"Thanks for the Memories, LHSAA!" T-shirts
August 30th, 2020| Written by: Martin Muller - Louisiana High School Wrestling Anarchist



Time has not assuaged my anger over not being allowed to spend an additional $6,000 to photograph the 2020 LHSAA State Wrestling Championships, and if you do not have photographs of your kids on those mats then you have every right to still be angry as well.  And if by some fluke the LHSAA contracts a case of common sense and allows me photograph the 2021 tournament, that still does not make up for the lack of photos available from last season. 

Share your feelings with sarcasm and Bob Hope's theme song with a "Thanks for the Memories, LHSAA!" t-shirt.

"Thanks for the memories, LHSAA!" t-shirts are available in multiple colors, sizes and styles.   And, best of all, the older version of the four-year-old imp wearing his father's mortarboard above does not make a cent-one off of them, which should befuddle the LHSAA and other entities yet again!

If you cannot see it clearly on the shirts to the right, this is the image on the shirts. Premium t-shirts are $21.24.* Basic t-shirts are $14.79. Basic t-shirts with long sleeves are $23.64.* Basic t-shirts in colors other than white are $16.71*

 * Taxes and shipping costs are not included in these prices.

You are free to use the shirt logo in any way you desire.  I get my shirts from VistaPrint but if you prefer a different manufacturer, by all means use it.  The image can also be used on other basic items like coffee mugs, mouse pads, hats, etc.

NOTE: When choosing the initial colors of a t-shirt, colors other than white, gray or black say a minimum of six must be ordered.  However, as one progresses through the steps one is again asked the size and number of shirts one wishes to order, and on this screen it allows one to only order one shirt.  The anarchist did not buy shirts he cannot wear to test if one has to buy one or six in the other colors.

To order "Thanks for the Memories, LHSAA! t-shirts in colors other than white, please following the instructions in the table below.

A PDF document containing this information may be found by clicking HERE.  It may be easier to have printed instructions in front of you prior to completing "Step 2." below.


Step 1. Click on the image of the left side of the first table above.  Save that image to a place you can find again on your computer.
Step 2. Go to vistaprint.com
Step 3. Click on and then "Sign In"
Step 4. Check the circle indicating you are a new customer
Step 5. Fill-in your email personal information and a password
Step 6. Go to "Clothing and Bags" and select Basic T-Shirts" or "Premium T-Shirts"
Step 7. Select "Gender," "Color," "Style" and "Full-Color" "
Step 8. Hit the "Start Designing" button
Step 9. Click the "Upload It" icon
Step 10. If asked to "Choose Your Size and Format" chose the one to the left and hit
Step 11. On the left, click the "My Computer" icon
Step 12. Browse you computer for the logo, highlight it and hit "Open"
Step 13. The image should appear on the bottom left of your screen.
Step 14. Drag the image into the "Upload Your Design" area on the sample t-shirt
Step 15. You may see a warning image like this

for two reasons.  First, if you click on it you will be told to keep the image inside the "Safety Line" depicted on the shirt.  You can tell it never to tell you that again.
Step 16. The image will initially look very small on the shirt.  Click the image and a menu will appear with and option to "Move/Resize" the image. 
Blue Circles will appear on the corners of the image.  Use those to make the image larger within the "Safety Lines."  Drag the image from the center to move it on the shirt.
Step 17. After moving and resizing the image, you may see the warning image again.

Clicking it will tell you the image may appear blurry.  Decrease the size of the image incrementally, re-centering it as you do, until the image no longer appears.  Then hit
Step 18. Unless you have something you would like to print on the back of the t-shirt, hit again when that option appears.
Step 19. Check the "I have reviewed and approve my order" box.  Hit
Step 20. Choose the sizes and number of shirts you want to order.  Then hit
Step 21. You will be shown a summary of what you have ordered, and will have the option to remove some items, change their sizes or change the number ordered.
Step 22. When you are sure your order is correct, hit
Step 23. Fill in the shipping, billing information and choose your delivery method and hit
Step 24. When you are satisfied your order is correct, hit

VistaPrint will send you an email stating they have received your order, and later when the order has been shipped and delivered (depending upon the delivery option you choose).

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