Caballero avenges sole Division III loss
LHSAA State Wrestling Tournament
Division III, 106 Pounds
May 9th, 2021 | Written by: Staff Writer

Weight Class Synopsis Quarterfinals Semifinals 3rd and 5th Finals

Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Name Luke Caballero Preston Curtis Kristian Scott Bryce Fontenot Kye Smith Dylan Duvernay
School St. Louis John Curtis Dunham South Beauregard Basile De la Salle
Seed 2 1 3 4 5 6
Class 10 9 7 8 7 9
Final Record 12-4 9-5 11-4 8-5 5-2 11-11

Final records include Louisiana losses but all wins

Weight Class Synopsis

This weight class lined-up very well with the Brusly Invitational results as that was an event in which all six top seeds participated.  Top-seeded Preston Curtis (7-4) defeated #2 Luke Caballero (9-4) and #3 Kristian Scott (7-3).  Scott defeated #4 Bryce Fontenot (6-3) to place third.  Caballero defeated and Scott and Fontenot and both placed higher than #6 Dylan Duvernay (9-8).  Kye Smith (1-1) competed at 113 lbs. at the Brusly Invitational and was given the nod over Duvernay for the #5 spot.  Duvernay had a very good Trey Culotta, however, as he placed fourth.

In this event everybody fell into their proper seeding place except for the two finalists.  Third seed Kristian Scott of Dunham defeated fourth-seed Bryce Fontenot of South Beauregard 9-4.  The fifth seed, Kye Smith, a Basile seventh-grader, pinned De la Salle's Dylan Duvernay in 1:31.

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(1) Preston Curtis (JC) defeated Cameron Redditt (BRU) 17-2 TF
(4) Bryce Fontenot (SB) defeated (5) Kye Smith (BAS) 14-8
(3) Kristian Scott (DUN) pinned (6) Dylan Duvernay (DLS) in 0:50
(2) Luke Caballero (StL) pinned (7) Joseph Gilreath (EVA) in 1:08

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(1) Preston Curtis (JC) defeated (4) Bryce Fontenot (SB) 12-10 SV
(2) Luke Caballero (StL) defeated (3) Kristian Scott (DUN) 2-0

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Championship Consolation Rounds

(3) Kristian Scott (DUN) defeated (4) Bryce Fontenot (SB) 9-4 to place 3rd
(5) Kye Smith (BAS) pinned (6) Dylan Duvernay (DLS) in 1:31 to place 5th

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St. Louis sophomore Luke Caballero, the second seed, defeated top-seeded Preston Curtis of John Curtis 4-2
Caballero scored the only real points in the match with a first-period takedown after 25 seconds had elapsed.  Curtis tried pushing Caballero's head to the mat to spin behind the St. Louis wrestler, but Caballero grabbed onto one leg, lifted it up enough to switch to a double-leg position and got his head up to pushed Curtis over and down for the score.  The four other points of the match were all due to stalling - two for each wrestler.

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