(1) Evan Frost (HC) pinned (8) Chase Scott (BM) in 1:37
(4) Austin Sharpley (EA) defeated (5) Dennis White (ZAC) 6-5
(6) Jace Chenevert (StA) defeated (3) Landon Toups (CAT) 7-2
(2) Carter Duet (StP) pinned (7) Luke Lafleur (ACA) in 3:35

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(1) Evan Frost (HC) pinned (4) Austin Sharpley (EA) in 3:48
(2) Carter Duet (StP) defeated (6) Jace Chenevert (StA) 5-3

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Consolation Rounds

C2: Andrew Lusby (LO) defeated Marquise Jackson (CHL) 4-1

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Championship Consolation Rounds

(7) Luke Lafleur (ACA) pinned (6) Jace Chenevert (StA) in 4:24 to place 3rd
 (4) Austin Sharpley (EA) defeated (5) Dennis White (ZAC) 9-6 to place 5th

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Top-seeded Evan Frost of Holy Cross defeated second-seeded Carter Duet of St. Paul via a 17-2 technical fall at 3:23.
Last season Duet lost to Jacob Frost in the finals.  Getting to the finals was his job, and now he has a spot for a team championship ring on his finger. None of the Frosts have one of those yet, and Duet's role in the 2021 St. Paul's  legacy may not allow it in 2022. 

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