Where's My Spawn?!
Date, 2021| Written by: Staff writer



Be honest – how many of you would be reading this if it were titled “FAQs?”

OK, how many of you thought you would see a picture of a Marvel Comics antihero?

Most of you, understandably, are looking for photos of your children or yourselves. 

If you cannot find them on the 49 pages of this article, there are several reasons as to why:

·     FIRST & FOREMOST – two cameras and 10 mats.  This applies to almost every scenario.  Yet I will list some more:

·       One camera on two Division I semifinals mats,

·       One camera on four Division II and III semifinal mats,

·       One camera on six mats for 3rd and 5th place matches,

·       Fatigue.  This particularly reduced the number of photographs of Division II and III matches.  By the time they started wrestling on Friday, Camille and I had been circling the mats for five hours on Division I matches – it takes a toll.  And I sent her back to the hotel during the 3rd & 5th place matches on Saturday, as I knew she would be working harder than she expected during the finals,

·       Quick falls.  Fast pins, if a camera is not already dedicated to a match, are not as noticeable as high-action matches, and we often do not even know they happen,

·       Your spawn’s coach teed me off either during the tournament or 20 years ago – I care not.  (OK, I do not work that way.  If I do not like a particular coach, for whatever reason I deem worthy, I try to go the “extra mile” to get photographs of that team’s wrestlers.)

All of those reasons may, of course (and with relish, or any other condiments that just ruin hot dogs), on the five-letter acronym LHSAA. 

Even if I had the six cameras I want at this event, I still could not guarantee to get photographs of everyone.  And the “two cameras and 10 mats” aspect even convinced Camille that some kids just were not going to be photographed. 

Camille Tyra, flanked by Brad Mahoney at the 2020 Ken Cole finals
Such was not the case at the 2020 Ken Cole.  On Friday I put her in the gym with three mats and the lighter weight classes.  Once she got comfortable with the changing coaches and the highly annoying (until she saw what they were doing) kids with pool noodles, she felt guilty about not getting photos of every kids who wrestled in the gym.  When I went in to get her as things were wrapping-up Friday evening, she said I was just in time as her battery just died.  I thought it must be a defective battery as I had taken almost 800 photos on five mats and my battery was only half-way gone.  Then I saw that she had taken over 2,200 photos since I left her there. 

That I cannot photograph everyone is one reason why I have never stated that RomaPics should not be at the state championships.  I will go as far now as to say if RomaPics does not like their revenues from this event, perhaps the LHSAA should hire another "official photographer."  I do believe a professional photographer should be used at the event, however.  They will be able to take much better individual, podium and team photographs than I can guarantee.  I imagine their action photographs may be sharper than mine, but it seems that often comes from finding a shot that is in focus, and that is not hard to do.  Often, though, they may not show anything very exciting.  Regardless, I do not think the Louisiana Wrestling News should be the official photographer of the event.  As I cannot imagine a scenario in which I would pay the LHSAA anything, I do not dwell on that possibility much.

At future events, should I be allowed within 100 yards of one, we are open to requests.  It would help greatly if you told the photographer approximately when and where your spawn will be wrestling.  You will have to get our intention.  Just know that "I text for no man" which is why I refuse to own a cell phone that texts.  The photographers I hire are young and much less jaded about how far texting is "lowering the bar" re the Queen's English.  If one of our photographers accedes to it you can text them.  Sadly, I cannot accept bribes, as that would threaten my "total idiot" status.  As long as my photographers are not needed for certain mats during specific rounds (quarterfinals, semifinals, et al) I cannot prevent consenting adults from engaging in legal financial relations.  Actually, a large part of my brain is replete with things I do not know.

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